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Lulz, posting from Dreamwidth. I don't foresee using this baby for much...I'll archive, maybe? And in case the world ends. So add me if you'd like, but I promise not to clog up your reading list :)
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About to embark on banging out the last 3k of BBB (should I or should I not cheat and write a sex scene that has no home as of yet?), but just for my peace of mind...anyone up for betaing? It's a heart warming tale of Bob the personal assistant's adventures caring for and being stupid in love with fabulously popular comic writer Gerard. Gerard/Bob, a pinch of Frank/Brian. Not much over 20k, presumably.
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I currently have XXX imprinted on the veryvery upper inside of my thigh. Woohoo?

Context: Last night was the Fetish Ball at the Alliance and fuckyeahhhh, you know that's where I'm at. I slapped on the corset and the combat boots, borrowed a slutty(ish) skirt, collared Elise and took her over on a leash (made of her belt), along with Big Red (wearing my top as a sexy secretary), and Elise's roomie who wore lingerie and a silver flasher coat. There weren't too many people there when we showed up (little before midnight), but we got our groove on, and I held Elise's leash while we danced...and her boyfriend's...and also this guy who had wrist-ties. I danced with him later too, but generally just rocked around with my girlz. We danced and danced and danced, and there was lightning which was cool, and Hilary came to pick us up because it was pouring and she knew there wasn't really room for umbrellas in our fetish gear. So she danced danced for a while too, and then we headed back to the dorm, and sat in my room until 4am having girl talk XD SOMETIMES COLLEGE IS ESPECIALLY AWESOME

Really have to get back into the groove with BBB if I want to get 'er done, gotta do a group paper later (joy ._.), and I really need to eat something XD We'll see what happens~
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Today is SPRING DAY, which means no class and a bunch of awesome free activities going on. I'm pretty much heading up face-painting for SPIEL, and then I'll be going to watch ClaireBear get her hair cut :O! and then probably dicking around for a while, hopefully tie-dying, and then working on my Bio paper.

Happy Birthday to the fabulous [ profile] crystic! If you want a ficlet or something bb, let me know, I'll hopefully get to it in like...three weeks when school is out and I've either pulled 14k of a BBB out of my ass or failed and have written a zillion final papers ;___;

SPEAKING OF WRITING *picks up cane* another fantabulous person, [ profile] aceles, has started a fabulous new prompt comm which I am a co-mod of! It's [ profile] bandomtropes, and the prompts will be drawn from the ever time-sucky TV Tropes (srsly, go there and click around for a while, you'll nevarrrr get away). There will be a trope posted every week, and both writers AND artists are welcome to give their interpretation! Any and all flavors of bandom are welcome, and it's not a competition or whatever. Just for fun, playing around, and you can participate every week or just once in a while. If this sounds cool, it would be great if you could pimp it out and come play with us :)

on that note...FUCK YEAH NO CLASS \o/

and since I confused people last time (cuz I'm D-U-M, DUM), drusillathemad

uh hayy

Apr. 20th, 2009 08:44 pm
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Changed my name :) jsyk


Apr. 20th, 2009 06:56 pm
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Heyyyy lj. Life is good. mostly. Finals coming up, but I'm not too stressed yet (famous last words). Reading a play and eating an apple and barbecue chips, and reading ridic porny scanlations. Good times, yo, good times. I'm still looking for some music, mostly Les Mis and opera, so if you have any, upload pretty please :) :)

and a meme! cuz I haven't done one in what feels like a while

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I've been hankering some new music lately, and I'd love it if you guys could snoop through your folders for me :)

Looking for:
-Rent OBC
-Les Mis OBC (my CDs are at hooome :( )
-Rocky Horror film soundtrack
-any opera (full show or a particular singer, doesn't matter, I just need some in my liiife)
-uhhh anything else you think I'd like :D?

If you want to look through my library at LastFM, I have pretty much all of that on my computer somewhere, and I'm happy to share :)
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Idk what I think about this whole ~Dreamwidth~ thing...I hadn't heard about it at all until this morning, although apparently in the "right circles" it's been being discussed for a while. If I was able to sign up for an account and poke around, I'd probably have a stronger opinion, but...not yet, anyway. The whole thing pings me kind of funny. Whatev...I don't anticipate moving, though I might once I give the system a whirl, who knows? Maybe I'm just not a wild new frontier kind of person; I'm not unhappy with eljay, in any case. A lot of the features sound neat, but right now, it's not even an option for me. I'll probably dick around with it when they open up accounts, but I have no interest in going back to 6 (or for that matter, 75) userpics (I AM SO SHALLOW, I KNOW) at any point in the forseeable future. Maybe I'll back shit up there? Or put fic there, since it has larger limits. IDK, all will be revealed in the launch I guess? Unless someone wants to shoot me an invite code, but I'm sure most people don't want to waste them on a cranky old cynic like me XD


Apr. 12th, 2009 10:08 pm
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Amazon Rank

in other news, not getting anything done, but having amusing/informative/awesome conversations with friends, so I'll count it as a win


Apr. 10th, 2009 10:30 pm
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I have a strange hankering to make a comm *hankerhanker* is there anything you guys would want to participate in that you aren't seeing around? I thought about some kind of prompt thing, but there's a fuckton of those around these Thoughts, comments, suggestions? I like making comms and I've always had that secret desire to run one that people would actually post in XD
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Yesterday was my best day in recent memory, hands down ♥

I don't know if I ever mentioned it here, but my friends and I were planning to go see Rent in Chicago (with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal!!!), but through distressing cash circumstances ($70+ tickets) and general mishap, we ended up deciding not to. BUT THEN, the college announced a Rent trip! $15! And yesterday was that trip! It was me, Haitlin-san, Big Red, and Dr. Goose (plus a busload of other students, but who cares about them!) and the trip down, Dr. G and I discussed pretty much everything because we hardly see each other anymore :( But we got there, hungry, and I remembered that there was a Potbelly's around the block from the theatre, so we headed over there and had a deliciousss lunch (so good!). Big Red wanted to wander a bit more, but the rest of the company cried BORDERS! and thus it was. The Dr. and I wandered together through the glorious three-story Borders of Chicago, drooling over Watchmen books, and heading upstairs to poke at writing books. We ended up snagging a prime sunny window sill to read on, and what better way to spend two hours than in a bookstore?

Headed back to the theatre, where we climbed lots and lots of stairs to wait for the doors to open, and then more stairs to get to our seats. Fourth row from the top, fuck yeah XD But seriously, the show was phenomenal. The staging was really inventive--very minimal (as is Rent-like), and on a lot of different levels. Lots of jumping around, some dancing, cool lights, and OH YEAH original Mark&Roger (my extra special favorites<333). It was just...really surreal. I've never seen a production with people who I know from the CD/movie/etc in it and it was so so cool. I was just sitting there like...they're here. I've heard them on the album and I saw them in the movie, and now they're here and I'm hearing them live. They did fantastic jobs (as is expected) as did the rest of the cast. There were a lot of cute moments...I'm particularly remembering Mimi's sly crotch rub with her knee during Light My Candle and Mark doing a brief (and adorkable) bootydance during Tango Maureen. I couldn't really see anybody's face because, lol, fourth row from the top, but whatever, you don't really have to see things clearly in a musical (though it would have been nice XD). The audience was also really good...there's was cheering when a new character came on, lots of laughs, just really excited :) I bought a t-shirt and a poster, which I was ROBBED for, theatre merch is so expensive :(( but they're awesome, so whatever. Dozed listening to the Hushies and some FOB with the Dr. on the way back, and had chicken mcnuggets when we stopped at the Oasis, since we missed food service.

Was that the end of my fabulous day? It was not! Because what was on campus that evening? DRAG SHOW! I can't believe I was considering not going because I was tired from the day of travel. It was fucking amazingggg. There were...six queens, I think? They did a Q&A beforehand, where one of the queens answered the question "Where do you put it?" with "I put mine in a little box...he's waiting for me when I'm done with the show" and in the downtime while they were getting the speaker system set up they just fucked around, including "How many of you have been a drag show before? How many of you have had a fantasy about being with a transsexual queen? ...Myspace meeee" And the actual show was awesome...we sat right next to the speaker so it was crazy loud. Each of the queens performed two(?) songs and they were just so cool. Everyone was encouraged to give them singles, and you'd usually get a lapdance out of it if you did (and if you didn't), and they'd take them from your mouth or your top if you tried it and...idk, it just made me want to be a man so I could be a drag queen too :( Also, made me want a lot of music. There was a lot of Lady GaGa inspired outfits, and they performed Pokerface and Love Game. Womanizer, Single Ladies, a lot of songs that I didn't know but were fun XD

So, all in all...awesome day of awesomeness :)

random fic

Mar. 31st, 2009 09:18 pm
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The first paragraph popped into my head during Queer Europe, and hark! Less than a thousand words of Frank/Jamia pegging porn. Enjoy!

Frank gets fucked up the ass! )
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Tomorrow is the last day of bidding for Sweet Charity, so make sure you check out everybody selling their wares! :)

I'm eating cookie dough out of the tub and researching old Nielsen ratings for a project, and you know what I want? A fun AU talking time. So please, tell me about Gerard the Evil Overlord. Who are his henchmen? Who's his consort? What wicked plots does he have? Is he successful in any of them? Where's his lair?
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the icon love you meme!

Hooray for memes! And hooray for drag queens! (I watched all of RuPaul's Drag Race yesterday ♥__♥, if any of you haven't seen it...WHY?! it's amazingggggg. Nina Flowers is my favorite (and pretty fine in boymode too) and I adore Shannel's ridiculously snippy bitchtitude. DRAG QUEENS!) And hooray for Sweet Charity! Don't forget to go get your bid on, it's for RAINN this year. (Mini-Pimp-Reminder: I'm selling fic under takeapenny, 5k+ of whatever your little heart desires) I have to decide what I want *__* (and what I have any chance of being able to win, lolstudent)

PS: I have been refreshing and flailing over our boys but...

It's also $mad chedda$ and my pockets don't run that deep- I got a baby on the way.

GERARD WAY. WHAT. I. &himmmmmmm;
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I'm selling fic under the name takeapenny if anyone's interested :)


Mar. 26th, 2009 03:44 pm
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The Unpopular Opinons post was moast intriguing *fingersteeples* and seriously, I have such a slut fit for meta, you don't even want to know. I have been pondering what other things I would like you guys to talk about~ and this post's topic is PERSONAL CANON as related to pairings. I want to know what couples are right in your head (not necessarily OTP), which are wrong, and which (if any) you honestly 100% do believe are trufax.

My thoughts on ya--bandslash )
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I'm considering doing Sweet Charity...I've always felt a little toolish asking for people to pay for me to write them fic when lol yarite like anyone would do that, but. It's for a good cause, and if no one bids on me then whatever, I have less to do :)

Yet another day goes by that I forget about meta D: IT WILL BE TOMORROW. PROMISE. I didn't actually forget so much as not have time...I tried out for the student directed one acts last night and (against all odds) I actually got called back for two of them, so I did that tonight and then went to watch LOST )

PS, you guys remember the VERY FIRST bandom fic I posted, about the arts schools? well [ profile] aceles, who's doing the Staring Through the Demons podfic, did a podfic of it :D You can DL it here on her journal. It makes me really dorkishly happy to listen to ;___*


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