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I love blustery days ♥ Especially when I'm inside, listening to the wind whip around and watching leaves blow, but it's kinda nice to be out in it too. I'm a Wisconsin girl through and through, and while all my wimpy friends are busting out the coats and mittens, I'm still styling around in my hoodies :P Speaking of, I have to order that Ludo hoodie if I want to wear it before it gets too cold to just have it by itself (*memo to self*)

Really nice weekend, actually. I didn't have any giant homework, so I got to hang out. Watched Kiki's Delivery Service (which oh god, I missed...I used to watch that movie pretty much every night when I was a wee lass, and I still love it to absolute death <33), had a Talk (five hours worth of sex, politics, religion, humankind, school, gossip, and menstruation, right onnn Disdainbrook-san), watched Marat/Sade with my class (really cool, actually, I was surprised), RP'd happytimes (BobnGerard's Titanic moment = so precious, dear lord~), and actually did a bit on the nunfic (I really really want to have it done before Nano starts, but I don't think that's gonna happen :\). Still have to come up with a plot for my 30-min play, and with the astonishing crash and burn of the plotless 10min...SRSLY, THINK UP A PLOT.


Jul. 11th, 2008 08:59 pm
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Life is pretty much okay right now. I have frosted brownies and then trashy reality tv and now sitcoms. I watched The Sound of Music this afternoon, yay, and it's the weekend.

Also! I have a new gay boyfriend! His name is Ben! He is six! OMG. This boy, I swear to god, is going to grow up to be the new Geeway. He is the more adorable tiny queen in the universe! First off, he is a sweetheart. When I was all "WHERE IS MY SCRIPT" because I had to give mine to one of the many many children who continually leave them at home and then take our copies home and I'm all *RUSTLERUSTLEANGRYRUSTLE* and I hear "Is it green?" and I'm all "NO IT'S BLUE" and I give up, and go back on stage, and there is little Ben all "I found your script for you :DDD" THANK YOU BEN. He has the cutest little high-pitched lisp. And whenever he says his lines he swishes. No, seriously, ~~~SWISHES~~~~. Fellow TA poked at a kid behind him with her Motivator (an old broom handle) and it touched Ben's back, and he totally did a kitty-rub/shimmy against it. AND. AND. I walked out of school at the end of the day and I hear "JENNY MISS JENNY" and I look up, and Ben is STICKING HALF OUT THE BUS WINDOW WAVING AT ME *_______* ILHIM SO DAMN HARD.
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I am feeling remarkably better after (a) actually getting out and DOING SOMETHING today (even if it was just classsss) and (b) Mummy e-mailing me to invite me to come home *this* weekend instead...which will actually be even better than the original plan since Mummy & Juju will actually be there (they were supposed to leave for FL last Friday) and she said she'll buy me Uno's! ♥ I'm smiling, which is lovely. I get into a funk so seldom that when I do, it's Deep Funk (and not the Atomic Dog kind of funk) (omg I make bad jokes, I must be feeling better)

In other news: after [ profile] mxfic flailed about kissing booths (KISSING BOOTHS) and Gerard working one (KISSING BOOTHS) it stuck in my mind and I have now agreed to write a Mikey the reluctant A/V Club kissing booth kid at the school carnival (the cheerleaders usually run it! but they decided to do a bikini'd car wash or something equally skanky instead! and a/v club always gets assigned whatever is left since they don't actually go to the carnival meetings! and it's usually like, fleabitten beanbag toss or whatever, only this year it was KISSING BOOTHLOLLL) meets Pete the semi-sleazy kissing booth customer (he graduated already! but he likes to come back and kiss underage kids for a buck because it gives him lulz! and also patrick is in a/v club, he's SUPPORTING THE CAUSE OKAY?) (patrick refused to work the kissing booth and no one argues with the rage of patrick) And...I sorta just told you the entire fic right there, but whatev. The actual one will have kissing (and maybe illustration o__O)

Besides that....still madly in love with Pushing Daisies, but out of episodes to watch, woe! Need a laughing/joy icon (preferably bandom) and should actually try to write something and not just wander the internet allllll day. I also have homework (more's the pity) but. Hmph.

ETA: Woo, EW is delivering for me! PStump last week and Panic this week! You are populating the inside of my shelf with beautiful boys, my dear magazine. Plz do a ginormous feature on MCR next week and I will forgive you your ridiculously off-kilter gradings.
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Have promised two fics for two special ladies...hopefully I'll get at least a good start on those this weekend. I'm trying to think of what to do for my CW short story...I also promised I would write a scary story for a friend, so I'm thinking of just doing one and using it for both \o/ That way I'll have plenty of time to fic, mwahahaha, though I do have two more papers due for Friday; planning to write one this weekend and the other during the week, ugh.

Um. I don't have a lot of important things to say, except everyone is getting My Chem tickets except MEEEEE T_____T My heart *aches* to go, seriously, but I honestly have no way to get there--the bus is ridiculously expensive, and there isn't one going home after the concert, and I'm not spending the night wandering around Chicago. SO MUCH WOE, AGH.

Finally figured out how to take stills with my webcam so \o/ for that. I've been spending a lot of time reading various secret comms and...damn, they make me so sad. Especially the bandom ones--everyone I've met in this fandom has been so sweet, and then I look at the secret posts and they're just filled with venom. Sigh. I guess I don't get it, because I've never been afraid to tell people what I think about something in a fandom...and it's not like I'm going to hate on people who think differently. Sure, I want to flail about everything we like, so why don't we just set aside things we don't agree on? (I mean, unless you're going to troll my journal and, like, assault me with "GERARD IS A FAT FAIL TOAD," I could care less.) So...that's my Deep Thought for bandom. WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG??? *weeps*

Also, this is how I spend my time in class, if anyone's wondering:
(Bonus hair & roomie's posters!)(And all that shading was a bitch)
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My feet hurt so so so bad from dancing tonight. Why did I think I could dance in heeled boots? Why? I am so dumb. Plus, I now have a headache and feel a little queasy from eating a chocolate-covered strawberry directly before a spirited polka. Hmph. Also feeling kind of irked with people as a whole (high-strung, needy, generally uninteresting) and I really want to work on my AU, but my brain hurts. I might just go to bed :(

Also, I have become totally and completely obsessed with all the stuff at [ profile] two_way_street because, dear god it's kinked out like whoa, but it's so awesome. Anthro! Trans! TENTACLESWHAT!

About halfway through Doom Paper--having some trouble finding a balance, since I wrote like 3 pages about Shylock and then a paragraph on Falstaff >.< I think I will go to bed, actually, since I was up until 4:30 this morning chitchatting with awesome people *wavewave* about bandish things (Lamesauce says you? AWESOMESAUCE SAYS I)
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Oh god. So apparently Frankie & Geeway arrived on a flight to Brazil together because they were in a different city from the rest of the band. ON VALENTINE'S DAY. BOYS! *HANDS* IT WOULD BE AN AFFRONT TO NATURE TO NOT SHIP YOU! YOU SHIP YOU! FICNOWPLZKTHNX (and lest I be accused of my OTP showing, Ray and Mikey were on a different flight together, please feel free to squee about them too...poor Bob all by his lonesome)

Probably going to see a comedian tonight. Prospies should come every weekend! There's free shit to do! But yeah, that'll be nice. Probably going to spend some time with the friendbase since this weekend is AGHPAPEROFDEATH time. God, I really just want to write some boypornz, why do these strange old people who keep talking at me expect me to do things for them? Do they think I'm here to learn or something? Pfft.

Also, I am on a concertlust rampage. I have been made FOOLISH with my Panic!!! joy (which I haven't told my parents about yet...) so now I'm all "MCR in Chicago? I CAN SO DO THAT, JUST GIVE ME A CHANCE I CAN DO THAT!" Of course it's on a Thursday (Whyyyyy do they even have concerts on Thursdays?) and during the school year (the only reason I think I can get away with Panic!!! is that it's during summer break and I'll be able to whore myself out to somebody for a ride) so, yeah, no but...YES. I MUST FIND A GEEORMIKEYWAY! (Oh god, the's definitely Friday I am so brainfried and CRACKED OUT)
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Typing to the dulcet tunes of Flashback Friday. Groove, man.

I really enjoyed last night's Supernatural. Really, that show is amazing. It's gotten even better this season, I think. And last night was cool. "You're bossy. And short." Hee ^_^ Oh, Jensen & Jared. You are so sexy. Is it any wonder I have a disturbing weakness for Wincest?

Today was a day. Nothing really exciting; I went to see the Spanish V performance of Don Juan Tenorio, and am now REALLY excited to be in the course next semester. Though I'd rather be one of the guys; Ines doesn't really do anything but mope around. I want to swordfight T.T Also got my AP Exam info booklet. I'm going to have 9 hours 20 minutes of AP testing. Yay. On three different days, thankfully, but still. Blech. I don't even want to think about it.

So instead, I shall think of soda (gotta love mah Dew) and of singing tomorrow (my friend and I are going over a couple of songs that we're considering performing for a drama fundraiser) and of Culver's (probably) tonight, and all around not school. At least I have a thesis for my literature prompt. Stupid Oedipus Rex. 

ETA: Just noticed that the entry title makes the kind of sense that's not, since I totally blanked on actually explaining it.  No, it's not dirty, you filthy perv.  My lil' sis is doing a Stunts & Pyramids unit in Phy Ed (in which pyramids, basically.  With your body.  Fine, so maybe it could be a *little* dirty), and that was her description of the unit.


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