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Tomorrow is the last day of bidding for Sweet Charity, so make sure you check out everybody selling their wares! :)

I'm eating cookie dough out of the tub and researching old Nielsen ratings for a project, and you know what I want? A fun AU talking time. So please, tell me about Gerard the Evil Overlord. Who are his henchmen? Who's his consort? What wicked plots does he have? Is he successful in any of them? Where's his lair?
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How insane would it be for me to attempt a second BBB in which Gerard is the heir to a noble family, and has social struggle shenanigans with his sex slave, Frank, who is rebellious and bratty, and with Bob, who is a field slave that Gerard decided to claim for his own? Dynamics! Politics! Intrigue! SEX SLAVES!!! (Keeping in mind that I only have ~3k of my steampunk BBB done :\) It would be insane, right? Totally mad and impossible?

Back in B-town, eating a baked tater (Samwise would be so proud of me!) and considering working on my bio 9___9 I saw Coraline on Thursday and my thoughts on it are thus: SEE IT The film is perfectly gorgeous, the soundtrack is amazing, and it's just the sweetest thing while still being entirely creepy. I had moments of "awwwww" and moments of "AGHHHH" and I was a little worried about the addition of a new character but he's darling. Definitely definitely definitely see it, if just for the OMG factor of the fact that EVERYTHING IS MADE BY HAND. EVERY SINGLE TINY THING. The theater in town doesn't have 3D, so I had to see the 2D version :( but everything I've heard says the 3D is really well done...there were only like, two or three moments when I went "Oh, this is supposed to be 3D" so it must be really subtle.

PS, something with my webmail add-on is fuxx0red, it won't notify me of new mail in my hotmail account, any suggestions?
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Plan was to come back from Botany, nuke my Cheezy Breadz leftover and then take a nap before my next class at 1:30. BUT THE CHEEZY BREADZ IS RUBBERY AND NOW THAT I'M NOT IN CLASS, I DON'T WANT TO WASTE TIME NAPPING :\\\\\\\ My brain, so strange.

So I had an awesome time telling [ profile] runthegamut a delicious story of UST and ~MAGIC~ (the glittery Vegas kind) that still has to be ~resolved so. YAY. FUN. But right now I'm hungry and trying to think about my Nano/my speshul fic/the threesome fic, which I really want to finish before I start Nano and HOLYSHIT I still have to write my [ profile] periodbandom fic IN ADDITION TO seducing the less than honorable [ profile] thelemic into writing about vikings with me (you'd think that boy would be more into language barrier UST hottimes but nooooo~)

Meanwhile, I'm probably going to end up eating peanut m&ms for lunch and become a zitty blimp, except it won't be hot like Fat Frank is ;___; I make no sense, I should probably nap but I DON'T WANT TO so I think I'll go futz with the bandom nano comm (I MADE IT. IT WILL BE PIMPED THIS WEEKEND) and make it presentable.
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I finally had another bandom dream! (Which made marginally more sense than the last one, in which I was Ryan Ross and Pete was trying to convince me to freebase red Pixie Styx with him in a dorm room) (For the record, I was like " thanks, Pete, I should go find Brendon." MY SUBCONSCIOUS IS SHIPPY) But this one was....okay. So the basic premise was I was seeing a stage version of Enchanted and was just kind of admiring these really cool sets (they were platforms that rotated and had different parts of houses so it was interiors and exteriors, very complex and nice work) and then I finally realized that the part of Giselle was being played by none other than Gerard. He was wearing like, kind of an edited BP jacket that was all black and really form-fitted black pants (I distinctly remembered my dream self thinking that his ass looked really cute) and like, I was sitting in the balcony but he was like, somehow a foot in front of me? And then we hooked up. Mikey and Frank watched. Haha, yeah, it was a fun enough that I woke up to my alarm and then turned it off and went back to sleep without even thinking about it. Luckily, it only takes me 10 minutes to get ready for class, because I overslept like a mother.

In other news...I really don't want to even think about the papers I need for midterms next week X_X I want to think about fic! And crack! And stuff! Although I now have a bag of Hershey kisses squirreled away in my desk drawer, so that's nice. And PROJECT RUNWAY TONIGHT!! I missed last weeks so I'm double-dipping \o/

And Commons tonight! Had meat! Real actual bloody fresh-off-the-grill meat! I know a bunch of you folks are not on Team Meat (PALINDROMES FTW) but I am pretty much a carnivore and it was AWESOME.

Still no way to get to MCR in Chicago. The tears they run HOT AND BITTER down my face :( I know I'm still going to Panic (!!!) but...not the same. And it's the end of TBP, and I heart it SO MUCH (seriously, I would never have gotten into MCR if not for TBP, it's one of my favorite albums ever). I just...WANT. Oh well...if it'll happen, it'll happen. PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN.

Before you go:
Cut for your Flist. SEXY PICTURE. )
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Did some fanarting today...I really wish my scanner wasn't an evil bitchqueen, and would actually, I dunno, SCAN.  Oh well, I'll work it out.

Got more of Teh Epic worked out with Rosie, so I'll probably be ready to start writing it in a bit.  Of course, I still need to finish my slashbaby, and write my (faeritastic!) original scholarship piece.  And other stuff too.  Goodness, I'm drowning in writing.  And I'm trying to find a roleplay too?  I am such a fandom masochist.

Not a lot to say...I'm probably going to go take a shower after I finish this entry, since I've sat around the entire day in my pajamas.  Finally watched this past Thursday's Supernatural, very good.  I shrieked like a little girl (well, a littler girl) at one point, which means it was a pretty darn good episode.  Excited for Grease tonight...Dad's grilling out burgers (YUSS), so it shall be a feast.  I got to have leftover Papa Murphy's Chicago style (the most perfect pizza in the universe) for lunch, so it was a good eating day overall.  Also watched some of the Casino Royale special features yesterday: I especially enjoyed "Bond Girls are Forever" which, despite the corny premise, mainly consisted of former Bond girls being old and catty. Love.
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That's the greenest icon I have (in more ways than one ^__^)

Went to Forensics...I probably would have powered, if not for the bitchass judge in my 3rd round who ranked me 5.  5?  WTF, I got ranked 1 and 2 in my first rounds, and then (in a round with all but one or two people I had already had) you rank me last?  Hellz no.  *grumblegrumbleskankrassafrassingrumble*

But ja.  Today was busy day for all, so when Mummy and Juju get home, we'll probably all just chill with soda (for me and Ju) and something alcoholic (for Mum and Da) and groove.  Also, we're getting carry-out of some kind, yay!  Don't want pizza...KFC sounds really good, though.  Mebbe Chinese?  Or Culver's...Culver's is always good.

That reminds me...I finished Fragile Things on Wednesday (very good), so I moved right on to another Neil Gaiman, American Gods.  I'd tried to read it before, but I was young and not attuned to weirdness yet, so I didn't get it and quit.  I'm about 3/4 of the way through with it right now, and I'm really enjoying it.  I'm a big Gaiman fan (No, I haven't read Sandman yet, the first issue is always out when I look), and I read Anansi Boys, so it's about  time I read it.  Of course, something that thrilled me immensely is that they go to House on the Rock.  House on the Rock is like, two hours away from me.  I've been there, man!  I saw the freaky dolls and demented furniture and all that cool stuff (the Infinity Room was under construction when I was there, though, so I missed that).  It just tickles me to no end that a book featured a place in my state, where I've actually gone.  And Shadow goes to Culver's!  And, in a freak twist, Weeki Wachi (totally spelled wrong) got mentioned.  For those who don't know:  Weeki Wachi is a little springs thing in Florida, where they put on a show with divers being mermaids.  I saw it when I was just a wee lass, one time when I was visiting my grandparents.  And to see it in a book? SQUEE! <3 I lurves you, Neil! I like to read his blog, it tends to be very funny as well.


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