Jan. 5th, 2009 02:05 pm
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I am going to see Benjamin Button tonight with my beffie! We were supposed to go this morning, but lil sis has the flu :( so I stayed home with her while the parentals are at work. Happily though, we both had time to reschedule for tonight! Whee!

AND I don't know how many of you guys know about Coraline, but I'm going to tell you about it. It's a phenomenally interesting and creepy kids book by my very own favorite, Neil Gaiman. It's one of those books that is truly scary at times, and just because kids will like it doesn't meant it's just for kids. You should all read it! But! The more pressing part is that it's being made into a movie by the guy who did Nightmare Before Christmas (no, not Tim Burton, the director) and it looks REALLY COOL. I really recommend surfing through the Coraline youtube account, which has tons of really neat little featurettes (some of them are kinda spoilery, but not really anything you couldn't guess). But what is it about, you say?

Also, at the website, you can do this:

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I'm just gonna say now that I'm probably going to be the shittiest commenter ever, maybe this whole break but at least until after Christmas...I'm spending all my day time reading and hanging with the fam, and when I get online at night, I'm reading everything but I'm sort of out of commenting brainspace :( Fail me, I know /o\


So. I have always been a gigantic bookworm--I always had a book with me, the only thing I ever got in trouble for was reading under my desk, and I would go through 6 novels a week easy. But since college started, I just haven't had time or inclination--I read so fucking much for class that when I'm done with that, I just want to log on and read some nice happy fanfic.

I remembered Sunshine was one of my favorite books, that book that you can flip open at any time and to any page and go "oooh, I love this book" and settle in for a while. But I started reading it again yesterday and...I forgot how much I love that book. Seriously, if there is a single book I rec to any of you that you decide to read, it should be Sunshine. When I was reading it, I actually saw a lot of parallels to Twilight, and I was kind of like "...people need to read this to find out how some of the basic ideas in Twilight can be AWESOME." My major issue with Stephenie Meyer's work isn't that it's terrible (I think Twilight is okay as a braincandy book), but that when you say "vampire romance" people immediately go "Oh, like Twilight?" NO. NOT LIKE TWILIGHT. Read Sunshine. It's got vampires, spunky heroines, adventure, rambling worldbuilding, and just EPIC EPIC JOY in book form. I love love love that book. ♥xinfinity
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I keep meaning to write in here more, and then I don't. My new resolution is to just post whatever random shtuffs I feel like, so I can get into the habit of posting. Just let it aaaaaallllll out.

*deep breath*

So, as much as I adore being at rehearsal, it's pretty frelling sweet that I don't have to be there tomorrow. I mean, it's Friday. All I want to do is go home, chug some Dew, and put my brain firmly in the off position.

Also: I just finished the most AMAZING book in the world for English nerds like me: "The Mother Tongue: English and How it Got That Way." It is totally made of awesome. It's got stuff about how the language started, and where a bunch of words come from, and how pronunciation has changed, and foreign people speaking really bad English, and ALSO ALSO ALSO a chapter on swearing, which includes the bestest curse in the history of ever: zooterkins. Yes. Zooterkins. I'm not sure the context in which it was meant to be used, but gol'darnit, I'm using it as much as possible. So, in addition to heights of nerdlove, it's actually a really funny book, even if your just a zooterkins nerd like me. So read it, by zooterkins! (Hee.)

And...I'm thinking about finally writing some Red Eye, since I've been lurking around the fandom foreverz (AND AND AND started the Most. Popular. ff.net forum for it. Behold my success, zooterkins!) and may have at last worked up the courage to actually *WRITE* something. I'm also considering doing the whole "post to an LJ completely in character" thing, because the immersion intrigues me. So ja.

Wow. Rambling really does get me a good sized post. YAY!


Jan. 11th, 2007 07:57 pm
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Yes, most of my posts are probably going to be titled with strange sounds. Just say it out loud; you'll get the mood I'm going for.


No longer a Dane Cook virgin. I'd heard *of* him (y'know, the "hey u kno tha guy who tell teh jokez n he lyk swarz n e takls abut lyk sex....HEZ ZO FUNNEH!!11!1!!111" you get about *every* motherlicking comedian) and had the "Christ Chex" bit reeancted for me, but I'd never actually seen/heard him. Well...I agree. He *is* rather funneh. I watched him on an iPod during...ahem...class, and it was of the fun. Lots of giggling ensued, so it was nice that I was watching it with a friend, and not just snorfling to myself all alone.

Also: I just finished "Perfume." Yikes. Not that I didn't like it, quite the contrary. I really loved the descriptions of scent; that's really the major appeal of the novel, if you're not familiar, the way that Suskind (I dunno how to do an umlaut on here.) brings the sense of smell to life in a novel which...yeah...it doesn't smell. But it was cool. Pretty much up until...
But, it's a good book. Even though I was kind of left with the wish that I had just stopped before the last two pages. But...yeah. I still liked "My Life Among the Serial Killers" way better.

And Hulk!Jack pretty much describes my basic mood, in case you wonder why he's hulking at you out of my userpic.
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Yeah...love how I've been posting in the sense of not.
But school and drama are distracting, and teh dial-up = slow. BUT, teh dial-up is no more (fin!) and teh DSL is rockin' the hiz-ouse (oh yes. i *am* ghettofab.)


I really like serial killers.

Not in real life, y'know, but...reading about them. It's fascinating. Yes, I know, I probably need help for being a morbid freak, but I really do. Right now I'm reading "My Life Among the Serial Killers" and I DEFINITELY recommend it to anyone who's into that kind of thing, because it's really great. It's written by a psychiatrist who interviewed serial killers like Ed Gein (WI Pride, w00t w00t!), Gacy (Chicagooooooo pride!), Macek (Chicago pride again, y'alls!), and all sorts of exciting (by which I mean, of course, twisted and horrible) folks. It's neat.



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