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First of my [ profile] sosodirty fics has been posted~

The Whole of Nature
Pete/Patrick, ~2k, Adult
Prompt: being fed

The whole of nature, as has been said, is a conjugation of the verb to eat, in the active and in the passive. ~William Ralph Inge

In other news, it's raining like all hell and I'm a grump about it :( I long to be curled up inside, peering out the window and snuggling in with a blanket...not going to class :\ But I've just got one more, and it's close, and it's only an, it's presentation day and I presented last time \o/

so...finish my muffin (nomnomnom), maybe do some BBB, maybe some...random serialmurder stuff >_> *innocent*
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just got back from a party, wooooo

i'm not drunk or anything, i can just still here the ringing of the fire alarm in my ears and it's too distracting for me to type in caps. and yes, fire alarm, if not for that, i would probably still be there now, dancing my heart out

the tale of my attendance at the alliance house's gender-bender party:

1. dude from the alliance mentions it in queer europe!
2. i tell ellen
3. ellen says she wants to go with me (she's always bitching about how we never go out or do anything and how she really wants to party more often [note: in my friend group party = not stay in and watch a movie])
4. today, ellen decides she doesn't really want to go
5. my shaming is unsuccessful
6. i coerce hilary into going with me
7. i take a shower and decide i don't want to go either
8. hilary comes upstairs to draw on a mustache
9. hilary's shaming is entirely successful
10. i dress up like a dude
11. hilary and i slip a lot on the ice walking over towards the library
12. we realize the alliance house is not at all near the library
13. i nearly fall into a giant puddle of mud slushy because of ice
14. i can't get up the other side either
15. i have to run on the ice to get up on the sidewalk
16. hilary looks at the map
17. we walk towards the parking lot
18. we hear the dulcet tones of madonna blasting
19. we show our ids and get hearts drawn on our hands
21. wtf is that beeping
22. is that part of the song?
23. i think it's the fire alarm
24. yeah, that's totally the fire alarm
25. let's skedaddle
26. we did

i will say this for beloit: our dudes are a lot more attractive a) wearing dresses and b) in the dark. i also saw a dude who reminded me of a really super ugly version of mikeyway, but he was wearing a tiny skirt and cami and doing total slutbox grinding up on this short girl, so it made me happy anyway.

i will try to sleep and regain my hearing for the morning


Feb. 5th, 2009 01:11 pm
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Fic Update!
[ profile] bandomficathon: 7443 (In progress)
[ profile] sosodirty: 1285 (In progress) | 7013 (DONE!) | 1983 (DONE!)

My afternoon class was canceled so I'm chilling...I totally busted it out last night and finished my domfic for ssd as well as writing...probably 3-4k of my ficathon fic. I'll work on that one some more this afternoon, and hopefully get that and my harem fic done so I can start focusing on BBB this weekend. I'll do beta posts once I get them done (the domfic has a beta already <3) and...idk, any first come, first serve? I pretty much just need people to read over it and go "You wrote it instead of in" and "I think you forgot to finish this sentence" because I tend to blast through shit when I'm writing. Last night was a really good night for writing...I tend to freak out a lot about what I'm doing, and be incapable of producing anything worth shit, but. When I just sit down and go for it, I feel really awesome. Like I can do it, and. I'm lame, okay? I feel like a ~*Real Writer*~ even though I'm writing self-indulgent semi-Victorian arranged marriage fic, and also dudes getting fucked with vibrators

Otherwise...yeah! I have Vitamin Water and midol, my newfiepanda and ONTD, which is all I need, and I'm deciding what sweet tunes I stole from youtube (Listen To Youtube, check it out) I want to listen to next.
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Anyone who hasn't checked out [ profile] bandomficathon definitely should. It's fic for charity, how awesome is that? I'm going to be writing a steampunk AU which is Frank/Gerard, but probably mostly EEHEE BOYS style gen :D

Thanks for the love last night <3 I had worked up a big emo post, but I don't like dumping that kind of stuff on you guys...I prefer to just go to bed and feel better in the morning. So I'll just say, I saw Benjamin Button, which was very sad, and talked with beffie, and ended up wallowing in emo things that I should have stayed faaar away from. I'm better now, in daylight.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! Amazing. I highly recommend it...the movie is very deliberately paced, and I really enjoyed it. I cried a lot, but on the drive home, beffie and I kept on saying "...that was so good." And it really is. So check it out!

I'm working on a cover letter/resume update right now...I'm applying to be an education intern at the Zoo this summer. Basically, I would work at the summer classes they run, and do the same teaching assistanty things I've done at my high school's summer program the last two years, except this lasts 3 months, not 3 weeks, and I'd be working full time :O Fingers crossed!
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The Girls' Backdoor Pornomeme (Bandom Girls Can Has Anal)"

IDEK, you guys, but I'm pimping it anyway to represent (YO YO YO) my peeps.

Soooo many kisses to anybody who loved on me, seriously I was all shmoopy all last night and still now (it kept me from getting anything done on the ANGST D: portion of the EpicFic but that's fiiine, I'd rather have your lurve) I really wasn't expecting to get that much of a response, and I've been kind of down about my friendfolk (if I'm keeping up enough, being witty enough, producing enough flail, not bringing everyone down) so it really made me feel so much better and I've commented on every Flister, I think so

It's my LAST MONDAY as a college freshman which is pretty ~bitchin, and all I have to do is do a coverpageish thing and make some photocopies and Death Paper will be done, and for my Shax, I've got two 5 pagers, but Thursday there aren't any classes (STUDY DAY), so I'll knock those out then, turn them in on Friday and be hoooooooooome Saturday afternoon \o/ Homestay will bring less interwebby time for me, but (hopefully) thrilling tales of being a Photocopy Not!Boy.

love me?

Apr. 27th, 2008 09:28 pm
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Happy Birthday PStump, may you remain adorable and squishy and awesome for many more years on this earth ♥

If you're as bored as I am right now, maybe you have time to show me some lurve. (I've never done an anonlove meme before, so...we'll see how this goes)

Got the Death Paper done, just have to do an annotation thing for it and I'll be all set on Wednesday. Can't believe that in less than a week, I'll be home <333 Been working a little on the "epicfic," because steady as she goes will keep me from writing 3000 words and getting bored (we hope).


Apr. 23rd, 2008 09:02 pm
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Feeling lonely and awkward and so so tired. Napped for about an hour, trying not to waste my time waiting, woke up sure that it'd be better, but there's nothing new, no reason to have my eyes open at all. Should be working, but I'm not in the mood to bullshit a deep ~reflection on my work this semester. I barely want to type. I'm just so tired, but I can't move myself to do anything.

Maybe if I could produce anything--fic, my finals stuff, something with meaning, it would be better. But I'm detached and dulled. I think I might just go and knit for a while, make something and let my mind fit into a rhthym...but I need to work on my finals. I'll give myself until 10 to knit, maybe, and then come back and work.

I just feel so useless sometimes.
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Feeling kinda blank again...hope it doesn't all go downhill again :\ It makes me sad when people on my Flist are sad...maybe I'll try to think of something cute to write (I remember dreaming up some wacky Waycest AU right before I went to sleep last night, but I don't remember it, blah.)

Sometimes I'm scared of how jealous I get about stupid, stupid little things no one else would even think to notice. It makes me wonder (more than usual, which is kind of a lot) if I'm really messed up and just function well enough that no one notices...not even me.

I'm going to get coffee with [ profile] pandorathene when she comes to chill in B-loit, so all you fools better be jealous. \o/

I should be writing an essay and I *want* to be writing fic, but. I don't know, I don't know how up to it I feel. I might just go absorb more incest. (THOUGH I WOULDN'T BE OPPOSED TO SOME PORNING IF A CERTAIN SOMEONE WOULD WANT TO HINTHINTHINT)
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My mummy brought me purple Peeps :D

I mentioned illustrations for my Kissingbooth!fic, so. Here they are. (Please to be remembering: I am not an artist, I doodled these while I should have been taking classnotes in my freetime. Also, I don't have a scanner or digital camera, these were taken with my webcam which is not super quality.)

It's Mikey! And Pete! )

Also, I got my new glasses, and I was wearing my stripey shirt (which I have always thought of as my Mikeyway shirt) and went "lol, I'm going to take a Mikeyway picture." Sooo I did.

Warning: Me! )
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I am feeling remarkably better after (a) actually getting out and DOING SOMETHING today (even if it was just classsss) and (b) Mummy e-mailing me to invite me to come home *this* weekend instead...which will actually be even better than the original plan since Mummy & Juju will actually be there (they were supposed to leave for FL last Friday) and she said she'll buy me Uno's! ♥ I'm smiling, which is lovely. I get into a funk so seldom that when I do, it's Deep Funk (and not the Atomic Dog kind of funk) (omg I make bad jokes, I must be feeling better)

In other news: after [ profile] mxfic flailed about kissing booths (KISSING BOOTHS) and Gerard working one (KISSING BOOTHS) it stuck in my mind and I have now agreed to write a Mikey the reluctant A/V Club kissing booth kid at the school carnival (the cheerleaders usually run it! but they decided to do a bikini'd car wash or something equally skanky instead! and a/v club always gets assigned whatever is left since they don't actually go to the carnival meetings! and it's usually like, fleabitten beanbag toss or whatever, only this year it was KISSING BOOTHLOLLL) meets Pete the semi-sleazy kissing booth customer (he graduated already! but he likes to come back and kiss underage kids for a buck because it gives him lulz! and also patrick is in a/v club, he's SUPPORTING THE CAUSE OKAY?) (patrick refused to work the kissing booth and no one argues with the rage of patrick) And...I sorta just told you the entire fic right there, but whatev. The actual one will have kissing (and maybe illustration o__O)

Besides that....still madly in love with Pushing Daisies, but out of episodes to watch, woe! Need a laughing/joy icon (preferably bandom) and should actually try to write something and not just wander the internet allllll day. I also have homework (more's the pity) but. Hmph.

ETA: Woo, EW is delivering for me! PStump last week and Panic this week! You are populating the inside of my shelf with beautiful boys, my dear magazine. Plz do a ginormous feature on MCR next week and I will forgive you your ridiculously off-kilter gradings.


Mar. 19th, 2008 07:55 pm
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Cut for Pretty. Odd. spoilers and totally useless squee )

Happy Birthday to the fantabulous [ profile] eyes__so_deep, love ya honey.

In other music news, I've been listening to the MSI sampler that was up on bandomrecs (I think?) and...I kind of really dig it. I should have known Geeface would have a wife both smokin' hot AND in a kickin' band (he's cool like that. Have I mentioned how their gorgeous, romantic and dweebfaced love makes me so gleeful? It does.) I'm kind of mystified though, because it will only let me put two of the song on my iPod. Why is this?

Signed up to write a King Lear AU for [ profile] shakespeareetc...I'd been thinking about it anyway, and I really liked the last challenge piece I wrote, maybe the deadline is good for me *shrug* So, if anybody is familiar with the play, I'm still working some casting issues out, and would love someone to chat with about it :D

AWESOME HOUSING NEWS. I was just ambushed by my gal Hil and it turns out that we not only got the Sub-Free housing we've (well, she and Matt, I've just been cheerleading) have been working for, it's pretty much in the spot we wanted, really awesome rooms and I probably get a ~singleomg.
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I kind of disappeared because I told myself I wouldn't write another entry until I actually finished one of my five things. And I did! So that's down at the end.

My Pushing Daisies obsession has blossomed (PUNZ) as evidenced by my new icon. NEDFACE <333 In other news, I will never ever be able to play Half Life 2 because...everyone uses "Garry's Mod." GARRYLOL XD And no one gets it *sadface* I really need some RL bandfriends to squee and lol with (you people who are considering Beloit: DO ITTTTT WE'RE ALL COOL N' STUFF). But life is pretty blah right now...I've got a test and two papers coming up (*GAG*) but nothing I can't handle, I think. My lit professor was giggling about how metal bands could take their names from Emily Dickensen poems, and I was all "Paul. No."

(ETA: Dude, how could I forget? This morning I read a F/G songfic. Oh no, wait for it. It gets better. It was a songfic written around that most moving and powerful tune, "Hot in Here" by Nelly. Yeah.)

I don't have anything interesting to say, so have the first of the five things!

Five People Gabe Didn't Sleep With for [ profile] velvet_tuberose
Thank god it was just the five )
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This was a nice afternoon. I didn't have anything to do homework-wise, so I watched the first episode of Pushing Daisies (OMG CUTE. I can't wait to watch more of it, it's really sweet), some Lost (TORTURETORTURETORTUREYAYYY), and do some coloring. Now the walls of the dorm are far prettier, thanks to me and my girls \o/

Otherwise. Um. Have been spectacularly useless on the writing front...I don't know. I just haven't felt like it? I feel weird writing with roomie around too. I dunno. I still really really want to get The Shame AU to the world, because I love it so desperately. At least if anyone accuses me of being a slacker, I can point to my epic commentfic(s) (Look! I totally wrote half of that! I'm not a loser!)

My short story is getting critiqued in class tomorrow, so expect either ~glee or WRATH tomorrow afternoon .____.

I. Really don't have much to say. I'm just. Contented, I guess. The nice weather is really perking me up.
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Last night = not last night chilling with my family was just a wee bit dampened by when I settled into bed with my laptop for some end-of-the-night porning chatting wouldn't turn on. Like, the lights would all come on? But the hard drive wouldn't engage. Yeahhhhh, there were tears. I know it sounds really lame, that I was seriously crying over my laptop but I really wouldn't be exaggerating when I say my laptop is my life. It's got all my writing, all my music, it's my entertainment, my schoolwork, my connections. Pretty much 2-12 every day (with like, two hours out for food and a tv show) I'm on here doing something. So not having it would kind of be my entire life crashing down around my ears. But this morning, popped out the battery and put it back in, and it seems to be fine (well, the display is still phucked, but whatev) so *fingers crossed*


In summary:
-B-side = ♥xafrillion, I'm a hundred million times more excited to see them, I didn't even think that was possible!
-V.v. proud of Travie and wishing him the best of luck
-Finished my CW story, will post later
-Back to work on fannishbzns \o/
-Back at school /o/ (half-/o\ and half-\o/)
-saw Penelope -- SUPER sweet and highly recommended, it really just warmed my heart
-so glad to back in the world with all y'all internetty folk <3
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Job-dealio yesterday went well (I was getting set up at a temp agency so I can be pimped out as an office worker over the summer), and mostly without lulz save for this: I had to watch two videos as you know, company policy type stuff, and one was about sexual harassment/discrimination. Which, yeah, really cheesy but still understandable. The second video? Was entitled "Lifting." And yes. It was a video. About lifting things. And keeping the natural curve of your spine and doing a "tilt test" to make sure an object isn't too heavy for you to lift (Me: I'm going to work in data entry/reception, no one every told me I had to lift crap.) If that wasn't silly/mind-numbing enough...the opening? Was footage of a man lifting a box spliced with footage of a ROCKET TAKING OFF. With COPIOUS REFERENCES to using your legs as BOOSTER ROCKETS (my legs are going to burn out and then fall into the sea after I lift something?) Yeah. It was hard not to lol.

I should never speak to [ profile] thelemic again, because everytime I try to have a normal conversation with her, the saucy minx tricks me into mentioning some half-formed idea I have and then coerces me into writing it with her shameless smileyfaces. Which means instead of working on my CW piece, my brain is focused on writing my Fireflyverse fic, when I already have SO MUCH in my writing queue. CURSE YOU. I kid, you are my favorite kinkninja always and forever.

But yes. I will try to finish my CW piece (I may post it here, if I'm happy with it when I'm it a bad sign that I have higher standards for the stuff I write for you folks than the stuff I write for a class that I actually get graded on and will be mercilessly judged by my peers?)

*shrug* So, keep an eye out for some shortfic later this afternoon, if I'm lucky and don't get distracted by Alfie & Elbelle again (ALL WILL BECOME CLEAR IN TIME, EXCEPT TO [ profile] thelemic BECAUSE SHE ALREADY KNOWS ALL ABOUT IT.) And back to school on Sunday X__X
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Thinking about dying my hair...I never have before, but what's a good time to experiment with color than college? I've been looking through the Manic Panic Dyehard line, since I don't want anything permanent...but I don't know what to do! I don't think I want to dye my whole head and I'm not a big fan of streaks--tips? Underlayer? Plus I don't know what color to use! Any suggestions? (I have wavy/curly hair to just above the shoulder, kind of honey blonde)

Also: how long do concerts usually last? Still trying to figure out a way to get to My Chem, and the bus schedules (and prices, yikes) are kicking my ass. Anybody going to the Chicago show happen to be willing to give transport/shelter to a well-behaved college student, preferably with rape/pillage/plunder not included?

I have a giant log of [ profile] thelemic and I spazzing about the cross-dressing!tourverse, and I'm deciding whether to just post that in all it's capslocked glory or try to clean it up into something a little neater.

Going to the campus rockfest, Vortex, tonight...should be exciting! I'm not familiar with any of the bands (The Dirtbombs, Jay Reatard, Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra, and Mucca Pazza) but getting out and about is nice anyway. And I do love to rawk \o/
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Have promised two fics for two special ladies...hopefully I'll get at least a good start on those this weekend. I'm trying to think of what to do for my CW short story...I also promised I would write a scary story for a friend, so I'm thinking of just doing one and using it for both \o/ That way I'll have plenty of time to fic, mwahahaha, though I do have two more papers due for Friday; planning to write one this weekend and the other during the week, ugh.

Um. I don't have a lot of important things to say, except everyone is getting My Chem tickets except MEEEEE T_____T My heart *aches* to go, seriously, but I honestly have no way to get there--the bus is ridiculously expensive, and there isn't one going home after the concert, and I'm not spending the night wandering around Chicago. SO MUCH WOE, AGH.

Finally figured out how to take stills with my webcam so \o/ for that. I've been spending a lot of time reading various secret comms and...damn, they make me so sad. Especially the bandom ones--everyone I've met in this fandom has been so sweet, and then I look at the secret posts and they're just filled with venom. Sigh. I guess I don't get it, because I've never been afraid to tell people what I think about something in a fandom...and it's not like I'm going to hate on people who think differently. Sure, I want to flail about everything we like, so why don't we just set aside things we don't agree on? (I mean, unless you're going to troll my journal and, like, assault me with "GERARD IS A FAT FAIL TOAD," I could care less.) So...that's my Deep Thought for bandom. WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG??? *weeps*

Also, this is how I spend my time in class, if anyone's wondering:
(Bonus hair & roomie's posters!)(And all that shading was a bitch)
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I finally had another bandom dream! (Which made marginally more sense than the last one, in which I was Ryan Ross and Pete was trying to convince me to freebase red Pixie Styx with him in a dorm room) (For the record, I was like " thanks, Pete, I should go find Brendon." MY SUBCONSCIOUS IS SHIPPY) But this one was....okay. So the basic premise was I was seeing a stage version of Enchanted and was just kind of admiring these really cool sets (they were platforms that rotated and had different parts of houses so it was interiors and exteriors, very complex and nice work) and then I finally realized that the part of Giselle was being played by none other than Gerard. He was wearing like, kind of an edited BP jacket that was all black and really form-fitted black pants (I distinctly remembered my dream self thinking that his ass looked really cute) and like, I was sitting in the balcony but he was like, somehow a foot in front of me? And then we hooked up. Mikey and Frank watched. Haha, yeah, it was a fun enough that I woke up to my alarm and then turned it off and went back to sleep without even thinking about it. Luckily, it only takes me 10 minutes to get ready for class, because I overslept like a mother.

In other news...I really don't want to even think about the papers I need for midterms next week X_X I want to think about fic! And crack! And stuff! Although I now have a bag of Hershey kisses squirreled away in my desk drawer, so that's nice. And PROJECT RUNWAY TONIGHT!! I missed last weeks so I'm double-dipping \o/

And Commons tonight! Had meat! Real actual bloody fresh-off-the-grill meat! I know a bunch of you folks are not on Team Meat (PALINDROMES FTW) but I am pretty much a carnivore and it was AWESOME.

Still no way to get to MCR in Chicago. The tears they run HOT AND BITTER down my face :( I know I'm still going to Panic (!!!) but...not the same. And it's the end of TBP, and I heart it SO MUCH (seriously, I would never have gotten into MCR if not for TBP, it's one of my favorite albums ever). I just...WANT. Oh well...if it'll happen, it'll happen. PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN.

Before you go:
Cut for your Flist. SEXY PICTURE. )
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My floor is doing a mix CD exchange, and I'm listening to the one my beffie Hil's pretty righteous. Of course, I feel horrible pressured to make an awesome mix, so OF COURSE I just keep going "Cobra song! Cobra song! MCR! MOAR COBRA!!!" And...yeah. I have to kind of rein in the bandomy urges and make something sensible.

Otherwise...I'm cautiously thinking that I might be able to get to the Chicago MCR show...even though it's on a Thursday, and I don't get out of class until 3 and it takes 2 hrs to get there and...still don't have a ride, as such. WE SHALL SEE. Also haven't told the 'rentals about my Panic ticket (!!!!!) so we'll see how that goes over.

College is still in a liberalgasm...Obama and Chelsea Clinton were both here talking yesterday. I barricaded myself in my room with Les Mis and chocolate because no. No thanks.
Speaking of college (kinda), I keep adding more RL friends and being very "Oh shit, where can I hide the porn??" except, well...there isn't anywhere to hide it. So...sorry RL people (*WAVE*), ignore it as best you can.

Saw the moon today, and though my first thought was (of course) Werewolf AU, it was quickly replaced with GERARD IS A MOON PRINCESS AU. Yeah. I don't know what that means. BUT I KNOW I WANT IT! Frank & Gee work together! Gee always takes the full moon off, and Frank doesn't notice until he suddenly does and is like "OMGWEREWOLF" but Gerard's like "Uh, no, actually...I'm a moon princess." And Frank's all "Whut?" "Yeah, it's not a big deal. I just have to, you know, commune with the full moon." "What does that mean?" "...I take all my clothes off and stand in the moonlight?" And Frank goes "*blinkblink* Can I watch?" Ahaha, yeah, I don't know. ♥
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My feet hurt so so so bad from dancing tonight. Why did I think I could dance in heeled boots? Why? I am so dumb. Plus, I now have a headache and feel a little queasy from eating a chocolate-covered strawberry directly before a spirited polka. Hmph. Also feeling kind of irked with people as a whole (high-strung, needy, generally uninteresting) and I really want to work on my AU, but my brain hurts. I might just go to bed :(

Also, I have become totally and completely obsessed with all the stuff at [ profile] two_way_street because, dear god it's kinked out like whoa, but it's so awesome. Anthro! Trans! TENTACLESWHAT!

About halfway through Doom Paper--having some trouble finding a balance, since I wrote like 3 pages about Shylock and then a paragraph on Falstaff >.< I think I will go to bed, actually, since I was up until 4:30 this morning chitchatting with awesome people *wavewave* about bandish things (Lamesauce says you? AWESOMESAUCE SAYS I)


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