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Today is SPRING DAY, which means no class and a bunch of awesome free activities going on. I'm pretty much heading up face-painting for SPIEL, and then I'll be going to watch ClaireBear get her hair cut :O! and then probably dicking around for a while, hopefully tie-dying, and then working on my Bio paper.

Happy Birthday to the fabulous [ profile] crystic! If you want a ficlet or something bb, let me know, I'll hopefully get to it in like...three weeks when school is out and I've either pulled 14k of a BBB out of my ass or failed and have written a zillion final papers ;___;

SPEAKING OF WRITING *picks up cane* another fantabulous person, [ profile] aceles, has started a fabulous new prompt comm which I am a co-mod of! It's [ profile] bandomtropes, and the prompts will be drawn from the ever time-sucky TV Tropes (srsly, go there and click around for a while, you'll nevarrrr get away). There will be a trope posted every week, and both writers AND artists are welcome to give their interpretation! Any and all flavors of bandom are welcome, and it's not a competition or whatever. Just for fun, playing around, and you can participate every week or just once in a while. If this sounds cool, it would be great if you could pimp it out and come play with us :)

on that note...FUCK YEAH NO CLASS \o/

and since I confused people last time (cuz I'm D-U-M, DUM), drusillathemad
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the icon love you meme!

Hooray for memes! And hooray for drag queens! (I watched all of RuPaul's Drag Race yesterday ♥__♥, if any of you haven't seen it...WHY?! it's amazingggggg. Nina Flowers is my favorite (and pretty fine in boymode too) and I adore Shannel's ridiculously snippy bitchtitude. DRAG QUEENS!) And hooray for Sweet Charity! Don't forget to go get your bid on, it's for RAINN this year. (Mini-Pimp-Reminder: I'm selling fic under takeapenny, 5k+ of whatever your little heart desires) I have to decide what I want *__* (and what I have any chance of being able to win, lolstudent)

PS: I have been refreshing and flailing over our boys but...

It's also $mad chedda$ and my pockets don't run that deep- I got a baby on the way.

GERARD WAY. WHAT. I. &himmmmmmm;
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Changed my layout, check it!

Saw Coraline in 3D today, and it was was really subtly done, and there were only like, two or three WHOA THREE DIMENSIONS moments in the movie, it really was about immersion in the world--it was the first 3D movie I've seen and I was totally into it.

Just watched Hush and Smile Time with some downstairsers, and I'm going to see Were the World Mine again tomorrow with two new friends. Seems like I define my life by what I've been watching a lot lately. Idk, I've felt...kind of off? Just not really interested in being around a lot of people, but also really lonely. It's sort of that disconnect, where I sit here at my computer and realize that I could go to the next room, but I want to talk to people here. But there's no one to talk to. Maybe I'm just having weird brain times's one of those things? The thing that I've always always wanted more than anything else is for people to like me. And if they do like me, I want them to like me best. And I feel pretty unloveable.
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Remember when I posted that awesome trailer for Were the World Mine, the awesomely gay Shakespeare movie of musical gayness? So, I was going to try to see it in Chicago, but it turns out it's ON THE BILL for our very own Beloit International Festival, and I got to see it tonight like, five minutes (by car) away from campus :DDDDD

It was AWESOME. The beginning was a little bit shaky, but it definitely picked up. The characters were fun, it was great to hear Shakespeare set to music and everyone had a gorgeous voice ;___* I had a great time, and I lovedddd it, and if any of you get an opportunity to go check it out, I definitely recommend it 1000000x SO GOOD. SO GAY. TOTALLY FAB.
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How insane would it be for me to attempt a second BBB in which Gerard is the heir to a noble family, and has social struggle shenanigans with his sex slave, Frank, who is rebellious and bratty, and with Bob, who is a field slave that Gerard decided to claim for his own? Dynamics! Politics! Intrigue! SEX SLAVES!!! (Keeping in mind that I only have ~3k of my steampunk BBB done :\) It would be insane, right? Totally mad and impossible?

Back in B-town, eating a baked tater (Samwise would be so proud of me!) and considering working on my bio 9___9 I saw Coraline on Thursday and my thoughts on it are thus: SEE IT The film is perfectly gorgeous, the soundtrack is amazing, and it's just the sweetest thing while still being entirely creepy. I had moments of "awwwww" and moments of "AGHHHH" and I was a little worried about the addition of a new character but he's darling. Definitely definitely definitely see it, if just for the OMG factor of the fact that EVERYTHING IS MADE BY HAND. EVERY SINGLE TINY THING. The theater in town doesn't have 3D, so I had to see the 2D version :( but everything I've heard says the 3D is really well done...there were only like, two or three moments when I went "Oh, this is supposed to be 3D" so it must be really subtle.

PS, something with my webmail add-on is fuxx0red, it won't notify me of new mail in my hotmail account, any suggestions?
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Anyone who hasn't checked out [ profile] bandomficathon definitely should. It's fic for charity, how awesome is that? I'm going to be writing a steampunk AU which is Frank/Gerard, but probably mostly EEHEE BOYS style gen :D

Thanks for the love last night <3 I had worked up a big emo post, but I don't like dumping that kind of stuff on you guys...I prefer to just go to bed and feel better in the morning. So I'll just say, I saw Benjamin Button, which was very sad, and talked with beffie, and ended up wallowing in emo things that I should have stayed faaar away from. I'm better now, in daylight.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! Amazing. I highly recommend it...the movie is very deliberately paced, and I really enjoyed it. I cried a lot, but on the drive home, beffie and I kept on saying "...that was so good." And it really is. So check it out!

I'm working on a cover letter/resume update right now...I'm applying to be an education intern at the Zoo this summer. Basically, I would work at the summer classes they run, and do the same teaching assistanty things I've done at my high school's summer program the last two years, except this lasts 3 months, not 3 weeks, and I'd be working full time :O Fingers crossed!


Jan. 5th, 2009 02:05 pm
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I am going to see Benjamin Button tonight with my beffie! We were supposed to go this morning, but lil sis has the flu :( so I stayed home with her while the parentals are at work. Happily though, we both had time to reschedule for tonight! Whee!

AND I don't know how many of you guys know about Coraline, but I'm going to tell you about it. It's a phenomenally interesting and creepy kids book by my very own favorite, Neil Gaiman. It's one of those books that is truly scary at times, and just because kids will like it doesn't meant it's just for kids. You should all read it! But! The more pressing part is that it's being made into a movie by the guy who did Nightmare Before Christmas (no, not Tim Burton, the director) and it looks REALLY COOL. I really recommend surfing through the Coraline youtube account, which has tons of really neat little featurettes (some of them are kinda spoilery, but not really anything you couldn't guess). But what is it about, you say?

Also, at the website, you can do this:

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Check it, join it, rock it, pimp it :D (Note: This was conceived for people writing ORIGINAL Nanowrimos to get support in a more centralized area from bandbuddies, but Nano-style bandfic is also welcome)

Also: I want fic about Gerard Way: Champion of Groupies. Because he's so against all that shit, and he totally realizes that while cutting them out of the band's life completely is good and all, it's not really helping people on a REAL PERSONAL LEVEL. And what is Gerard up for besides helping people? So he totally starts trolling for groupies at shows, and picks up the most pathetically desperate girl he can find and takes her back to the bus about her self-esteem and give her a heartfelt speech about inner beauty and feminine pride, and sometimes he SQUEEZES THEIR KNEES supportively and all the groupies are like "...bzuh?" And most of them don't really get it, and just kind of wander off stunned. And during the day he's all DDDD: I have to help these giiiirls but they keep trying to put their hands down my pants whyyy Mikey and Mikey's like I don't really want to hear about girls putting their hands down your pants, Gee, srsly.

Gee is unflappable and just moves on whyyyy Frank whyyy and Frank doesn't really know what to say, because he's pretty sure Gerard never actually realized that he was totally a groupie for MCR in the old days. There was actually a while when he thought that Gerard was straight or else deliberately cruel, because Frank was totally throwing himself at him in the sluttiest way he could manage short of literally sticking his hand down Gerard's pants (which he did do a couple times, but Gerard just kind of giggled and stumbled away), and by the time he realized that Gerard was really that oblivious (and, at the time, that wasted) that he really didn't get that Frank was a total singerwhore and coming onto him in a way that would have made Pete Wentz roll his eyes.

So he doesn't really know what to say about Gerard and his mission to get every groupie a top that both fits and flatters and a copy of A Vindication of the Rights of Women and.............he distracts him with sex? IDK. TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS.
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Work is worky. I called a Mr. Manlove today, which brought much glee. I mostly try to pretend I'm not really there and doodle Revenge-era Frank and pregnant fem!Ways in my notebook.

Watched Pride & Prejudice with Mum and Juj today, sweet as always (the Keira Knightley version) and tomorrow will be Karaoke (Revolution) Day!

I feel really boring, and I'm sorry the commentfics are taking me so long to crank out /o\ I wish I had some fun stuff to show you, but the one story I'm really working on I don't want to ~spoil before it's debut.

In other news: Bandom Dressing Room! I know I linked it before but seriously guys, if you roleplay it's a great way to blow off some steam and mess around without any commitments and if you don't, it's an awesome way to get started and try things out without expectations. Plus, I need your loooove~
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If you haven't watched the glory that is Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog DO IT NOW. This is the last day it will be up for free (though I totally bought it \o/)

Saw TDK again this afternoon, still face-meltingly awesome :D

Also: I don't know how many of you RP but...I set up a little something. For anyone not familiar with dressing rooms, it's a super super super informal form of roleplay. There's no application, anyone can play any character, AU versions, crack, and whatever is welcome. It's kind of like a playground :P I'm offering it up for perusal/play here before I pimp it for real, so. Go try it out, make me smile~
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That's the past month on my journal, so all you new people know what you're getting into!

HAI! Here's a big long lifestory meme, and here's a copypasta of what it says in my profile (although you should totally look at my profile because Chris made me a HOTASS banner):

I'm Jen, a Wisconsinite college student rocking a subfree lifestyle. My current heart, soul and joy is bandslash. I also love: fantasy, vampires, Lost, musicals, knitting, House, Neil Gaiman, Bones, Dexter, Jossverse, Harry Potter, Frank Sinatra, Monty Python, explosions, British television, flailing, CAPSLOCK, and...other assorted things I'm not thinking of right now. I'm disgustingly schmoopily in love with my awesomesauce boyfriend, [ profile] thelemic, and half the things I talk about are crackverses/porn we come up with. I post a lot of kinky ramblings (enthused about things include tentacles, BDSM, incest, etc), so...if that kind of thing fills you with fear, I suggest looking away? But I also flail about them normally, and about other boys in bands. Post a lot about what I'm writing (I HAS MASTERLIST!), things at school, and complaining about whatever random thing happens.

So yes. Bandomwise, my super duper favorite is Gerard, always and forever, and my second favorite is a tie between Frank and Mikey, no surprise, since I ship them in all permutations and forms (no really, when they're vampires, have tentacles, are psychic or one of them is a magically animated ventriloquist dummy. And those are just a few examples). Third favorite is Patrick Motherfuckin Stump and fourth is Gabanti. I'm mostly into the MCR side of things right now, though I'll venture out for some Pete/Patrick or Gabe being awesome. I used to be fairly into Panic (Brendon was my #2 boy) but I'm kind of tired of them right now. I'll still show up and squee but I don't seek them out or read much fic.

Just as a warning, I sort of fail at commenting sometimes, because I get weird and awkward, but I don't use filters and I read everything (everything, all cuts and TL;dr) so. There's that :)



May. 16th, 2008 11:11 am
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Yeah, still hanging around the home comp, watching trashy daytime tv (Oh Maury, how I love thee) and waiting for a call from Geek Squad or the temp agency. Trying to write some pr0nz, not doing super well? But I'll succeed eventually! \o/

Re: Lost and Supernatural: OMFG. OMFGGGGGGG. O_O
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I am posting from that most dreaded and terrifying of beasts: The Home Computer. Why would I speak to you from this ancient, sluggish neanderthal when I could just dash off a happy hello from my shiny and well-loved laptop, Iago? Well. That would be because dear Iago is not with us at the moment. He's been checked into intensive care and, sadly, I don't know when I'll see my sweet one again.

Translation: Dad and I finally went to Best Buy to talk to Geek Squad about Iago's fun little quirk (for those of you not around, when I got back to school after Christmas Break, Iago randomly started using only about 3/4 of his 17" display, leaving a wide black bar across the top and left side of the monitor) and...he's still there. I had NO INTENTION of leaving him, especially not without backing up any (ANY) of my files, but Dad and I had to get home to meet Juj's bus, which left us checking Iago in to stay with the friendly Geek Squad people. (Yes, I cried. Yes, I realize I'm lamesauce incarnate.) Which means I won't be around as much as I'd like to be, since now I have to share this old demon with the rest of the family...I'm hoping that the parentals will let me get on long enough to still be able to talk to people? But I really don't know. (Chrissyway, we may be forced to actually speak to each other after all)

On the (minute) plus side, I would also like to introduce a new member to my little technological family, who came home with me when Iago had to stay away. Macbeth is my black 80gig iPod Classic, and I already love him very much...I'll love him more once I sell Edmund (my Nano) to Juj and thus have somewhat less of a dent in my wallet. (Yes, I name all my electronics after Shakespearean villains, why do you ask?)

Another note: my RL beffie and I have despaired of finding a comm to discuss our original fictiony affairs...thus, I'm rebooting an old comm of mine, [ profile] makingshitup101, and would like to invite ~all of you to join us. We're hoping to create a fairly closeknit community to discuss and brainstorm original ideas...something of a [ profile] wolfshirts for well as do some concrit and writing excersises. *waves pimpcane* Go on!


May. 14th, 2008 11:40 am
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[ profile] periodbandom

The Historical AU Challenge--anything 80s and earlier is fair game!

Do it if you don't wanna get pimp!slapped, yo.

*brandishes pimpcane*
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The Girls' Backdoor Pornomeme (Bandom Girls Can Has Anal)"

IDEK, you guys, but I'm pimping it anyway to represent (YO YO YO) my peeps.

Soooo many kisses to anybody who loved on me, seriously I was all shmoopy all last night and still now (it kept me from getting anything done on the ANGST D: portion of the EpicFic but that's fiiine, I'd rather have your lurve) I really wasn't expecting to get that much of a response, and I've been kind of down about my friendfolk (if I'm keeping up enough, being witty enough, producing enough flail, not bringing everyone down) so it really made me feel so much better and I've commented on every Flister, I think so

It's my LAST MONDAY as a college freshman which is pretty ~bitchin, and all I have to do is do a coverpageish thing and make some photocopies and Death Paper will be done, and for my Shax, I've got two 5 pagers, but Thursday there aren't any classes (STUDY DAY), so I'll knock those out then, turn them in on Friday and be hoooooooooome Saturday afternoon \o/ Homestay will bring less interwebby time for me, but (hopefully) thrilling tales of being a Photocopy Not!Boy.


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