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I'm considering doing Sweet Charity...I've always felt a little toolish asking for people to pay for me to write them fic when lol yarite like anyone would do that, but. It's for a good cause, and if no one bids on me then whatever, I have less to do :)

Yet another day goes by that I forget about meta D: IT WILL BE TOMORROW. PROMISE. I didn't actually forget so much as not have time...I tried out for the student directed one acts last night and (against all odds) I actually got called back for two of them, so I did that tonight and then went to watch LOST )

PS, you guys remember the VERY FIRST bandom fic I posted, about the arts schools? well [ profile] aceles, who's doing the Staring Through the Demons podfic, did a podfic of it :D You can DL it here on her journal. It makes me really dorkishly happy to listen to ;___*
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Went to a 90s themed party last wasn't as loud or as fun as genderbender...the music was pretty good (except all the rap, I don't listen to rap now and didn't in the 90s so I felt all left out ;__;) but there were some NASTY couples in there just. Full on dry-humping, legs around the waist, pulling pants down and. URGH NO THNX!!

LOST was so good! And I just watched last night's Dollhouse and UNF SOOOOO GOOD :D (and it had PATTON! ilupatton i am listenin to you right now)

in other news, the meta post was soooo much fun! So fun! I think my next metapalooza is going to be about personal canon, so get your thinky thoughts percolating on that :)

I've been full of AUs lately :\ I want to write about Giselle Way the wannabe opera singer being the ~kept woman/mistress~ of Mr. Robert Bryar, and he doesn't really feel comfortable with it, but in order to be respected in Society, he's got to have a pretty lady at his side before he settles down, to blow on his cards and for him to keep in a nice little apartment. But he doesn't like it :( and he goes around to the apartment he pays for and Gee offers him sex everytime, but they end up playing cards and chess and reading books sitting next to each other on the couch. ...but I can't write that because I need to write my BBB :(
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Still having a slight BBB attack of indecision :\ Should I switch to the pregnancy fic? Should I switch to the slavefic? Should I keep powering through steampunk even though it doesn't want to be written and a zillion other people have popped out of the woodwork with steampunk fics? IDK ;___;

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It's been an interesting few days (not really, but to me it is). Been really irritated with some people, had a lot of fun with some people (Fact: You can fill a Beyond 7 studded condom with water until it fills the entire sink, and it won't explode water everywhere until you try to tie it off and pick it up, discovering it suctioned to the drain). Watched LOSTTTT, which. Is probably more interesting than anything that's happened in my life, so.

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Feb. 4th, 2009 09:11 pm
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Thank you all for all of your love and support ♥ I feel a lot better, even though I had a really really really epically shitty follow-up to my night of woe and cried a hell of a lot least it was for a reason. Which I'm getting over.


Spoilers and flail this way! )

okay, time to burn through some porn
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I AM SO TIRED, IDEK. I haven't done out of the ordinary today, except watch Lost. Apparently Lost drains my energy?

Random spoilery ramblings )

So who would be interested in betaing a Pete/Gerard PWP with the prompt "harems" that isn't...exactly...written yet? I just want to know who's up for it so I can send it off when I finally dash it off (probably after I finish up most of the [ profile] bandomficathon fic, which is at 2954 atm)

So yeah. TIRED. I think I'm going to sleep. NIGHT.
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