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the icon love you meme!

Hooray for memes! And hooray for drag queens! (I watched all of RuPaul's Drag Race yesterday ♥__♥, if any of you haven't seen it...WHY?! it's amazingggggg. Nina Flowers is my favorite (and pretty fine in boymode too) and I adore Shannel's ridiculously snippy bitchtitude. DRAG QUEENS!) And hooray for Sweet Charity! Don't forget to go get your bid on, it's for RAINN this year. (Mini-Pimp-Reminder: I'm selling fic under takeapenny, 5k+ of whatever your little heart desires) I have to decide what I want *__* (and what I have any chance of being able to win, lolstudent)

PS: I have been refreshing and flailing over our boys but...

It's also $mad chedda$ and my pockets don't run that deep- I got a baby on the way.

GERARD WAY. WHAT. I. &himmmmmmm;
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Because people actually seemed interested in reading this, and formatting a big ol' chatlog is way more rewarding than doing the readings for my evening class, have a really really messy chatfic! Seriousy, this is uncapitalized, has emoticons and "idk!", and is not particularly coherent...but it does have werewolves. Some genderswap werewolves >_> (hai Way sisters!)

I do hope to expand this into an actual good story one day, since this doesn't include much of my very stupidly thinky werewolf politics and stuff, just plain old pining and angst and stupids!

Thanks to [ profile] perspexsea for listening to me ramble ♥

The Self-Indulgent Werewolf AU )
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Last of my [ profile] sosodirty fics is finally going up today XD Enjoy!

Pete/Gerard, R, ~3k
Prompt: Harems, written for [ profile] sosodirty

The new boys come to Pete, nervous and scared, or if they aren’t nervous, he comes to them, because they should be.

Warnings: sexual slavery, past genital mutilation

Thanks to [ profile] julesmania for the beta ♥
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Pete/Gerard, R, ~3k
Prompt: Harems, written for [ profile] sosodirty

The new boys come to Pete, nervous and scared, or if they aren’t nervous, he comes to them, because they should be.

Warnings: sexual slavery, past genital mutilation

Thanks to [ profile] julesmania for the beta ♥

Pete is getting too damn old for this. )
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Framed to bend
Bob/Gerard (some Gerard/Brian, past Bob/Frank), NC-17, ~7k
Prompt: Being given to another dom, written for [ profile] sosodirty

"My reason is not framed to bend or stoop: my knees are." -Michael Eyquem de Montaigne

Bob lets Brian talk him into "petsitting" Gerard.

Warnings: D/s, BDSM, toys

Beta'd by [ profile] julesmania. This is for you, panda ♥

It’s just like taking care of a cat, man, but easier. Give him a place to sleep, smack him around some. He doesn’t cause trouble. )
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Like a Horse and Carriage
Frank/Gerard, R. ~9k

Frank was raised wild, on a merchant vessel that sailed all around the world. When he returns home, an orphan, he is wed to a man with money and name that he has never met. A Victorian AU.

Warnings: Little historical value, ridiculous self-indulgence

Written for [ profile] bandomficathon. Thanks to [ profile] sparkfrost for the beta! Title and cuttext is from "Love and Marriage"

Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage )
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I finally got through the mail that accumulated over break, and thank you SO MUCH to [ profile] tuesdaysgone (yours made me lol so hard!), [ profile] citibyrd (adorable!), and [ profile] quarterturn (I got glitter all over my pants!) for your cards ♥♥ They're up on my wall above my desk so I can see them all the time :)

Something I just realized I want: Mismatched kinkfic. You know how any time there's anything sort of "kinky" (from full BDSM to just plain old hairpulling) in a fic, no matter who the pair are, or how long they've been together, they always are pretty much perfectly matched? "Oh no, I accidentally slapped your ass but I liked it/Oh don't worry, slap my ass more, it's my favorite!" kind of thing. And the only time I've ever seen this subverted is when one of the partners is kind of cautious about a kink they haven't tried, or have tried and didn't like in the past, but they're willing to try it and !!! they end up loving it! I want two people who are completely in love and completely mismatched in terms of kink, to the point where it just won't work, and they have to figure out whether they have to suffer through something they are totally not into every other night or have vanilla sex forever.

For example (and I'm going with a personal favorite kink, for the sake of ease :P), Gerard loves to be spanked. LOVES IT. But anything that involves hurting his partner is a total bonerkill for Frank. He just can't do it, it's not hot to him at all, it's weird and uncomfortable and he doesn't care that Gerard is asking for it and totally moans his way through the whole thing, he just doesn't hit his SO. No. Conversely, Frank is totally into roleplay. Naughty schoolgirl, naughty teacher, naughty plumber, naughty knight errant...he doesn't care, it's just hot. But to Gerard, roleplaying is D&D in a basement, and there's nothing sexy about it, and what, he's just supposed to say creepy porn stuff? It makes him really uncomfortable and awkward, and always feels like he's doing something wrong, which makes it pretty hard for him to perform.

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Had an awesomesauce dinner with the extended fam for my grandpa's birthday (my aunt even came in from TX!) but that all pales in comparison to Mr. G Way

Then came a brief interlude with teenage drinking (not recommended), and a short attempt at "being cool".

OH SWEETIE ♥__________; My heart literally PANGED.

and also, I remember in the kerfuffle about BBB's inclusiveness/exclusiveness/what have you, someone mentioned how MCR aren't really connected to FBRverse outside of Mikey's flingage, and of course, fandom responded with a hearty "AU CONTRAIRE" but how nice of Gee to provide us with another bit of tasty canon

Oh and I just remembered we actually got Patrick Stump into it...Necrons...that was's lure knew no bounds.



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