Aug. 4th, 2007 12:26 pm
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So after scrambling around the library (my hold on Absolute Sandman wasn't in yet. Woe.) I ducked into the children's section (very clandestine and sneakily, especially since my stack included "Talk Nerdy to Me") and snagged Coraline.

Don't even try to imagine the squee that erupted when I flipped it open to discover it's an AUTOGRAPHED COPY.



LOVE. <3333
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I haven't really felt the urge to post (or had the time...Hell Week is next week for Music Man, so I won't be on at ALL, and will have much f-backlog.)  It's been kind of a ho-hum/crap week.  First I was struck with the mind-numbing terror of stress (Spanish exam! English exam (Actual Quote: "This is the part everyone fails.")! Spanish play must be memorized by tomorrow! And btw, the AP exams are TWO WEEKS AWAY.)  But that kind of calmed down and went away (well, not the AP part), what with me dominating the Spanish exam, (hopefully) not totally choking on the English one, and doing quite well on my role in Spanish.

Then my sister was named a student of the month in our community AND won first place in an essay contest AND found out that she got two perfect scores on her standardized testing.  I love my sister.  I'm happy for her success.  Shpff.  Like hell.  I *am* genuinely happy that my lil' JuJu is doing well.  As my mom says "She's not *your* competition."  Once again: like HELL.  She is always winning crap!  I have *never* been student of the month in the fucking high school!  I work so freaking hard on everything, and she just WINS STUFF.  I hate it.  I really really do.  And half the stuff she gets, I should have gotten.  I'm not saying that in a creepy way, it's just true.  For example: we both took the ACT when we were in seventh grade.  We got exactly the same score.  SHE gets a certificate and all sorts of crap from the "talented youth" people.  I got nothing.  WTF??  Rrrrgh.  I guess a lot of this is stress about performing well for APs and college, and the fact that she's excelling (which, honestly, so am I, but that's not the point) is bugging me.  I guess I think this is my star-time, and I should be the center of attention for MY awesomeness.  I mean, come on.  I dominated my ACT. I got the maximum amout of financial aid that my college of choice offers.  I'm pulling straight A's with two AP classes.  Acknowledge me! >.<  So, in conclusion to this rant: I am a selfish pig.

But with all this crapness going on...yesterday, in the computer lab I was researching the background info for my novel (Their Eyes were Watching God...I just read The Awakening), and my english teacher (a) handed back my analysis of my own poem with "40/40  There is nothing more to say" written on it and (b) thanked me.  She thanked me.  For taking everything seriously, and being a great student, and she told me that she really enjoys reading my writing.  And that...that just made everything okay.

Also: I finished American Psycho (the worst bit for me was the rat), thus ending the ODDEST combination of books in the universe: at the same time as American Psycho I was reading...Dave Barry's Boogers are my Beat.  Yeah.  It couldn't be weirder if I TRIED.  But now I'll get back to Dearly Devoted Dexter, which I've read before but LOVE, so I'm reading it again (Read it. It pwns.) and I have a couple more books from the library, I think.  And!! I got Rocky Horror on my iPod, so things are groovy.  Well, off to the Brat Fry.


Mar. 25th, 2007 02:44 pm
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Applied for a roleplay...I've never played through LJ (or, GJ, as the case is).  Oh well, hopefully 'twill be fun.

My last Forensics meet yesterday.  It went moderately well.  I didn't do so hot, but I had heavy competition, so that was okay.  I ate Starbursts.  Love those things.  I swear: I WILL learn how to unwrap them with my tongue.  I can tie a cherry stem, so it can't be that much harder, can it?

Finished Time Traveler's Wife--it was very good.  I've started reading The Sandman...I've gotten through the first two collections, and we have the next three at the school library, so I'll pick those up on Monday.  I really enjoy them...the "Cereal Convention" is pure genius and awesomeness <33

Senior Ball next week...I think it'll be fun.  Also this week...it's SOMEBODY's birthday ^_^  (I got your present yesterday, I hope you'll like it.).  My throat kind of hurts, but the day is balmy and lovely.  Mom commanded me to I think I'll go outside for a little bit.  Get some fresh air.

Should be working on scholarships but I'm not. So there.  I need water.


Mar. 21st, 2007 08:43 pm
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Lost's on in fifteen minutes SQUEE!

I haven't posted in a very long time, because of several time-consuming activities.  One of them is drama (which is, at the moment, filled with drama and asshats. Expect a rant on that in the near future), and when I get home from drama, I have my shows (I never miss my shows. If I'm not home, I tape them.), and, the past two nights...STAGE COMBAT!  We finally did something COOL with Drama Club...a guy from a local professional company came and did a brief workshop in stage combat.  We learned front and back falls, slaps, hair-pulling, punches, elbow jabs...it was totally sweet.  We're trying to see if we could do another, longer course, and that would make me crazy with glee.  My one regret is that we didn't get to play with swords, but apparently you have to train for weeks before they let you actually use a sword. T.T

Tonight was the Academic Awards banquet, which is boring and sucks.  If the school *really* valued my academic achievement, they would give me candy and then let me leave.  And since I'm in NHS, I had to set up AND serve fruit.  Dude.  Aren't I supposed to be smart?  Don't we have stupid people to do the menial labor?  .......Mostly kidding.

Oh well, oh well, oh well.  I want to write, and don't have time.  I finished American Gods (AWESOME) and started The Time-Traveler's Wife on a lovely person's recommendation.  It's good so far.  Senior Ball is coming up, and if I want to ask someone, I have to mobilize.  I have an idea on who I can ask, but I'm not sure if I will.  We shall see what we shall see.

Rrgh.  The drama thing is really pissing me off, so it will get it's own entry later.  Happy Lostnesday to all!

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That's the greenest icon I have (in more ways than one ^__^)

Went to Forensics...I probably would have powered, if not for the bitchass judge in my 3rd round who ranked me 5.  5?  WTF, I got ranked 1 and 2 in my first rounds, and then (in a round with all but one or two people I had already had) you rank me last?  Hellz no.  *grumblegrumbleskankrassafrassingrumble*

But ja.  Today was busy day for all, so when Mummy and Juju get home, we'll probably all just chill with soda (for me and Ju) and something alcoholic (for Mum and Da) and groove.  Also, we're getting carry-out of some kind, yay!  Don't want pizza...KFC sounds really good, though.  Mebbe Chinese?  Or Culver's...Culver's is always good.

That reminds me...I finished Fragile Things on Wednesday (very good), so I moved right on to another Neil Gaiman, American Gods.  I'd tried to read it before, but I was young and not attuned to weirdness yet, so I didn't get it and quit.  I'm about 3/4 of the way through with it right now, and I'm really enjoying it.  I'm a big Gaiman fan (No, I haven't read Sandman yet, the first issue is always out when I look), and I read Anansi Boys, so it's about  time I read it.  Of course, something that thrilled me immensely is that they go to House on the Rock.  House on the Rock is like, two hours away from me.  I've been there, man!  I saw the freaky dolls and demented furniture and all that cool stuff (the Infinity Room was under construction when I was there, though, so I missed that).  It just tickles me to no end that a book featured a place in my state, where I've actually gone.  And Shadow goes to Culver's!  And, in a freak twist, Weeki Wachi (totally spelled wrong) got mentioned.  For those who don't know:  Weeki Wachi is a little springs thing in Florida, where they put on a show with divers being mermaids.  I saw it when I was just a wee lass, one time when I was visiting my grandparents.  And to see it in a book? SQUEE! <3 I lurves you, Neil! I like to read his blog, it tends to be very funny as well.


Mar. 14th, 2007 05:10 pm
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I now officially know my home is a proper American household, controlled by the commands of the idiot box.  My dad is at the Sports Show with a friend right now, and what does he say before he leaves?

"I'll be home at Lost time."  Hee. ^_^

Didn't post yesterday, because I bought Casino Royale, and I needed me some James Bond.  No time for LJ when there are sexy secret agents to be ogled! Huzzah!

Night of Drama is coming up crazy fast, and I'm kind of really really worried about it.  I mean, it's all just kind of a vague "oh, and then we should do this...and then maybe this" and it hasn't seemed to set in with anyone else that this thing is ONE WEEK AWAY and we haven't actually rehearsed anything. Ever. At all. >.<

I found a ficbuddy who I'm ranting to about my epic which will never actually get written I'm hoping to start soon.  I've also decided to skip the chapter that's giving me trouble, go on to the next one I had planned, and shove this one in later if I really need it (which I probably don't.)  Also, I had an awesome brainstorm for a short piece I'm doing for a scholarship...it's an idea I'd had before but discarded because I didn't think I'd be able to get a full story out of it.  So I was sitting in Focus zoning focusing, when lightning bolt!  If it's not enough for me to do a full length piece on...why not make it into a short piece? Huzzah!!

Really glad Bones is coming back (Angel! I missed you!) and I'm always excited for Lost.  On the book-front: I finished Devil in the White City today.  I really enjoyed it...everyone told me that the architecture bits get really boring but...I kept waiting for a really long, boring architecture part and I finished the book, so either it was so boring I've blocked it from my mind, or...I just didn't find it dull.  But I'm a huge history nerd, and the whole thing kind of thrilled me, since it was in Chicago, my hometown (represent, y'all!).  I started reading Fragile Things, which is a collection of short stories by Neil Gaiman, who I love to absolute death.  I'm about halfway through it, and I've enjoyed most of the stories immensely, and all of the stories a lot.

Subs for dinner w00t!

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My eyeballs hurt.  This has been a (slightly disturbing) trend lately...I don't know if I'm on the computer too much, or reading too much, or watching too much tv, or if my eyeballs are just shriveling and dying in my poor young skull, but whatever.  Nothing to be done.

Going to a party tonight (w00t), which should be fun.  Where there is pizza, there is fun, so says I.  But I hope it's a good time and that the snow doesn't ruin all chance of on-going w00tage.  I also have a 6:30 am departure for my Forensics meet tomorrow.  Hell.  So, no late-nighting for me, but I'll still break it down yo.

Loving "Narcissus in Chains."  I *know* Anita is a terrible Mary Sue, and she really annoys me a lot of the time, but I love the world, and I love the boys.  I don't know how all the other characters can be so fun, while Anita is such a whiny bitchass...especially the minor characters.  I *love* the minor characters.  And Merry (from her other series) really isn't that bad.  She's got the Sueish tendencies, sure, but not the inability to enjoy *anything* without a novel's worth of moping and bitching at all the cool people.  Also, lest I be accused of witholding info, teh pr0nage is not a downside.

That's pretty much it.  I'm trying to get back into the writing game, and I've been in the mood to write a few one-shots, maybe some snap-shots/mood pieces.  Anyone who has suggestions or challenges would be snuggled.


Mar. 1st, 2007 03:06 pm
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I was really happy with Lost last night...as much as I adore the crazy twisty mysteries (and that's not sarcasm, I really do love it), it was nice to be able to just have some *fun* for a change.  Also, in light of the several close-ups (moody and otherwise): I always knew, though it seems I'd forgotten...damn, Sawyer is sexy. Yum.

Slight let-down from HappyBookDay! as I've started reading three, and have zero interest to continue two of them.  Devil in the White City seems like it'll be good though (it's been recommended to me over and over and over and over: "You like history! You LOVE serial killers! READ IT") and my other hold is in, and we'll (hopefully) pick it up today.  I'm trying to read all the Anita Blake books in order (shut up, it's not called a *guilty* pleasure for nothing) and though I'm still waiting on one (I think it's been lost) I'm moving on with the others (I like the pretty boys! Shut up!).

There was a little precious gaiety in AP History today.  APUSH is a class of much giggliness, mainly because I'm in it with my beloved Asian Jello Jiggler.  Jello and I just kind of set each other off.  The class has brought us everything from "Fear The Flying Squadron of Jesus!" to the "Elusize APUSH Essay Carrot."  In a class that's that fact-intensive, everyone gets a little bit cracked.  But today we were watching propaganda from the WWII era...really really boring, by the way.  But we were watching a Nazi reel that consisted of music playing while Hitler rode around in his little car and German people waved at him, when the following exchange takes place (keep in mind that Jello is an extremely perky little Asian girl):

Jello:  Wasn't there some Nazi thing for kids?
Me: The Hitler Youth?
Other Person: Apparently it was cool to be in it.
Me: It was like Boy Scouts.
Jello: For killing people!

I couldn't help it....I pictured a flyer showing happy little Aryan boys in a canoe with the heading "Like Boy Scouts for Killing People!" and snerked mightily, which wouldn't have been bad, except Master P (keeper of all-knowledge) wasn't here today, so the sub gave me a really dirty look.  Oh well.

LOVE my new moodtheme.

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I have decided to post everyday.  That way, when I fall ridiculously behind on my "schedule," it might still be at least once a week. Yay.

Just got back from the library...god, I love books.  Seriously.  Every time I go to the library it's just happy happy time.  New books to read <33333  And also Shakespeare in Love, cuz I've been wanting to see that.  But mostly books, a big armful. So much love.

Had to explain 1337 twice today.  My group was trying to brainstorm a good title for our Othello paper (which I may post later on cuz it just Rocks. That. Hard.) and I wrote "Othello: teh pwnz0rz" as a joke.  KV all "who to the what now?"  She had no idea what it was.  Goodness, some people I associate with are so lost. *sigh*  But the happy part was that that led me to look up 1337 on Wikipedia, and there's a pretty seriously righteous entry. Check it out.

I'm in the process of uploading my new moodtheme (iz Dean!), so that should be up hopefully by the end of the night. Yay again. Also: love Evita.


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