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I'm considering doing Sweet Charity...I've always felt a little toolish asking for people to pay for me to write them fic when lol yarite like anyone would do that, but. It's for a good cause, and if no one bids on me then whatever, I have less to do :)

Yet another day goes by that I forget about meta D: IT WILL BE TOMORROW. PROMISE. I didn't actually forget so much as not have time...I tried out for the student directed one acts last night and (against all odds) I actually got called back for two of them, so I did that tonight and then went to watch

OKAY. WHAT. LITTLE BEN. LITTLE BENNNNN WTFFFFF. hobviously he can't really be dead, or at least not permanently, because what happens is what happened and obvs Ben grows up to make everyone's life a living hell. And srsly, is there anything sadder than lil Ben? :( he is so WEE with his WEE LITTLE GLASSES and his WEE INTENSE EYES and his FRECKLES OH GOD THE FRECKLES! and his SAMMICHES and stupid Uncle Rico D: I find it kind of shitty that they have this dude knocking his kid around on video and like...don't even mention it? I know the 70s were pretty different in terms of discipline and all that, but. seriously? no one's like ", you're kind of a giant asshole to your kid. Do you ever worry he'll grow resentful and gas us all?" OMG. PIMP!BEN! In Moscow? HOW FUCKING PIMP WAS THAT MOTHERFUCKER? His HAT and his COAT, dude, I want to fuck him and I want to be him but I mostly want to fuck him. Hot damn. Sayid was looking foine as well, running around killing people, and then helping the homeless, and then being drugged by that strange and suspicious familiar man...I don't think we know him do we? I'm pretty sure I know the actor. And Sayid's BOUNTY HUNTER LADY! I was like Sayid nuuuu I know the future don't spent $120 on her! Horace still horrifies me with his disturbing lady-hair. That Radinowski (?) is such a spazzy creeper, and reminds me of a bargain basement Paul Giamatti.

also, back the fuck up, Kate, stupid bitch, no one CARES about you, you can't do anything and you're not that pretty, just GO DIE D:< AND GIVE YOUR SCREENTIME TO BEN. HE NEEDS IT O____O HIS LITTLE SELF GOT SHOT! FRECKLES ;_______________;

PS, you guys remember the VERY FIRST bandom fic I posted, about the arts schools? well [ profile] aceles, who's doing the Staring Through the Demons podfic, did a podfic of it :D You can DL it here on her journal. It makes me really dorkishly happy to listen to ;___*


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