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Check it, join it, rock it, pimp it :D (Note: This was conceived for people writing ORIGINAL Nanowrimos to get support in a more centralized area from bandbuddies, but Nano-style bandfic is also welcome)

Also: I want fic about Gerard Way: Champion of Groupies. Because he's so against all that shit, and he totally realizes that while cutting them out of the band's life completely is good and all, it's not really helping people on a REAL PERSONAL LEVEL. And what is Gerard up for besides helping people? So he totally starts trolling for groupies at shows, and picks up the most pathetically desperate girl he can find and takes her back to the bus about her self-esteem and give her a heartfelt speech about inner beauty and feminine pride, and sometimes he SQUEEZES THEIR KNEES supportively and all the groupies are like "...bzuh?" And most of them don't really get it, and just kind of wander off stunned. And during the day he's all DDDD: I have to help these giiiirls but they keep trying to put their hands down my pants whyyy Mikey and Mikey's like I don't really want to hear about girls putting their hands down your pants, Gee, srsly.

Gee is unflappable and just moves on whyyyy Frank whyyy and Frank doesn't really know what to say, because he's pretty sure Gerard never actually realized that he was totally a groupie for MCR in the old days. There was actually a while when he thought that Gerard was straight or else deliberately cruel, because Frank was totally throwing himself at him in the sluttiest way he could manage short of literally sticking his hand down Gerard's pants (which he did do a couple times, but Gerard just kind of giggled and stumbled away), and by the time he realized that Gerard was really that oblivious (and, at the time, that wasted) that he really didn't get that Frank was a total singerwhore and coming onto him in a way that would have made Pete Wentz roll his eyes.

So he doesn't really know what to say about Gerard and his mission to get every groupie a top that both fits and flatters and a copy of A Vindication of the Rights of Women and.............he distracts him with sex? IDK. TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS.
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After the finale of last season of Project Runway, Chris and I had a fun little convo that's stayed one of my pet favorites and I just ~realized we never posted. Soooo. I'm posting it now.

Patrick/Christian Siriano )


Apr. 5th, 2008 10:02 pm
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[ profile] thelemic and I really should not be allowed to talk.

Still not for those allergic to caps, but briefer than most of our insane crackverses...

In which Gerard has a Pointy Death Nose
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Since I was feeling sucky, I of course fled to my darling [ profile] thelemic. I was planning on more Waycest harem boys, but we got to talking about Folkin' Around, and how, for me, it doesn't activate my fear and loathing of country because of the lack of drawl.

[ profile] thelemic (1:09:43 PM): Yeah, the lack of drawl is a plus
[ profile] thelemic (1:09:49 PM): the idea of Brendon trying to do one cracks me up to no end
[ profile] drusillathemad (1:09:56 PM): Me tooo. I just thought that
[ profile] thelemic (1:10:08 PM): I mean, he would be *so bad* at it
[ profile] drusillathemad (1:10:41 PM): It would just be so ridiculously awful it was somehow adorable, and we would all go *sigh...glomp*
[ profile] thelemic (1:11:00 PM): That is true! I bet Ryan would be better at it though
[ profile] thelemic (1:11:02 PM): for some reason
[ profile] drusillathemad (1:11:20 PM): Omg, twangy!Ryan XD
[ profile] thelemic (1:11:27 PM): Like, Georgian drawl or something
[ profile] drusillathemad (1:11:54 PM): it even possible for him to drawl? He has no vocal tone.
[ profile] thelemic (1:12:04 PM): Hmm... well, maybe.
[ profile] thelemic (1:12:15 PM): I'm pretty sure one could do a drawling monotone, in theory
[ profile] drusillathemad (1:12:58 PM): I guess...maybe that's the secret! Maybe Ryan is suppressing some kind of shocking drawl (I always find my voice gets more expressive when I do a drawl)

And this spiraled from it.

Ryan Ross has a Seekrit Drawl
By [ profile] thelemic and [ profile] drusillathemad
Ryan was an impressionable youth )
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My floor is doing a mix CD exchange, and I'm listening to the one my beffie Hil's pretty righteous. Of course, I feel horrible pressured to make an awesome mix, so OF COURSE I just keep going "Cobra song! Cobra song! MCR! MOAR COBRA!!!" And...yeah. I have to kind of rein in the bandomy urges and make something sensible.

Otherwise...I'm cautiously thinking that I might be able to get to the Chicago MCR show...even though it's on a Thursday, and I don't get out of class until 3 and it takes 2 hrs to get there and...still don't have a ride, as such. WE SHALL SEE. Also haven't told the 'rentals about my Panic ticket (!!!!!) so we'll see how that goes over.

College is still in a liberalgasm...Obama and Chelsea Clinton were both here talking yesterday. I barricaded myself in my room with Les Mis and chocolate because no. No thanks.
Speaking of college (kinda), I keep adding more RL friends and being very "Oh shit, where can I hide the porn??" except, well...there isn't anywhere to hide it. So...sorry RL people (*WAVE*), ignore it as best you can.

Saw the moon today, and though my first thought was (of course) Werewolf AU, it was quickly replaced with GERARD IS A MOON PRINCESS AU. Yeah. I don't know what that means. BUT I KNOW I WANT IT! Frank & Gee work together! Gee always takes the full moon off, and Frank doesn't notice until he suddenly does and is like "OMGWEREWOLF" but Gerard's like "Uh, no, actually...I'm a moon princess." And Frank's all "Whut?" "Yeah, it's not a big deal. I just have to, you know, commune with the full moon." "What does that mean?" "...I take all my clothes off and stand in the moonlight?" And Frank goes "*blinkblink* Can I watch?" Ahaha, yeah, I don't know. ♥


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