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Thunderdoom 2008 here in jolly (WET DARK AND WINDY) old Wisconsin. Spent a while in the basement last night listening to guys talk about the weather on the radio and knitting a scarf for my honeybunch (norly, i was), and right now the heavens have fucking opened. It's solid sheets of rain, thunder, a dash of lightning, but I refuse to abandon my electronics. Mother Nature is staring me dead in the face, and I? I'm staring back. Suck it Mother Nature, I've got Big Bang fic to read!

And an [ profile] mcr4u fic to write, dang. I know what I want to do (it's pretty deliciously fucked up, I hope she'll like it) but I have to actually do it.

Work starts tomorrow, so I'll have an update for how ~that goes.

Oh dear, just got the word we've got severe leakage in our family room X_X Not cool, storms.


May. 30th, 2008 03:02 pm
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You may notice some new icons popping up around here. That's because [ profile] burgaw is the MOST AWESOME THING ON THE PLANET AND BOUGHT ME PAID TIIIIME (i've had a hit and now i'll neverever be able to go baaaack) *frolicks in fields of ICONSICONSICONSGUH*


THE JOB? I HAS IT! YAY! It's not much, 16hrs a week, but it's a START

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Got back from my interview with the new temp agency, and I have a much better feeling about this one. They might actually have a position for me doing fundraiser calls for the American Heart Association starting would just be evenings, but I really need to start working soon (I discovered today that I need to have at least $4000 disposable cashymoney for school) and if I work evenings I could conceivably be placed somewhere else during the day, so *fingerscrossed*.

Without further ado, HOSHIT LOST )


May. 28th, 2008 12:43 pm
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I don't know why LJ thinks I want FREE NARUTO CURSORS! but. Whatever, silly ads.

Still living jobless...I'm interviewing at another temp agency on Friday, and I got a call last night from my original agency about a receptionist job--but they never called me back to give me a time :\ I just need to work, and I don't want to work retail and there's NO WAY IN HELL I'm going to work food service, so it would be really really nice for them to just give me a nice office job. C'mon, I'm great with computers, I'm blonde and perky, I could totally me the efficient yet comically endearing young temp on the sitcom of my life!

I watched the new episode of The Bachlorette with my mom and sister (DON'T JUDGE, HATER)'s a much different dynamic than The Bachelor. I think I like it better...there's less behind-the-back cattiness and more straight-up conversation. Plus, the eyecandy is better \o/ (Although seriously, isn't TV supposed to be the land of pretty people? A lot of these guys are unacceptably fug) Supersuper excited for the Lost finale tomorrow. I can't decide whether to watch the "Special Encore" or not--they're teasing new footage, and I'm such a slut for Lost I need to SEE IT ALL but it's probably going to be like, an extra Significant Glance between Jack and Kate (*GAG*). Ah well. We shall see what we shall see...of course, once that's done, my Srs Television is all over. I'll be reduced to The Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance (haaalp)...maybe with Supernatural reruns thrown in, since I missed pretty much the entirety of this season /o\

Things I Need To See: Iron Man (again >_> ), Prince Caspian, Indiana Jones (eh, I'll wait for the DVD), Mama Mia, Get Smart, Wall-E, and BATMANOMFGIT'STHEMOTHERFUCKINGBATMAN. I'm seriously painfully excited for The Dark Knight...Christian Bale + Heath Ledger + Aaron Eckhart + Gary Oldman + Cillian Murphy (for like, two seconds probably but whateverrr) + Michael Caine (he's a FOXY OLD DUDE OKAY) = YES. I've been following the viral for this movie since it began and ohgodit'salmosthereeeeee *squee*

ETA: How scary is it to see people you sorta know in a random context on the internet? SO SCARY OMG


May. 12th, 2008 02:18 pm
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Just got back from my Job Interview DUNDUN. I think it went well? IDK, it was really really brief (like, 10 minutes brief) and it was mostly the company people talking about what the job would entail? But they laughed a lot, and joked with me about my ballroom dancing, so I'm thinking that's a good sign. I think this would be a good fit for me, so fingers are crossed!

I am *totally* going to start working on my Epic Fic right about now, and I figured in order to help motivate myself, I could always drum up some interest so I can remember that PEOPLE WANT THIS FIC, WRITE IT, BITCH.'s the almost-a-page I have written (EPIC, I KNOW)

Angsty Ways this wayyy )

Soooooo, back to that then :D


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