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Tomorrow is the last day of bidding for Sweet Charity, so make sure you check out everybody selling their wares! :)

I'm eating cookie dough out of the tub and researching old Nielsen ratings for a project, and you know what I want? A fun AU talking time. So please, tell me about Gerard the Evil Overlord. Who are his henchmen? Who's his consort? What wicked plots does he have? Is he successful in any of them? Where's his lair?
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Went to a 90s themed party last wasn't as loud or as fun as genderbender...the music was pretty good (except all the rap, I don't listen to rap now and didn't in the 90s so I felt all left out ;__;) but there were some NASTY couples in there just. Full on dry-humping, legs around the waist, pulling pants down and. URGH NO THNX!!

LOST was so good! And I just watched last night's Dollhouse and UNF SOOOOO GOOD :D (and it had PATTON! ilupatton i am listenin to you right now)

in other news, the meta post was soooo much fun! So fun! I think my next metapalooza is going to be about personal canon, so get your thinky thoughts percolating on that :)

I've been full of AUs lately :\ I want to write about Giselle Way the wannabe opera singer being the ~kept woman/mistress~ of Mr. Robert Bryar, and he doesn't really feel comfortable with it, but in order to be respected in Society, he's got to have a pretty lady at his side before he settles down, to blow on his cards and for him to keep in a nice little apartment. But he doesn't like it :( and he goes around to the apartment he pays for and Gee offers him sex everytime, but they end up playing cards and chess and reading books sitting next to each other on the couch. ...but I can't write that because I need to write my BBB :(
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There should be an AU where Gerard is head chef at some fancy restaurant and Bob is his sous chef and Frank is a dirty little busboy with a *~CULINARY GIFT~*. Surprisingly lengthy babbling and shenanigans! )

...I probably need to stop watching so much Food Network. I should be working on BBB. Or my resume D:
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Because people actually seemed interested in reading this, and formatting a big ol' chatlog is way more rewarding than doing the readings for my evening class, have a really really messy chatfic! Seriousy, this is uncapitalized, has emoticons and "idk!", and is not particularly coherent...but it does have werewolves. Some genderswap werewolves >_> (hai Way sisters!)

I do hope to expand this into an actual good story one day, since this doesn't include much of my very stupidly thinky werewolf politics and stuff, just plain old pining and angst and stupids!

Thanks to [ profile] perspexsea for listening to me ramble ♥

The Self-Indulgent Werewolf AU )
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[Poll #1358880]

also, thanks everybody who bowed to my AU-chatting demands :3 I was in and out and doing homework and retrieving phones, so I'm sorry if I disappeared on you, I just suck :(
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How insane would it be for me to attempt a second BBB in which Gerard is the heir to a noble family, and has social struggle shenanigans with his sex slave, Frank, who is rebellious and bratty, and with Bob, who is a field slave that Gerard decided to claim for his own? Dynamics! Politics! Intrigue! SEX SLAVES!!! (Keeping in mind that I only have ~3k of my steampunk BBB done :\) It would be insane, right? Totally mad and impossible?

Back in B-town, eating a baked tater (Samwise would be so proud of me!) and considering working on my bio 9___9 I saw Coraline on Thursday and my thoughts on it are thus: SEE IT The film is perfectly gorgeous, the soundtrack is amazing, and it's just the sweetest thing while still being entirely creepy. I had moments of "awwwww" and moments of "AGHHHH" and I was a little worried about the addition of a new character but he's darling. Definitely definitely definitely see it, if just for the OMG factor of the fact that EVERYTHING IS MADE BY HAND. EVERY SINGLE TINY THING. The theater in town doesn't have 3D, so I had to see the 2D version :( but everything I've heard says the 3D is really well done...there were only like, two or three moments when I went "Oh, this is supposed to be 3D" so it must be really subtle.

PS, something with my webmail add-on is fuxx0red, it won't notify me of new mail in my hotmail account, any suggestions?
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also, I got a loverly Xmas card from [ profile] sofiaviolet (thanks bb!) and a package full of nifty and delicious things from [ profile] thelemic (I may have already eaten half of the cherries >_> And I put the poster up right away! It's chilling next to the Hot Fuzz dudes) THANK YOU! ♥

I also got a late Xmas present from my boy Dr. Goose and omg omg omg, srsly, I am SO HAPPY. It's a book about Sandmaaaaaaan with all sorts of sketches and shit so I'm all \o/ Gonna curl up with that for a while this weekend

My Anthro class is really making me want to do REALLY REALLY COMPLEX AUs with like, cultural anxiety and shit. Also, I've been doing some sketches for my BBB and I might post some laterrrr.

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I finally got through the mail that accumulated over break, and thank you SO MUCH to [ profile] tuesdaysgone (yours made me lol so hard!), [ profile] citibyrd (adorable!), and [ profile] quarterturn (I got glitter all over my pants!) for your cards ♥♥ They're up on my wall above my desk so I can see them all the time :)

Something I just realized I want: Mismatched kinkfic. You know how any time there's anything sort of "kinky" (from full BDSM to just plain old hairpulling) in a fic, no matter who the pair are, or how long they've been together, they always are pretty much perfectly matched? "Oh no, I accidentally slapped your ass but I liked it/Oh don't worry, slap my ass more, it's my favorite!" kind of thing. And the only time I've ever seen this subverted is when one of the partners is kind of cautious about a kink they haven't tried, or have tried and didn't like in the past, but they're willing to try it and !!! they end up loving it! I want two people who are completely in love and completely mismatched in terms of kink, to the point where it just won't work, and they have to figure out whether they have to suffer through something they are totally not into every other night or have vanilla sex forever.

For example (and I'm going with a personal favorite kink, for the sake of ease :P), Gerard loves to be spanked. LOVES IT. But anything that involves hurting his partner is a total bonerkill for Frank. He just can't do it, it's not hot to him at all, it's weird and uncomfortable and he doesn't care that Gerard is asking for it and totally moans his way through the whole thing, he just doesn't hit his SO. No. Conversely, Frank is totally into roleplay. Naughty schoolgirl, naughty teacher, naughty plumber, naughty knight errant...he doesn't care, it's just hot. But to Gerard, roleplaying is D&D in a basement, and there's nothing sexy about it, and what, he's just supposed to say creepy porn stuff? It makes him really uncomfortable and awkward, and always feels like he's doing something wrong, which makes it pretty hard for him to perform.

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Clomping around my dorm room in my kickin' blue plaid pumps because I CAN.

Have some of the ballroom AU I've been telling Effie about <3

gerard and mikey are the kings of ballroom dance )
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I promised myself that every entry I made from now on wouldn't just be quotes from the MCR blog/twitter but...HAVE YOU HEARD? MIKEYWAY'S DOG IS A GENTLEMAN AND A SCHOLAR. oh my fannish heart

ETA FRANK FINALLY POSTED AND OMG these boys and their dogs <33

Hi to friends, new and old! I'm Jen! I'm in college! I have a paper due tomorrow I have no idea what I'm writing on, but I just handed in a 30 page (well. 27) play! WOO! Um. I'm a big dork, and a crazy flailer. I love chatfic in both comments and actual chat, and I love to spread the crack around! I've actually gotten really bored with my eljay habits, and. Seriously, fuck RL, I'm around that all the time, why should I put it on the internet? So while there's definitely RL content, I'm really making a conscious effort to move in a more fannish direction. THIS IS MY FANDOM RENAISSANCE, and you are ALL A PART OF IT \o/

AIM: madhatterdru I'm on pretty much all the time, and if I'm online, I REALLY HONESTLY DO want to talk to you, so hit me up!

In Pompeii class yesterday, I found out that the Roman ideal for masculinity? Involves small dicks. Small dicks were the heroic standard, which, of course, made me want a Roman AU in which BAND BOY X who is probably Gerard is terribly self-conscious because of his UNFASHIONABLY LARGE penis ;____;

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I looked so friggin cute today :3 I wore my new shirt from Etsy (&victorianbicycleromance;) and jewelry and put my hair back and damn. And then it was so cold that I didn't take off my coat in any of my classes /o\ (it was my peacoat though, with the fingerless gloves Emma made me, and the black+blue/purple funyarn scarf I just finished, so that was pretty cute too :P)

Officially claimed 3 prompts for [ profile] sosodirty *facepalm* My New Semester Without OH GOD WORK CRUNCH writing plan is such:
+Finish the Catholic kink threesome
+Wishlist fic
+[ profile] sosodirty Prompts (Pete/Gerard, harems; Pete/Patrick, being fed; Bob/Gerard + Brian/Gerard, being given to another dom)
+Finish (at long long last) the hetcest+Brian pregnancy fic

There are also a bunch of random brainthoughts I'd like to snipfic about, including but not limited to Wild West, Roman, space, and soooo much more

Now I gotta finish my rewrite, which is actually going along pretty well. I'm going to hand it in tomorrow, and then spend the weekend finishing my play (12 down, ~18 to go!) so I can get my other essay done Monday/Tuesday. Hopefully I'll be able to duck out of class early on Wed so I can get home for Thanksgiving <3

Happy Birthday [ profile] peridium!
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I'm sure you're all sick of hearing how I would hit Graverobber six feet underground, but. SERIOUSLY. The full soundtrack came out today and YES. If you're at all interested, Repo! soundtrack. Buy it, please...if there's good numbers for it, there might be a tiny chance of wide release *fingers crossed* :DDD

In other news: how much do I want a PWeezy and Uncle Jiggy failtastic rap duo fic? So so much. Actually. Now that I think about it, it should be a RAP FEUD. Uncle Jiggy thinks PWeezy is so MATERIALISTIC and SEXIST--he's always rapping about hot shoes and making out with people, and being a douche in general. That's not okay, it just perpetuates the stereotype that Uncle Jiggy is trying so hard to break! Meanwhile, PWeezy thinks Uncle Jiggy is a TOTAL PUSSY and isn't afraid to make that well known--seriously, an entire album rapping about how bitches n' ho's have just as much right to be self-actualized and socially valued for the inviduality as anyone? What the hell is that? And of course, PWeezy has more of the street cred Uncle Jiggy craves because of his connections to TrickS, the preeminent pudgy little redheaded rap mogul, which of course sounds ridiculous, but TrickS is totally a badass (there's rumors that a guy in his crew busted a cap in someone's ass over one of the beats TrickS was layin' down) and he's tight with all the big stars. No one really knows why he puts up with PWeezy, who's generally considered a poseur at best, but they've been known to both roll up in TrickS's pimped out Civic. And, idk, eventually PWeezy discovers that the reason Uncle Jiggy has such a Rap Vendetta for him is because PWeezy totally wrote a song about pulling a fuck-and-run on Uncle Jiggy's brother--but what Uncle Jiggy *doesn't* know is that it went down absolutely nothing like how PWeezy wrote it (*insert some rapified Bang the Doldrums lyrics here*) and Mikey is the one who blew *him* off and...idk. RAP SHIT.


Jul. 5th, 2008 11:30 am
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This is a happy post. I will say right now that yeah, I cried a little bit this morning. I'm sure you know what caused it, and I don't know why we keep talking about how shitty it makes me feel if you're just going to ignore my feelings. Not cool.

SO. INDEPENDENCE. I...kind of sat around with my laptop all day, as I do. But! I posted my mcr4u, which is a supremely creepy hospital-themed fic. It would have been posted here but...yeah, lockdown atm. I'm planning to reopen everything again in like, a week. But I'm so glad to have that done, I feel so ~free! I'm going to finish [ profile] burgaw's fic (WHO BOUGHT ME MORE TIME AT THE MERE MENTION OF IT, OMG THIS STORY HAS TO BE REALLY GOOD) and then do another project that I thought up yesterday and fell in absolute love with.

Daddy made burgers and we watched The Major and the Minor, an old Ginger Rogers flick which needs a band AU SO BADLY. I mean, c'mon: woman who ran off to NYC decides to go home, doesn't have enough for the fare, PRETENDS TO BE A TWELVE YEAR OLD GIRL TO BUY A HALF FARE. Ends up hiding from conductors in a military guy's cabin and HE TAKES HER IN AND THEY END UP TOGETHER AND WTF HE THOUGHT SHE WAS TWELVE THE ENTIRE MOVIE AND NOW HE'S LIKE "LOL, UR NOT? LESS GET MARRIAGED! \O/" Old movies, so weird.

Free IQ Tests - Free IQ Tests
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Last night during our family dance party, hats came out, as they tend to. And my sister got into my grandpa's old black work hat (porkpie-esque). My sister with the chin-length reddish hair. My brain was going, of course, omg Patrick Patrick how can I trick her into letting me take pictures and put them on the internet, but while I was trying to figure that out, she turns to me and goes "I look like Patrick Stump :\" I WILL BRING HER INTO THE FOLD YET! I really want my sister to know I write tentacleporn? Like, a lot?

I keep wanting to start working on something new just to revitalize my ~creative energies~ but. I HAVE TO FINISH THIS FIC. SO WHY AM I READING OLD PORN AND WATCHING I LOVE THE 80S 3D FOR LIKE, THE TWELFTH TIME? DDDDDD: I'm just annoyed, because life is going pretty well and I don't have anything to be grumpy about, but I'm just bored

I'm considering defacing one of Chris's icons to make myself a wacky Why So Serious? Geeface icon because YES. Omg, I want this, why is there no Gerard-as-Joker fics? Why is there only that one Batman fic that I can remember? MOTHERFUCKIN BATMAN PLZ. Although I'm more interested in villains, because I'm a slut for evil. I'm feeling Gee as Joker, Frank as the Riddler, Mikey as Scarecrow lol I know living it up at Arkham and collaborating on wicked plots...duuude, I want this AU. Somebody talk to me about this, I'm so bored


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