Feb. 4th, 2009 09:11 pm
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Thank you all for all of your love and support ♥ I feel a lot better, even though I had a really really really epically shitty follow-up to my night of woe and cried a hell of a lot least it was for a reason. Which I'm getting over.


Spoilers and flail this way! )

okay, time to burn through some porn
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I kind of disappeared because I told myself I wouldn't write another entry until I actually finished one of my five things. And I did! So that's down at the end.

My Pushing Daisies obsession has blossomed (PUNZ) as evidenced by my new icon. NEDFACE <333 In other news, I will never ever be able to play Half Life 2 because...everyone uses "Garry's Mod." GARRYLOL XD And no one gets it *sadface* I really need some RL bandfriends to squee and lol with (you people who are considering Beloit: DO ITTTTT WE'RE ALL COOL N' STUFF). But life is pretty blah right now...I've got a test and two papers coming up (*GAG*) but nothing I can't handle, I think. My lit professor was giggling about how metal bands could take their names from Emily Dickensen poems, and I was all "Paul. No."

(ETA: Dude, how could I forget? This morning I read a F/G songfic. Oh no, wait for it. It gets better. It was a songfic written around that most moving and powerful tune, "Hot in Here" by Nelly. Yeah.)

I don't have anything interesting to say, so have the first of the five things!

Five People Gabe Didn't Sleep With for [ profile] velvet_tuberose
Thank god it was just the five )
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In other news...

Clandestine Academy for the Arts
PG-13 for now, various pairings, 3688 words

Dancers and Actors and Writers and Designers And Artists, Oh My! )
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Doritos are spicier than I remembering them being, and it's not even the spicy kind, just Nacho Cheese flavor. Meh.

I'm plugging away at my [ profile] bandslash_kink response, which is due on the 4th, and will probably be in the market for a beta soon HINT HINT

I'll hopefully be posting some school for the arts!crack's a quick snippet to (hopefully) intrigue you a bit.

It's about Pete! )

It's mostly all written (Guess who's a ballet dancer? A design student?), I just need to clean it up a bit and finish up a few chunks. It's written in mostly outliney style, because that's easiest for me to build off of later...I'm getting really fond of this 'verse and hope to write some porn ficlets for it in the future :)

Tailbone still hurting like a mother...I know sitting half on a mattress on the floor for over four hours was a bad plan, but jeez, I'm supposed to be young and spry!

In other news, I finally guilted Matt into opening his Invader Zim DVDs, and have been laughing myself silly. ("You have head pigeons." "You don't have any ears! Is that part of your skin condition too?" "He who controls McMeaty's controls the WORLD!") I lent him my copy of JtHM, and I think he might be horribly disturbed now but...oh well.
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Yargh, I'm tired. Rocky Horror every night is kicking my ass, and it's only Wednesday. x_x I just want to sit in my room (or Matt's room) and watch MOVIES. I don't want to flail around and let's NOT do the Time Warp again. Usually I don't have an issue with late/long rehearsals (and these only last around two hours, far cry from the eight hour rehearsals I'm used to) but the drama snob in me is dismissive. If I was actually performing and not just pantomiming, I would be a lot more enthusiastic, but the fact that I'm pretty much just mimicking a film and there's just the one night is bugging me. I need to be in a play >.<

And NaNo starts next week, merciful heavens. So...sorry [ profile] usagiko, I'm not going to be seeing a lot of you. Damn, I thought it was SO FAR OFF DON'T WORRY until my writing buddies were just like "NEXT WEEKZOMG" and now my brain is broked, and that means I really should write my psych paper this weekend so I can spend my week time writing important novelly things, and I still have to finish The Seven Sins of Memory for Friday, and all I really want to do is watch Monday's Chuck and some Torchwood. And also Buffy, Pan's Labyrinth, Venture Brothers, Doctor Who, Brokeback Mountain and Blades of Glory (which I watched while I was home on break and was even funnier than I remembered). I have simple needs! I just want media!

Though I did watch House and Bones last night--the end of Bones was So. CUTE. "You wouldn't get coffee with me?" I was disappointed with the lack of Wilson on House and the fact that, while Chase was in the episode, he only appeared with surgical maskwtf?? I need my Aussie goodness, stat!

Just noticed that Ianto isn't on the Torchwood ad I ganked from Entertainment Weekly. Hmph. I know he's just the tea-boy, but he's a sweetheart, and it's not like he doesn't have backstory/pertinent interactions with main characters. Also, I think Poster!Owen is trying to look down my top (not that I'm complaining....)


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