Mar. 12th, 2009

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I wish BBB wasn't being such a bitch :\

on the + side, I've gotten snippets of a couple different origfics started for a few different universes, some I didn't expect. I'm not trying to finish anything, just writing whatever I come up with instead of obsessing over it forever until I don't feel like writing it anymore. I might share some, might not. I'm trying to hone my craft~, y'know. People tell me they like my writing, but I always feel like it's a mess or simplistic or something. I feel like it should be better, but I don't know what I can do to fix it. Writing more just makes me write more, it doesn't change how I write. Oh well, we'll see

the big - is that I found a PAID editorial internship at a publishing company in my area AND I just so happened to have an in with one of the VPs of the company (his daughter was in my sister's girl scout troupe, he and my dad are casual buddies) so I applied and then sent him my resume with a ":) :) halp :)" and he said I looked v. qualified and like I'd fit in well, and that he'd pass me on to the right people...and then e-mailed me again to let me know that he found out they weren't going to be hiring an intern because of the recession. of course, when something is perfect for me, it falls through. (the zoo doesn't want me either, btw) :(


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