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I wish BBB wasn't being such a bitch :\

on the + side, I've gotten snippets of a couple different origfics started for a few different universes, some I didn't expect. I'm not trying to finish anything, just writing whatever I come up with instead of obsessing over it forever until I don't feel like writing it anymore. I might share some, might not. I'm trying to hone my craft~, y'know. People tell me they like my writing, but I always feel like it's a mess or simplistic or something. I feel like it should be better, but I don't know what I can do to fix it. Writing more just makes me write more, it doesn't change how I write. Oh well, we'll see

the big - is that I found a PAID editorial internship at a publishing company in my area AND I just so happened to have an in with one of the VPs of the company (his daughter was in my sister's girl scout troupe, he and my dad are casual buddies) so I applied and then sent him my resume with a ":) :) halp :)" and he said I looked v. qualified and like I'd fit in well, and that he'd pass me on to the right people...and then e-mailed me again to let me know that he found out they weren't going to be hiring an intern because of the recession. of course, when something is perfect for me, it falls through. (the zoo doesn't want me either, btw) :(
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First of my [ profile] sosodirty fics has been posted~

The Whole of Nature
Pete/Patrick, ~2k, Adult
Prompt: being fed

The whole of nature, as has been said, is a conjugation of the verb to eat, in the active and in the passive. ~William Ralph Inge

In other news, it's raining like all hell and I'm a grump about it :( I long to be curled up inside, peering out the window and snuggling in with a blanket...not going to class :\ But I've just got one more, and it's close, and it's only an, it's presentation day and I presented last time \o/

so...finish my muffin (nomnomnom), maybe do some BBB, maybe some...random serialmurder stuff >_> *innocent*

a new life

Jan. 12th, 2009 02:53 pm
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Just dropped $84 on a new AC adapter :\ My old one has been fritzy for a while, but this morning it just stood up at said "Fuck you." I hate spending money like that,'s not like I can go "Fuck you too, AC adapter, I'm not buying a new one of you." I sort of need it :\ Spending money on shit I NEED but don't necessarily WANT is sucky...and speaking of, I'm about to spend ~$350 on textbooks ;________________; suuuuuuuck

Things that are not suck:
-[ profile] bandomficathon! It's the last chance to sign up, and I believe you can start deciding what fic you're interested in pledging on. I'm thinking I might write a self-indulgent arranged marriage fic because...dude, what's not to love about self-indulgent arranged marriage fic? I originally was going to write...
-my Steampunk AU! but it's...well, it has the potential to be pretty fucking epic (by my standards, writer of 2-4k fic) so I'm going to do that for [ profile] bandombigbang which I am SO EXCITED FOR. I also signed up to do
-art for BBB! I was kind of :\\\ about it, because uh. I'm definitely not an ~artist, and I live in fear of taking the fic an actual decent artist would want and giving crappy art :\ but [ profile] foxinmyhands weighed in FOR SCIENCE and said that crappy art >>> no art. So woot!
-Haitlin! Who I still need to actually talk to about when the hell she'll be showing up tomorrow but, fuck yeah!
-my dad felt bad for me and money spendage, so he bought me a frappucino! Mmmm double chocolatey chip...

Something random:
Random freewrite! )

who knows

Jul. 2nd, 2008 02:08 pm
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I've been in...I don't know what I'd call it. It's not precisely a bad mood but...a Not Good mood for a while and I don't know what to do with it :\ My mcr4u is...outlined, I guess you'd say? I have each of the major scenes started/50% done, and now I just have to go and fill in some. Maybe moving onto a different writing project will help invigorate me, I just feel so slumpy. Part of it is my work schedule,'s just so hard to really *do* anything, because my jobs aren't close enough together in time that I can stay in the same "Work Work Work" mood the whole time but they aren't separated from each other enough that I can actually accomplish something between them. Plus, they're so so different, it's just a whole different feel. I actually really like TAing, but ACS drains me so bad. I know I'm no fun to be with afterwards--I'm either completely fried and spazzed out or in a foul mood. At least, I'm hoping that that's my issue, and that the lyrics are wrong.

A friend just posted pics from the year on Facebook and it's neat to look back and go "Oh, ballroom dancing! Oh, Roman Day! Oh, wandering around with people!" ...I miss school. I love being at home, and I of course love not having class, but I really miss having people just, always around. I get so lonely sometimes.


Jun. 30th, 2008 03:30 pm
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I'm not bringing a magazine to work, because I'm going to GET WRITING DONE (...I'm probably mostly going to doodle. /o\ But writing will happen too!) It's so boring there :| My brain doesn't like to handle it. Starting plays tomorrow in drama, so that should be thrilling. I'm co-directing The Magic Ring and two groups of The Trial of Mother Goose.

I really wanted to have a snip of something I've been working on, but I've just been so stalled with challengefic that I haven't let myself work on anything else :\ However, if someone would like to flail about an AU or an idea or whatever...let me knooow, I'd love to come home after a long evening of calling to nommy nommy flail. :3

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Today is kind of the worst day ever...I'm completely stressed out about my papers for Friday (so, obviously, I am LJ *facepalm*), I don't have time to eat lunch on Tuesdays which combined with the fact that I go to bed hungry means I'm kind of dead by 3 when I do get time to eat, AND my body is like "Hmm, stress and pain...HERE, YOU CAN HAS CRAAMPSROFLLL" I hurt so fucking bad I was pretty much crying when I got home from class...I hurt so bad I couldn't EAT even though I was kind of dying of hunger because OH GOD THE PAIN. I just kind of rolled up in the fetal position and tried to sleep. Kind of worked...I'm feeling a little better and had a couple handfuls of Cheerios--may possibly be going to dinner soon if anyone comes by, otherwise I'll just make ramen. So while I was dying in my bed, I obviously didn't get anything done on Doom Paper II so. Fuck.

But, to cheer myself up, have a love meme!

[ profile] thelemic gave me the letter R. If you want a letter, just comment!
10 Things I Love that Begin with "R"
1. Rock n' Roll -- Right now I'm pretty much into the popalt stuff, but even when I was little, I was raised on some of the damn finest classic rock (I flipped myself upside down once, I rawked so hard, even as an infant!)
2. RENT -- Even though a large part of me (conservative pig that I am) is going "Get a fucking job!" I really do love this musical and am quite sad I won't be able to see it on Broadway /o\
3. Red -- My favorite color from like, age 4 to age 15. Still a big fan, though most often paired with black (SO GAWTH, FR SRS)
4. Riesens -- Superduper amazing chewy German chocolate candiessss <3
5. Riddles -- Like, brain puzzles and all those things, bring me so much jooooy. I kinda suck at them, but since I have a good memory, I store them all away and whip them out and seem worldly and impressive *nodnod*
6. Ryan Ross -- I am just kind of filled with glee at his little face, I don't know why. I'm pretty sure IRL he would bug the everloving god out of me, but *smush* (Although I really really miss the Gay Circus Hobo phase...the Gay Stoned Cowboy is not my favorite)
7. Ripley, Guy -- Fond as I am of one Ryland, there is a special place in my heart for this dashing Brit.
8. Romance novels -- I love trashy Harlequin romances...I just lolll so hard, especially when friends and I perform dramatic readings.
9. Reading -- I have so little time for books now that I read so much for class, but I fucking love reading. I was always the weird dorky girl who got in trouble for hiding a book under the desk while the teacher was talking <3
10. Roses -- Favorite flower, hands down. Don't care how cliche it is, nothing says romance and beauty to me like good ol' red and white roses.

And on a bandom-related note:
Poor Ray seems unaware that he is in a band full of SERIAL MURDERERS/CHILD MOLESTERS. )
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I really hate people who talk during movies. Like, I love to MST stuff as I go with friends, but when people are seeing a movie for the first time and you just talk about random crap LOUDLY? No. Not cool.

I made new friends today *wavewave* And now the pressure is on to do something interesting...damn, I should have saved the Penny Stump vid. Uh...any ideas, Gerard?
Well, you could always look sexy.
That works.

In other news, I cannot get over how adorable Nate is...he's like a tiny scrappy little puppy (especially in the City is at War vid, MONEY-BITING OH GOD) I just want to hold him and hug him...I need to read more Cobra fic. I just have Gabe popping up everywhere (BECAUSE I HEART HIM) and I should spread out. Vicky-T is definitely my number one girlcrush and AlexandRyland are so neat (Alex/Ryland/Guy Ripley plz?) THEY JUST BREAK ME WITH GLEE. ♥

Going to work on the arts AU more this evening, and possibly on some of my original projects? I hope. The ice is INSANE outside, so I'm considering just staying in and having ramen for dinner...I feel bad though, because I don't want people to think I'm avoiding them/being antisocial when I just don't want to go outside gorramit! We'll see.
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Yargh, I'm tired. Rocky Horror every night is kicking my ass, and it's only Wednesday. x_x I just want to sit in my room (or Matt's room) and watch MOVIES. I don't want to flail around and let's NOT do the Time Warp again. Usually I don't have an issue with late/long rehearsals (and these only last around two hours, far cry from the eight hour rehearsals I'm used to) but the drama snob in me is dismissive. If I was actually performing and not just pantomiming, I would be a lot more enthusiastic, but the fact that I'm pretty much just mimicking a film and there's just the one night is bugging me. I need to be in a play >.<

And NaNo starts next week, merciful heavens. So...sorry [ profile] usagiko, I'm not going to be seeing a lot of you. Damn, I thought it was SO FAR OFF DON'T WORRY until my writing buddies were just like "NEXT WEEKZOMG" and now my brain is broked, and that means I really should write my psych paper this weekend so I can spend my week time writing important novelly things, and I still have to finish The Seven Sins of Memory for Friday, and all I really want to do is watch Monday's Chuck and some Torchwood. And also Buffy, Pan's Labyrinth, Venture Brothers, Doctor Who, Brokeback Mountain and Blades of Glory (which I watched while I was home on break and was even funnier than I remembered). I have simple needs! I just want media!

Though I did watch House and Bones last night--the end of Bones was So. CUTE. "You wouldn't get coffee with me?" I was disappointed with the lack of Wilson on House and the fact that, while Chase was in the episode, he only appeared with surgical maskwtf?? I need my Aussie goodness, stat!

Just noticed that Ianto isn't on the Torchwood ad I ganked from Entertainment Weekly. Hmph. I know he's just the tea-boy, but he's a sweetheart, and it's not like he doesn't have backstory/pertinent interactions with main characters. Also, I think Poster!Owen is trying to look down my top (not that I'm complaining....)


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