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I currently have XXX imprinted on the veryvery upper inside of my thigh. Woohoo?

Context: Last night was the Fetish Ball at the Alliance and fuckyeahhhh, you know that's where I'm at. I slapped on the corset and the combat boots, borrowed a slutty(ish) skirt, collared Elise and took her over on a leash (made of her belt), along with Big Red (wearing my top as a sexy secretary), and Elise's roomie who wore lingerie and a silver flasher coat. There weren't too many people there when we showed up (little before midnight), but we got our groove on, and I held Elise's leash while we danced...and her boyfriend's...and also this guy who had wrist-ties. I danced with him later too, but generally just rocked around with my girlz. We danced and danced and danced, and there was lightning which was cool, and Hilary came to pick us up because it was pouring and she knew there wasn't really room for umbrellas in our fetish gear. So she danced danced for a while too, and then we headed back to the dorm, and sat in my room until 4am having girl talk XD SOMETIMES COLLEGE IS ESPECIALLY AWESOME

Really have to get back into the groove with BBB if I want to get 'er done, gotta do a group paper later (joy ._.), and I really need to eat something XD We'll see what happens~


May. 17th, 2007 05:52 pm
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To begin: Monday was a good day. Monday was probably the single best day of the entire year. It was Senior Skip Day, and I partied with the fantabulous G Dru. Starting the day with karaoke and DDR, moving into sweet hot-tubbing and zomgserious!college discussion, off to watch Hot Fuzz (with teh l33t 54r4), let's get some shoes!, Goodwill hunting (for romance novels), and frozen custard. Yeah. It pretty much pwnz0rd.

And then came Tuesday. Can I just say I really really hate crying at school? Because it's incredibly awkward. There are the people who don't say anything, but they obviously see you crying and are ignoring it, and then there's everybody who goes "are you okay?" and if I was okay, I wouldn't be crying would I? There was a teeny tiny little mess-up with my service hours for NHS (I thought one event was automatically counted, it wasn't, so my total was off a few hours). But it just kind of broke everything over my head. I really fucking hate NHS. Seriously. You do so much shit for that stupid thing, and it means nothing. It's just hypocritical, and DUMB, and thankless. I mean, it's supposed to be an HONOR not a punishment. I hate it so much. At least there's only one more meeting, and then I'm DONE. Grrrgh.

My final (!!!) AP exam was Wednesday, finally, so I'm done. I think it went pretty well, and the writing was really good. I think I feel most confident with this test overall, because I think I pretty much kicked the essay portion's ass.

And tonight is the Supernatural season finale, but I'm still happy because it's not the *series* finale! And! And! I got the S1 boxed set!!! It came already, speedy quick!!! So I'll have Winchesters into the summertime. Ah...summertime. Now *that* sounds good. Despite the fact that I'll be saying goodbye to 1. all the people I HATE 2. all the people I couldn't care less about and 3. all the people I love and will probably never see again, as well as preparing to strike out on my own (towel shopping!!)....anything would be better than this waaaaaiting. Anything. I can't bring myself to care about anything anymore, and I'm just........done.


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