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Happy Birthday [ profile] secrethitmen, [ profile] aileane47, and a BELATED (I suck) birthday to [ profile] iamsupernova!

Seriously folks, I am in such a crunch. I have my 30 page play (which I'm actually making decent headway's fun to write, which is something I can't say for any of my other assignments), the rewrite on my Pompeii paper, a NEW Pompeii paper, and I am so painfully behind on my Nano, since I've been working on all that shit and watching Manor House and ARGH D:< I just need to find time to get on Write or Die in between all my other writing, because I can probably write 1k in about 20 minutes (thanks Disdainbrook-san!) if I'm on there. Just. Plaaaay. and I actually figured out who the dude in my Pompeii painting IS so I can quote The Iliad and hopefully Professor fucking Douche will give me a grade I fucking deserve (DOUCHE)

On the plus side, finished a scarf, and got told I was "cute. Like, "I can't believe she's interested" cute." :3


Sep. 18th, 2008 03:42 pm
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Baaaaaw, eljay just warned me that my paid time is almost up ;_______; Imma have to pony up some cash, yo, sadfaces! And just when I'm planning to go see Ludo (HOPEFULLY. It's the same night as when my Writing for Actors class is supposed to go see Midsummer Night's Dream at Spring Green but thing is, I love love love live Shakespeare but...the place is at least 2 hours away. I'd be going with my class, which I don't have a single even vague friend in. And it would be sitting outside in the possible rain and buggyness to get home at like, 1 on a Sunday. Versus going to see Ludo [and, yeah, Relient K, headliners whatevvv] with my main Minnesotan and being crazy wild awesome) and am drooooooling over merch.

I wish this election would be over already...except I'll have to deal with the exact same shit afterwards, no matter which way it goes. D: Dear politics: I haet u and the way you make my friends act, DIAF. No love, Me

I'm actually purchasing Ludo's other album because DAYUM SON, these boys make my heart ~twang
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You know it's late and you're emo when you cry listening to The 25th Annual Putnam Country Spelling Bee and this song sounds like the height of romance. I will eat you slowly

I wish I was someone's favorite. I thought I was once, but it turned out I was wrong. And sometimes I tell myself that it's good to make friends with people who you know have other favorites, because then you never have to wonder or hope, but knowing you're barely a back-up choice? Not so great. Romance would be good--romance would be fucking excellent--but that's not what it's really about. I just want to be needed, to have someone who loves me best.

dear worlds

Apr. 6th, 2008 01:24 pm
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Dear RL (multiple you): You're a walking cliche and it's breaking my heart. Don't tell me what to do, I don't appreciate being talked at like a child. I wish you would do something to clarify where we stand. Can't you do this for me?

And really grates on me when people get all fussy about bandom. It's a fandom just like any other one, so quit being so fucking coy about it. If RPS creeps you out, then gtfo my bandom. You can't have it both ways (LOLWAYS) and I really don't see what the big deal is. Yeah. They're real people. But they also have a set of traits and experiences dictated by both explicit statements and occurences, and through intuition just like ANY character. It's like a TV show that's always on. I totally understand that people are squicked by it. That's fine. But you don't get to claim to be squicked by it and KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE. I feel the same way about kink, many people get all spazzy about what they like. No one CARES. You can have whatever kink you want, quit trying to cover you ass with "omg I don't know why I like this, I'm so embarrassed XDD" type of stuff. If you liked it, you liked it, whatever.


I don't even know. I just woke up, and I was actually pretty chipper, and now I'm all ornery. I guess this is the same kind of feeling I have about secrets posts (fandomwise, at least)--I don't really get it, because I've never felt that I can't just tell people what I think about something in my fandom. I mean, is there going to be a mass defriending when I say "Hey guys, I don't actually find Ray Toro attractive *shrug*"? I hate that everything is a BIG FUCKING DEAL. Why can't we all just have crack and love each other?

Mikey's bitchface disapproves. (thanks sexysexbotlove <3)
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I was supposed to go home to have Easter with my grandma and hang out a bit with Dad and Beau. I'm not home. I'm still here, because of the freaking snow. It really really upsets me...I know it's not that big of a deal, and it was only a weekend (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) but. I don't know, I've been feeling kind of low lately, and on Thursday I had one of those superfun moments of just soul-crushing unhappiness and I was just sitting here feeling awful and couldn't bring myself to do anything and it was bad. I ended up going to curl up with Hil so I could at least be around someone I like and who likes me, but I just told myself that it would all be okay, because I'd be home soon, and then everything would be alright. Or not.

I think I might feel better if I'd had a chance to cry, because crying always makes me feel better, but I had to shove it all down because I was on the phone with the fam and it isn't their fault and I didn't want them to feel bad. (Also, Mum & Juju got their trip to Florida cancelled because of the weather too, and I know that sucks way more.) And now I'm just kind of in that bottled-emotion state...even though I had a really fun night with my friends (we went rollerblading inside the lounge and watched American Psycho) once that was over, I just crashed again.

I'm so so sick of Roomie, she makes me miserable, and I can't wait to never have to see her again. Picking classes for next year, and I can't wait for it to come (well, actually, I can't wait for *summer* to come. Screw next year.)


Sorry for being a downer. Um. Here, have some Geeface:
Always makes me feel better. )
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I'm not really sure why I took a creative writing class...I fucking hate criticism. Not in general. Just the tone...especially one person who told me to START A BLOG and get more comfortable with writing. Shut you face, bitch, we all think you're a pretentious skank and it wasn't an essay about not being able to write, it was an essay about not wanting to write creative nonfiction because I HATE IT. RRRGH. I'm pissed. It's not like I think it was the bestest essay evar--I'm in a creative writing class because I need to improve, but it sucks that I'm getting nitpicked to shreds because no one has the balls to actually criticize the really shitty essays that get handed out. I really don't have a problem with people saying I should have a more unified theme, or that my sentences sometimes get hard to follow or that it was rough-draftest (which, yeah...I wrote it in one sitting on Sunday night because this assignment KILLED ME) but when you're just elitist and bitchy--NOT COOL. Stop acting like you're SOOOO far above all of this, you're in an intro class too. *wordless expression of rage*
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Currently chewing Altoids gum. Once you get past the first blow-out of mint that kinda makes my eyes water, it's not bad.

Bowling, also, (surprisingly) wasn't bad. Nicky ended being there, so we were bowlin' buddies. I sucked terribly, but that's okay, because now my group social is out of the way and I never have to get anywhere near that crowd in a vaguely social setting Ever Again. Yay.

Sometimes I seriously hate certain friends of mine. Take, for example, KV. She's nice, and I usually get along with her...but I hate her. We're involved in pretty much the same activities, and we have pretty much the same class load......but she's in athletics. Which means we qualify for ALL the same scholarships, and we apply for ALL the same scholarships, the only difference is she GETS all the scholarships. She went to a scholarship interview at her 1st choice school at approximately the same time I went to one at mine. They offered me a decent yearly scholarship...not enough for me to go there, of course. I still need to mess around with other scholarships and loans and all that. KV? Full ride. Full fucking ride. My school wasn't offering that, but STILL. I think one of the things that irks me about this is...I'm smarter than her. Yeah, it's totally snobby and arrogant and bitchy, but I think that I'm smarter than her, and I think I deserve some fucking scholarship money. </bitchtitude>

Moving on. Checked The Black Parade out from the library, and gotta say, I'm digging it. I like the vids too. And the short hair? Much more flattering for Gerard. He has a pretty pudgy face which just looked...wide with the long lank emolocks, and now looks more...cute pudgy. Of course, how can I say bad things about a guy who licks his brother? I ask you. ^_^

Also: Go Fug Yourself is mad love.  I just laugh out loud at pretty much every entry. Love.


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