Feb. 8th, 2009

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just got back from a party, wooooo

i'm not drunk or anything, i can just still here the ringing of the fire alarm in my ears and it's too distracting for me to type in caps. and yes, fire alarm, if not for that, i would probably still be there now, dancing my heart out

the tale of my attendance at the alliance house's gender-bender party:

1. dude from the alliance mentions it in queer europe!
2. i tell ellen
3. ellen says she wants to go with me (she's always bitching about how we never go out or do anything and how she really wants to party more often [note: in my friend group party = not stay in and watch a movie])
4. today, ellen decides she doesn't really want to go
5. my shaming is unsuccessful
6. i coerce hilary into going with me
7. i take a shower and decide i don't want to go either
8. hilary comes upstairs to draw on a mustache
9. hilary's shaming is entirely successful
10. i dress up like a dude
11. hilary and i slip a lot on the ice walking over towards the library
12. we realize the alliance house is not at all near the library
13. i nearly fall into a giant puddle of mud slushy because of ice
14. i can't get up the other side either
15. i have to run on the ice to get up on the sidewalk
16. hilary looks at the map
17. we walk towards the parking lot
18. we hear the dulcet tones of madonna blasting
19. we show our ids and get hearts drawn on our hands
21. wtf is that beeping
22. is that part of the song?
23. i think it's the fire alarm
24. yeah, that's totally the fire alarm
25. let's skedaddle
26. we did

i will say this for beloit: our dudes are a lot more attractive a) wearing dresses and b) in the dark. i also saw a dude who reminded me of a really super ugly version of mikeyway, but he was wearing a tiny skirt and cami and doing total slutbox grinding up on this short girl, so it made me happy anyway.

i will try to sleep and regain my hearing for the morning
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Pete/Gerard, R, ~3k
Prompt: Harems, written for [livejournal.com profile] sosodirty

The new boys come to Pete, nervous and scared, or if they aren’t nervous, he comes to them, because they should be.

Warnings: sexual slavery, past genital mutilation

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] julesmania for the beta ♥

Pete is getting too damn old for this. )


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