Mar. 17th, 2009 09:55 pm
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No, my stupid face does not get a cut, because my stupid face is on top of a SQUID SHIRT :DDD It is officially my favoritest thing ever, and super comfy and stylish...I just kept looking down at myself and going :3


Nov. 23rd, 2008 07:13 pm
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Okay, so I might be commenting more often now because I just TOTALLY REVAMPED my icons (especially bandom, they are almost ALL NEW) and...omggggg gleeeeeeee *rolls around in them* They make me so happy, holy shit, and every time I went to a new page, I was like YES MORE ICONS. Shitfuckdamn man, I don't know what I'd do without themmmmm

17/30 pages on the play, and it's actually going pretty well. If I hadn't been rubbing icons all over my body (um. figuratively.) I would have a lot more done, but I wouldn't be so happyyyyyy

I have to post now because I keep changing the icon for this post and IM GONNA PICK A NEW DEFAULT and I might even get a new LAYOUT and maybe a HEADER EEHEEEEEEEE


Aug. 6th, 2008 12:15 am
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im looking for a gerard/mikey fic where they are brothers and gerard became a preist to avoid the temptation of mikey. then mikey goes to his confessional and dirty talks him until gerard takes him to his room, even tho he keeps feeling really fucking guilty.
i dont know if this helps, but a big part of the sex was that mikey was into pain and gerard got into it too so mikey choked him a bit? and then after the sex gerard got all *flail* and freaked out and left.
if anyone can help me thatd be awesome =]


ETA: This is the fic of mine/Chris's in question by the way. OMG *FLAIL*
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So, I was going to clean this up a bit and then post it but...IT IS AWESOME HOW IT IS.

The Crossdressing!Tourverse OR MCR wears girls clothes! Eehee!
Original concept by Me and [livejournal.com profile] unphoenix
Spazzing by Me and [livejournal.com profile] thelemic
Those with sensitive eyes may want to avoid all this CAPSLOCKING )
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Still in a funk about Heath, still doesn't really seem real.

But I figured that I should stop just blathering about how happy I am to be in bandom and actually prove that I am so...since anything I could picspam has already been spammed to DEATH (although I'm thinking about doing a favorites post just, y'know, for future reference ^_^) I figured I could ease in by posting the commentfic I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] glorify's Anonymous Porn Meme (it was stated that you could repost/claim your fic if you wanted so...yeah.)

This was written in the commentbox in between checking facebook and looking at random shit, so...not exactly a masterwork, but I'm fond of it, it's my first meme response so <3

Prompt: Bloodplay sans vampirism (It's really really mild, srsly. And shut up, Gail, go drink some more haterade)
Pairing: Frank/Gerard, MCR
Avast! Here be bandslash! )

So at least there's that.
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Today is a day with two kinds of yay! (That sounds vaguely Seussish)

Yay 1: iPodyay!!  I finally moved on from my Shuffle (I still love you, Horatio!) and bought a 4 gig Nano.  My Edmund is now my favoritest belonging. <333

Yay 2: Moodthemeyay!!  Buckled down and got me a moodtheme.  Merry + Pippin = teh awesomeness!

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I love Edmund the bastard of Gloucester. I love him so very much. He's so deliciously evil, and you know, he gets more ass than any man ought to. But I can certainly see why. He's so smoothly devious, it's horribly enticing. Watch him plot! Watch him cut! Watch him grope! Watch him swordfight! Just WATCH HIM.

I now lay all claims. Edmund is my Shakespearean BadBoy and no one elses. More specifically, Edmund as portrayed by the fabulously fabulous Reese Madigan is my man.

And I like it when he wears his sexy black chainmail. Ooh, and also the manskanky silky pajamas. (Although Cornwall had far manskankier pjs. Lotsa chest going on there.) I don't see why King Lear gets to take his shirt off, and Edgar gets to wonder around in a loincloth, and all I get is a low-cut pajama top on my Edmund. Sigh.

I wanna see it again.
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Happy October! May it be better (in both local and worldwide terms) than the September of Suck we've just had.

So there was Homecoming. It was a time of joy and many corn-dances of fertility. Yeah, my mind is working weird right now. I'm distracted by lightening and windslikewhoa. But I really had a blast at Homecoming, which was good, since it was the grande finale of Homecomings. There was much grooving, no ill-advised attention-starved minor hook-ups, and (at least that I know of) no major drama for anyone in my circle. Huzzah.

In other news: WHY JUJUBEAN, WHY?!?! She has taken to referring to Jake Gyllenhal, one of my two favorite Brokebackers, as Ol' Putty Nose. Not only that, but she also denounces the hotness of Heath Ledger! "I even prefer Putty Nose to him." Jujubean, I have taught you well the way of mockery. Why must you use your gifts for the side of evil? Do not mock the hotness who do not deserve it! For shame!!

In other news, this seems like it might possibly take the title from my sexy pushpin lamp to become The Coolest Thing For Geeky People EVER.  PBWiki.  You. Make. Your. Own. Wiki.  Is that not the awesome?  I can't wait to futz with it.  It seems pretty sweet, and I've heard good things about it from the fabooluz [personal profile] cleolinda, who I get all my good stuff from.  Oh, I would also like to link Girls Are Pretty so I don't forget about it, because it IS the awesome.  It also updates Every Day, which is mind-blowing to me, the lazy Queen of Nonpostingville. ("Someday you will meet your prince and he will cheat on his husband with you." from Happy Gay Sex With Straight Truckers Day!)


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