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The Unpopular Opinons post was moast intriguing *fingersteeples* and seriously, I have such a slut fit for meta, you don't even want to know. I have been pondering what other things I would like you guys to talk about~ and this post's topic is PERSONAL CANON as related to pairings. I want to know what couples are right in your head (not necessarily OTP), which are wrong, and which (if any) you honestly 100% do believe are trufax.

My thoughts on ya--bandslash )
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I have this ridiculous kink for meta and talking about fandom like BLAHBLAHBLAH because I like to talk and discuss and shit, and there is never enough of it! So I am going to start some, and you are going to sit down and discuss shit with me!

The most traditional form of starting discussion, of course, is the Unpopular Fandom Opinions post, and I've never actually done one, soooooooooo, here we are!

Unpopular things this way! )
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Making It Across the Ocean
PG-13 for language, Next-Gen

"I mean, every time [Bronx] looks at his hand, it's like he's Christopher Columbus making it across the ocean." --Pete Wentz

Mellon Collie was named by [ profile] perspexsea and [ profile] nokomis305, all characters within are of my own imagination.

Bronx doesn't like to think about his dad fucking anyone, not his mom and definitely not Mellon Collie Way's dad. )
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I want to write next-gen fic really badly :\\\\

It's. Eeeeek I just really really want to. *hands* I can't halp it!
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THANK YOU [ profile] maryangel200 OMG, I went to get my mail today and had an oversize package and was like GUYS GUYS I HAVE MAIL FROM FRANCE. WHAT. FROM FRANCE! and delicious delicious candy was inside <3333 You're the best, sweetheart...I might be epically slow in getting my cards out, but is there anything ficcish I can whip up as a thank you?

Did a snippet of my Epically Self-Indulgent Wild West AU (prostitutes! random cameos! pregnancy! pining! cross-dressing! woe!) and I haven't decided if I want to actually try to write the whole thing, or just post snips as I go like an...actual Western serial type thing, and then compile it at the end. Opinions?

I've also been thinking about hosting a challenge...what do you guys think about a "Badfic Summaries Challenge." You basically ask people to supply you made-up summaries for terrible badfic, and then people sign up to try to write them, either crackily or turn them into actual goodfic (which is usually the point). I've seen it in other fandoms, and it's lulzy and awesome, but...what do you guys think? Would you be interested in reading/participating in something like that?

ps i stubbed my toe, and it really hurts ;__;

and i'm thinking about changing my moodtheme, rec me ones that are either totally/mostly mcr?
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First of all, I am tickled beyond belief that you guys dig the ballroom dancing au like you do <333 New friends (and maybe old one, idk) may not know this, but I LOVE TO TELL STORIES TO PEOPLE. This is because I am LAZY and also a FAT SLUT FOR FEEDBACK. The point is, I always always always want to tell my friends stories. Sometimes I post them and sometimes I don't but seriously. If any of you IM me (madhatterdru), I am always thrilled to tell you a story. You can be like JENNN TELL ME ABOUT MADCAP SPACE PIRATE GERARD AND FRANK THE DATA PRINCESS or FROG PRINCESS AU, GO! or if you're not picky and lazy (like me! highfive!) just go TELL ME A STORYYYY JENN OMG and I will! It's sort of magical! I get to chatter on happily about the boys I love for a while, and you get to make me happy by *hands*ing and loling and :Oing. So. IDK, I officially declare this ASK JEN TO TELL YOU A STORY Day! And tomorrow is too! Just IM me and ask! Or you could IM me and be like "hi" and I'm liable to be like LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS AU I WANT BUT AM TOO MUCH OF A LAZYASS TO WRITE UP PROPERLY :DDD

In relation to this (somewhat) is my list! I was thinking about fandom cliches and, you know what? I LOVE THEM. SO MUCH. Back in SPNfen? I was that lametard who was loved all the stupid fics that went like this:


When people started wising up and writing fic about being angsty and shit, I was like ;___; but but mustn't we fuck? ;___; That was really pointless, but this is a list of bandom cliches that I love! Tell me yours!

Cliches = A+++ )
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Heading out to the cottage this afternoon, where there is no internet *woe* I'll be back tomorrow evening so hopefully nothing too OUTSTANDINGLY THRILLING happens while I'm gone. I've got an idea for my [ profile] mcr4u fic but I still need to roll it around in my brain a while.

Thoughts on the boys on SURS: Mikeyway = fail at television. The acting/public speaking side of me kind of died (GUM. NO. WHYMIKEYWAYWHY. And could you *look* less interested?), though the fannish side of me was going "Awwwmikeywayyyy" because. *sigh* He is such a little brother, amirite? *Everytime* he tries to say something, Gerard just keeps prattling on (prattling here being code for "OHGERARDYOURFAAACE"). I was struck by: how plain-old ~attractive Frank is, how pretty Gerard is, and MIKEY'S JAWLINE WTFSRSLY, it's gorgeous. Obviously, I am a slut for these boys. And Steven ACTUALLY ASKED Gerard about being married...I literally went "NOOO DON'T DOOOOO IT STEVEN!" But...god, such a dork. And Lyn came out to seeeee them omg, how are they all so cute????

I have no more to say cuz I have to eat lunch before we head for the lake but...*SMISH*
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I made [ profile] velvet_tuberose spill grapefruit juice on herself, and in penance, I wrote her frottage (very quickly, which is why it has neither name or summary).

In which there is a party and Waycestyfrottage against the side of a house )
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The Girls' Backdoor Pornomeme (Bandom Girls Can Has Anal)"

IDEK, you guys, but I'm pimping it anyway to represent (YO YO YO) my peeps.

Soooo many kisses to anybody who loved on me, seriously I was all shmoopy all last night and still now (it kept me from getting anything done on the ANGST D: portion of the EpicFic but that's fiiine, I'd rather have your lurve) I really wasn't expecting to get that much of a response, and I've been kind of down about my friendfolk (if I'm keeping up enough, being witty enough, producing enough flail, not bringing everyone down) so it really made me feel so much better and I've commented on every Flister, I think so

It's my LAST MONDAY as a college freshman which is pretty ~bitchin, and all I have to do is do a coverpageish thing and make some photocopies and Death Paper will be done, and for my Shax, I've got two 5 pagers, but Thursday there aren't any classes (STUDY DAY), so I'll knock those out then, turn them in on Friday and be hoooooooooome Saturday afternoon \o/ Homestay will bring less interwebby time for me, but (hopefully) thrilling tales of being a Photocopy Not!Boy.

love me?

Apr. 27th, 2008 09:28 pm
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Happy Birthday PStump, may you remain adorable and squishy and awesome for many more years on this earth ♥

If you're as bored as I am right now, maybe you have time to show me some lurve. (I've never done an anonlove meme before, so...we'll see how this goes)

Got the Death Paper done, just have to do an annotation thing for it and I'll be all set on Wednesday. Can't believe that in less than a week, I'll be home <333 Been working a little on the "epicfic," because steady as she goes will keep me from writing 3000 words and getting bored (we hope).


Apr. 14th, 2008 03:08 pm
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I was going to post a "Get To Know You!" meme like everyone else, but that will have to wait for tonight because



ETA: Re [ profile] pandorathene: No Wentzbaby :(

dear worlds

Apr. 6th, 2008 01:24 pm
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Dear RL (multiple you): You're a walking cliche and it's breaking my heart. Don't tell me what to do, I don't appreciate being talked at like a child. I wish you would do something to clarify where we stand. Can't you do this for me?

And really grates on me when people get all fussy about bandom. It's a fandom just like any other one, so quit being so fucking coy about it. If RPS creeps you out, then gtfo my bandom. You can't have it both ways (LOLWAYS) and I really don't see what the big deal is. Yeah. They're real people. But they also have a set of traits and experiences dictated by both explicit statements and occurences, and through intuition just like ANY character. It's like a TV show that's always on. I totally understand that people are squicked by it. That's fine. But you don't get to claim to be squicked by it and KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE. I feel the same way about kink, many people get all spazzy about what they like. No one CARES. You can have whatever kink you want, quit trying to cover you ass with "omg I don't know why I like this, I'm so embarrassed XDD" type of stuff. If you liked it, you liked it, whatever.


I don't even know. I just woke up, and I was actually pretty chipper, and now I'm all ornery. I guess this is the same kind of feeling I have about secrets posts (fandomwise, at least)--I don't really get it, because I've never felt that I can't just tell people what I think about something in my fandom. I mean, is there going to be a mass defriending when I say "Hey guys, I don't actually find Ray Toro attractive *shrug*"? I hate that everything is a BIG FUCKING DEAL. Why can't we all just have crack and love each other?

Mikey's bitchface disapproves. (thanks sexysexbotlove <3)
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I was watching old Making Ofs for the Panic boys and...god. I love them. I love them so much. This is why bandom is so much more excellent than any other fandom I've ever been in--I would have a pairing or two that I liked and go with that, have a burning hatred for some characters...but I haven't met a single bandboy that I don't like. And there are only a very few I am "eh" on, the majority I LOVE. Take for example Mikeyway. The past few days, I have been overcome by how much I LOVE his skinny/dorktacular/SUPERHOT ass. So when I first started heading to the MCR side of bandom (I started with Treckett, moved to Panic, and then spread into FOB and MCR) I was like "Oh, kinda weird looking dorky kid, where's Gerard and Hotass Iero?" Then I saw the Projeckt Rev pictures and I was all "WHOA HOT! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?" So I went back to figure out how this oddball teenage lesbian type became SMOKING HOT only to discover...HE WAS SMOKING HOT ALL ALONG. And also adorable! And devoted to his brother! With one of the best laughs in the world! (I would say that MCR has the best laughs, except then there's also Pete's laugh and Brendon's laugh and Ryan's laugh and oh godddd I love it when they laugh) In conclusion: MIKEYWAYYYYYY. AND ALL OF YOU DORKASS/HOTASS BOYS. ILU.

So I've been having this ridiculously hard time writing fic. I couldn't get into the five things, and I nothing I tried to write made me happy. But! In the past two (two?) days I have written three commentfics, all of which I enjoyed writing and (I hope) were enjoyable. What I'm trying to say is...

Commentfics for all!
Comment with a prompt and pairing and I'll write you something short and messy. (If you have any definite restrictions, like rating or content wise, mention that.)


Mar. 7th, 2008 10:28 pm
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Ryan Rossy, you make my life, srsly. Please never ever change (unless it's in a good way like showing up actually able to sing and recording it for all the world to hear. That's an acceptable change \o/)
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If you were in my house right now you would be having the THRILLING experience of hearing me wail along with TBP at the TOP OF MY LUNGS, YES. Having a house all to yourself (well, and the dog) is so much more awesome than dorm rooms \o/

I was trying to think of something vaguely interesting to post about while I don't have any new fic to share, and I figured most of you don't know my Sweet Bandom Connections Yo, so I could tell you about those.

Andy Hurley Andy is my closest link to bandom...we have the same hometown and he still lives here. Of course, I am also bound to despise him because he went to the rival high school argggh (I live on literally the last lot in the town, so I went to high school at HHS and he went to FHS, curses!) Also, PWentz has visited him and was seen at my movie theater of choice (not by me, more's the pity)

Chicago Area Okay, so I live in the hometown of Mr. Hurley, but I was born and lived the first 8 years of my life in the Chicago suburbs, right near where pretty much the entire Chicago scene is from. I used to drive through Bill Beckett's hometown on my way to ballet lessons, and I lived about fifteen minutes away from where most of those boys are from.

HOW SWEET IS THAT SHIT \o/ Haha, lamesauce, I know, but I have to share somewhere, because every time RL people start the "Famous People" storytime, I'm always just like "um, the drummer from FOB is in my town" and everyone goes "...FOB sux" and I make this face: T___T

But...writing queue is as follows:
1. AU of SHAME ([ profile] thelemic was supposed to talk me out of it! Blame her!)
2. HS Waycest for [ profile] thelemic
3. Frank/Gerard weddingfic for [ profile] unphoenix
4. Frank/Gerard arts AU <3

I wanted to close this entry with a sexy Gerardface, but I CANNOT CHOOSE BECAUSE GUHHHHH WHY SO HOTTT RECENTLY (AND ALSO ALWAYSSS)???

Cute SexyGeeface?



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O hai there, good morning, no, I wasn't up until 2:30 writing 1700s gay underage vampire incest. Why would you think that? ([ profile] thelemic, you are my favorite forever, srsly. PS: I'll be on early afternoon ~2 and then probably not until late so...see you then <3)

I am SOOO HAPPY because I finished Doom Paper II yesterday before dinner (I just came home from class, unplugged my internet cable and hammered it out. I hope it's what the prof is looking for, since it's kind of different from other papers, but *shrug* Nothing I can do now) and thus got to enjoy an entire evening of LOOOOOST (OMGOMGOMG) and gay underage vampire incest err, knitting socks for orphans with NO GUILT WHEE. I have to go and print my paper (Doom Paper I) before American Lit...which I'm reeeeeally hoping he's going to cancel, because I don't know how many people are going to show up. Then I'll swing back to the library and print Doom Paper II on the way back to the dorm where I will hang around before going to Script Analysis and handing in Doom Paper II. I plan to doodle two certain chiiildren (kisses, sweethearts, you'll see the light of day soon) and pretend to pay attention to Chekov before PACKING BECAUSE I'M GOING HOME TONIGHT FOLKS. Yayy!

Slight shifts in my writing queue...I'm planning to get the (Shameful) Bunny That Ate My Brain and my CW short story (which I could probably repurpose as a bandom story if I have time) done over break. Well, definitely CW cuz it's due when I get back, but hopefully Shame Bunny will get a chance too. Then the HS Waycest, then the weddingfic, and probably arts school after that? With the other ones floating around in the ether somewhere, waiting to strike.

ALSO: Layouts. I want a pretty one and I phail epically at coding and don't even know how to install one I've downloaded (and I can't seem to find one I want anyway). Halp?

AND: I kind of really want to do a pornomeme because...they're kinda super amazing. Would you folks be hip to that (aka be willing to participate so I don't feel like an utter failure .___.)??
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Today is kind of the worst day ever...I'm completely stressed out about my papers for Friday (so, obviously, I am LJ *facepalm*), I don't have time to eat lunch on Tuesdays which combined with the fact that I go to bed hungry means I'm kind of dead by 3 when I do get time to eat, AND my body is like "Hmm, stress and pain...HERE, YOU CAN HAS CRAAMPSROFLLL" I hurt so fucking bad I was pretty much crying when I got home from class...I hurt so bad I couldn't EAT even though I was kind of dying of hunger because OH GOD THE PAIN. I just kind of rolled up in the fetal position and tried to sleep. Kind of worked...I'm feeling a little better and had a couple handfuls of Cheerios--may possibly be going to dinner soon if anyone comes by, otherwise I'll just make ramen. So while I was dying in my bed, I obviously didn't get anything done on Doom Paper II so. Fuck.

But, to cheer myself up, have a love meme!

[ profile] thelemic gave me the letter R. If you want a letter, just comment!
10 Things I Love that Begin with "R"
1. Rock n' Roll -- Right now I'm pretty much into the popalt stuff, but even when I was little, I was raised on some of the damn finest classic rock (I flipped myself upside down once, I rawked so hard, even as an infant!)
2. RENT -- Even though a large part of me (conservative pig that I am) is going "Get a fucking job!" I really do love this musical and am quite sad I won't be able to see it on Broadway /o\
3. Red -- My favorite color from like, age 4 to age 15. Still a big fan, though most often paired with black (SO GAWTH, FR SRS)
4. Riesens -- Superduper amazing chewy German chocolate candiessss <3
5. Riddles -- Like, brain puzzles and all those things, bring me so much jooooy. I kinda suck at them, but since I have a good memory, I store them all away and whip them out and seem worldly and impressive *nodnod*
6. Ryan Ross -- I am just kind of filled with glee at his little face, I don't know why. I'm pretty sure IRL he would bug the everloving god out of me, but *smush* (Although I really really miss the Gay Circus Hobo phase...the Gay Stoned Cowboy is not my favorite)
7. Ripley, Guy -- Fond as I am of one Ryland, there is a special place in my heart for this dashing Brit.
8. Romance novels -- I love trashy Harlequin romances...I just lolll so hard, especially when friends and I perform dramatic readings.
9. Reading -- I have so little time for books now that I read so much for class, but I fucking love reading. I was always the weird dorky girl who got in trouble for hiding a book under the desk while the teacher was talking <3
10. Roses -- Favorite flower, hands down. Don't care how cliche it is, nothing says romance and beauty to me like good ol' red and white roses.

And on a bandom-related note:
Poor Ray seems unaware that he is in a band full of SERIAL MURDERERS/CHILD MOLESTERS. )
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Just when I thought I could switch out my snow icon for the year...WHEEE SNOWDUMP! Very exciting...I really do love the snow, although I do not approve of when it hides deep muddy puddles from view so UNSUSPECTING GIRLS step into them with their NEW VANS ARGH. Seriously, it went all the way into my shoe and my sock was all gritty D:

Not getting much ficcing done because of the queue: Frank/Gerard weddingfic, Waycest high schoolfic, Frank/Gerard arts school AU, Ryan/Brendonbot future AU. Sigh. So much to write, so much stuff that's not fic that I should be spending time on. I'm rilly rilly excited though, because I came up with a plot (well, concept, really) for my short story that I'm writing for my gal and (to a lesser extent...) my CW class.

I was thinking about a King Lear AU in Shakespeare today...I might post a little something for it later in the week, after I finish Doom Paper II.

Finally sucked it up and got a bandom moodtheme :D Also, am going to have to edit eating habits because I'm SO HUNGRY, seriously, by the time I go to bed, I physically ache because of how hungry I am, but I really want to cut down on eating between meals for "avoiding the Freshman Fifteen/not being a fatass" purposes. But....HUNGGGGRRRYYYbwaaah. I can't wait until next week, when I'll get actual good HOME FOOD YAYYY.

!!!! RIGHT! So, remember the rockfest I went to on Saturday? MUCCA PAZZA. IS THE SHIT. Seriously, if you ever get a chance to see them (they're Chicago-based, but they did Lollapalooza last year, so it's possible for a pretty wide audience) DO IT. They're a "circus punk marching band" and it's amazing--just a demented marching band. You can listen to some stuff on their Myspace, but seeing them live is amazing--they go through the crowd and I got my ears blown out by a sousaphone and nearly got my head taken off by a rogue trombone and just...AWESOME. SO AWESOME.
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So, I was going to clean this up a bit and then post it but...IT IS AWESOME HOW IT IS.

The Crossdressing!Tourverse OR MCR wears girls clothes! Eehee!
Original concept by Me and [ profile] unphoenix
Spazzing by Me and [ profile] thelemic
Those with sensitive eyes may want to avoid all this CAPSLOCKING )
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