Aug. 7th, 2008 11:09 pm
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Take that people who screamed FUCK YOU before I got to say anything, who almost made me cry with condescending rants about I obviously "just didn't care" since I, as a single call-center TEMP in Wisconsin, can't change ACS mailing policies, and berated me for CALLING DURING DINNER at times ranging from 5:30 to 8:30...I'm through with you, and you can all SUCK IT.

WHEE. That means I have two weeks of "summer vacation" again before school! For writing! Or...being aimless on the internet /o\ BUT MAYBE WRITING DURING THAT ;___; I'm actually itching to produce something lately, so hopefully I will get some good stuff hammered out and up to share with all you beautiful people.

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(I promise I don't always looks this weird >_> )


Aug. 5th, 2008 03:55 pm
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3 more nights of work \o/ And then I will never ever call strangers houses asking for money again *dance*

So distracted, apathetic, I want to be back where an empty inbox doesn't mean no one loves you and your day was a waste.

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This was one of my favorite animations ever as a little girl, I used to cry every time.
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SIX DAYS LEFT OF WORK \o/ And then two weeks until back to B'loit, ~thrillivating.

My birthday is tomorrow eeeehee, I am full of snot, I have nothing interesting to say. Have a meme!

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Work is worky. I called a Mr. Manlove today, which brought much glee. I mostly try to pretend I'm not really there and doodle Revenge-era Frank and pregnant fem!Ways in my notebook.

Watched Pride & Prejudice with Mum and Juj today, sweet as always (the Keira Knightley version) and tomorrow will be Karaoke (Revolution) Day!

I feel really boring, and I'm sorry the commentfics are taking me so long to crank out /o\ I wish I had some fun stuff to show you, but the one story I'm really working on I don't want to ~spoil before it's debut.

In other news: Bandom Dressing Room! I know I linked it before but seriously guys, if you roleplay it's a great way to blow off some steam and mess around without any commitments and if you don't, it's an awesome way to get started and try things out without expectations. Plus, I need your loooove~


Jul. 9th, 2008 09:55 pm
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Work the First: FRUSTRATING
Work the Second: Dull
Self: Clean
Brain: Spazzy/Fried
Morale: Medium-low

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who knows

Jul. 2nd, 2008 02:08 pm
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I've been in...I don't know what I'd call it. It's not precisely a bad mood but...a Not Good mood for a while and I don't know what to do with it :\ My mcr4u is...outlined, I guess you'd say? I have each of the major scenes started/50% done, and now I just have to go and fill in some. Maybe moving onto a different writing project will help invigorate me, I just feel so slumpy. Part of it is my work schedule,'s just so hard to really *do* anything, because my jobs aren't close enough together in time that I can stay in the same "Work Work Work" mood the whole time but they aren't separated from each other enough that I can actually accomplish something between them. Plus, they're so so different, it's just a whole different feel. I actually really like TAing, but ACS drains me so bad. I know I'm no fun to be with afterwards--I'm either completely fried and spazzed out or in a foul mood. At least, I'm hoping that that's my issue, and that the lyrics are wrong.

A friend just posted pics from the year on Facebook and it's neat to look back and go "Oh, ballroom dancing! Oh, Roman Day! Oh, wandering around with people!" ...I miss school. I love being at home, and I of course love not having class, but I really miss having people just, always around. I get so lonely sometimes.


Jun. 30th, 2008 03:30 pm
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I'm not bringing a magazine to work, because I'm going to GET WRITING DONE (...I'm probably mostly going to doodle. /o\ But writing will happen too!) It's so boring there :| My brain doesn't like to handle it. Starting plays tomorrow in drama, so that should be thrilling. I'm co-directing The Magic Ring and two groups of The Trial of Mother Goose.

I really wanted to have a snip of something I've been working on, but I've just been so stalled with challengefic that I haven't let myself work on anything else :\ However, if someone would like to flail about an AU or an idea or whatever...let me knooow, I'd love to come home after a long evening of calling to nommy nommy flail. :3

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As promised: AN ACTUAL ENTRY \\o//

This week has been sort of...strange? Nutsy? IDK. Certainly busier than I have been in the past ew /o\ I actually really like working as a TA -- I did knitting class last year, and this year I'm in drama (which is where I ~belong, yo) which has the potential to be really fun. Some of the kids are just adorably precious, and some are already obviously talented, though there are some that are obnoxious. We played various drama games all this week, and next week we're splitting up with our own groups to start working on our plays. I'm not sure if Brigs is going to give me my own play or have me buddy up with one of the other TAs (since this is my first year teaching drama) but either way, it'll be shiny and fun!

Telemarketing is. Well. It's telemarketing. The time usually goes fast, and I'm getting paid to sit in an air-conditioned room so I know I don't really have room to complain. It's kind of brain-frying though. People who are on at night have often fielded my spazzy wack-attacks so. Thanks for that guys, hopefully next week I'll be adjusted to it and manage to remain vaguely sane.

I was planning to go to Summerfest tomorrow, but my friend is going to see Blondie with her dad and it doesn't start until 10 and my dad wants me home by midnight /o\ We might go next week, have to see though.

This morning I just realized that, in all my flail about getting my mcr4u done (THANK YOU EXTENSIONS!) I totally forgot that I'd be getting one! \o/ Omg, so exciting! I wonder which prompt they picked...because if one of them didn't get picked up I'm so totally writing it myself. Actually, I'll probably write both of the ones that didn't get picked *facepalm* Add that to the list, yo! Once my mcr4u is done, I'm actually going to make a list and start working all like, methodical or whatev. I might cheat and put the Batman villains AU near the top >_>


Jun. 16th, 2008 10:22 pm
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People who yell at me: guess what? *I*, the one calling center person, am not, in fact, The American Cancer Society in human form. I did not decide to call you. I did not decide to have a fundraising drive. I did not decide that during dinnertime would be a good time for a call. IT'S JUST A JOB, OKAY? ...really, I get upset about my job while I'm at it, afterwards not so much. Pretending to be cheerful for four hours apparently actually forces you into a decent mood. WHO KNEW?

My Chrissyway is leaving tomorrow, so while I'll be destitute and broken, I'll hopefully drag myself out of my shell of woe and get some writing done :P I have so much to do, and I think if I just sit down and force myself to hammer some shit out, I'll get a roll going. At least, I'm hoping that. *worries*

Next week I pick up my second job, TA for the school district's summer camp program. I'm going to be TA-ing the drama class, so hopefully I won't have to deal with too many preteen divas, but hey, it's another fifteen hours a week to work, it'll be like having an actual real job combined with my ACS hours (though I get paid less at school, boo). So I had to go to the doctor's today to have a TB test. INJECTION OMG ;____; Stupid needles, I haet u

Fandomwise, I've kind of been failing to read Big Bangs--I open them and then wander off to read old porn from my because I'm SMOOTH LIKE THAT. I've been in sort of an odd place? I think I'll be more "w00t!" once I start writing again (outside of collabs which, if anyone forgot, there is both VAMPFIC and KINKYPRIESTFIC over at [ profile] kinkninjas for your ~reading pleasure~)
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As of last night around 10:30...SerialFrank has a name. An honest to goodness title. For anyone who doesn't know (which is probably a bunch of you), SerialFrank was the very first thing Chris and I ever started writing together. It started accidentally in the comments to one of my entries a few days after we met, and has since grown to around 95K worth of Gerard/Frank goodness with cameos from a good 3/4 of bandom and some fairly kinky shit (no tentacles though, more's the pity). It's still not ~quite done (we have to finish bridging the gap between the random place we started chatficcing it and the realfic that it morphed into and we restarted) but it's been in beta with various people for a fucklong time and I've been thinking about it lately and. Now it has a name. I'm shit at naming stuff, but I finally worked out a title in my brain that I grew really fond of, and turns out Chris digs it too. It makes it a lot more real and...this is pretty much without a doubt going to be the longest thing I ever write for fandom and it feels sort of like a magnum opus of both my time in bandom and my time writing with Chris.

...that sounds pretty deep and shit but I'm actually SUPER SUPER EXCITED and hope we'll be actually bringing the damn thing to the internet at large SOON. \o/

Sitting on the couch with a soda and my puppy snoozing in the hallway, failing to work on my [ profile] mcr4u fic and feeling a little guilty (then again, Chris is leaving Tuesday *cue clouds of doom* so I'll both have time and be in the appropriate mood to write the fic I'm planning), disliking joining the workforce and dreading starting my second job next week, procrastinating on making a Father's Day card for my daddy, and just kind of being.
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Wank? Who cares about wank, MY LIFE AS A TELEMARKETER is far more interesting.

My supervisor is a totally tiny woman who kept making very odd jokes, and my job is to sit at a desk and make calls. I don't actually dial or do much of anything really; I pop on my headset and the system dials, and when someone picks up it goes "CACHONK" and usually patches me through halfway through whatever someone said. It gives me a nice screen with the donor's name, a prepared script to read, how much they donated last time. So I have to be all smiley, and say "Hi, my name is Jenny and I'm calling for the American Cancer Society. We'd like to thank you for your past support and see if you'd like to make a gift to our fundraising drive this year" approximately 45-50 times. An hour. For four hours. O______O I get hung up on a lot. Sometimes people laugh. I got a very poorly covered "It's the American Cancer Society, should I just hang up?" A lot of people telling me about how they've been laid off and they can't donate, or how their wife is outside talking to the neighbor right now and can't come to the phone. Of course, I also got a lot of people who already gave through Relay for Life, so, rock on to them \o/ But yeah. I'm calling Wisconsin, Minnestota, and Iowa, so if you live there and have donated to ACS in the past...I might call you. And if someone else does, be nice, cuz being a telemarketer for charity isn't so much fun. Of course, I sit in an airconditioned room and have a twenty minute paid break could be so much worse.

Um. I've been trying to repress some RAGE earlier, but I think it's mostly going away, so maybe I'm doing better :3

Still working on those commentfics for you guys (as well as some veeeeery fun stuff with Chris) and gotta start working on all those fics I've been "planning" blah. I just want to get stuff done but I never do D: Oh well, if I don't write I never have to worry about getting wanked (not that I would anyway) \o/


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