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The Unpopular Opinons post was moast intriguing *fingersteeples* and seriously, I have such a slut fit for meta, you don't even want to know. I have been pondering what other things I would like you guys to talk about~ and this post's topic is PERSONAL CANON as related to pairings. I want to know what couples are right in your head (not necessarily OTP), which are wrong, and which (if any) you honestly 100% do believe are trufax.

For me, my Personal Pairing Canon started out really well developed, and recently has started to shift a lot more. I don't know if that's normal or what, but...for a long time I was very definitely in with The Pairings Of Choice, Pete/Patrick, Frank/Gerard, so on and so forth. I still love those, but lately, I've starting mixing it up a little more, I guess? I'm big into MCR/wives these days, and MCR/Wife/MCR (mmm Gerard/Lyn/Frank mmm Bob/Frank/Jamia mmmm), and I've also fairly recently developed this mad kink for Bob Bryar (thnx panda<3!) and I'm shipping Bob all over the place, with Gerard and Frank and Patrick and WOOHOO!

Couples that are WRONG IN MY BRAIN are...pretty much any Panic/MCR, part of which is probably born from my lack of interest in Panic, but. Eh, I just don't see the compatibility? I know that Ryan was a fanboy, but other than that, they don't really have a strong connection, and in this case, I really think the differences in age and lifestyle make a big barrier for me. I mean, MCR is mostly settling down and being grown-ups (big doofy dorky childlike grown-ups but still) and Panic is a bunch of college-age stoners. They really don't jibe in my head, at all.

As for trufax...there are a lot of bandom "canon" relationships that I think are awesome friendships (Pete/Mikey particularly) but the only one that has ever made me go " know, I think that might have actually happened" is Bert/Gerard. Maybe not boyfriends, but I think there's a strong chance of FWB, based particularly on their interactions before and the sheer venom that came after.

Your turn!
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