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Yesterday was my best day in recent memory, hands down ♥

I don't know if I ever mentioned it here, but my friends and I were planning to go see Rent in Chicago (with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal!!!), but through distressing cash circumstances ($70+ tickets) and general mishap, we ended up deciding not to. BUT THEN, the college announced a Rent trip! $15! And yesterday was that trip! It was me, Haitlin-san, Big Red, and Dr. Goose (plus a busload of other students, but who cares about them!) and the trip down, Dr. G and I discussed pretty much everything because we hardly see each other anymore :( But we got there, hungry, and I remembered that there was a Potbelly's around the block from the theatre, so we headed over there and had a deliciousss lunch (so good!). Big Red wanted to wander a bit more, but the rest of the company cried BORDERS! and thus it was. The Dr. and I wandered together through the glorious three-story Borders of Chicago, drooling over Watchmen books, and heading upstairs to poke at writing books. We ended up snagging a prime sunny window sill to read on, and what better way to spend two hours than in a bookstore?

Headed back to the theatre, where we climbed lots and lots of stairs to wait for the doors to open, and then more stairs to get to our seats. Fourth row from the top, fuck yeah XD But seriously, the show was phenomenal. The staging was really inventive--very minimal (as is Rent-like), and on a lot of different levels. Lots of jumping around, some dancing, cool lights, and OH YEAH original Mark&Roger (my extra special favorites<333). It was just...really surreal. I've never seen a production with people who I know from the CD/movie/etc in it and it was so so cool. I was just sitting there like...they're here. I've heard them on the album and I saw them in the movie, and now they're here and I'm hearing them live. They did fantastic jobs (as is expected) as did the rest of the cast. There were a lot of cute moments...I'm particularly remembering Mimi's sly crotch rub with her knee during Light My Candle and Mark doing a brief (and adorkable) bootydance during Tango Maureen. I couldn't really see anybody's face because, lol, fourth row from the top, but whatever, you don't really have to see things clearly in a musical (though it would have been nice XD). The audience was also really good...there's was cheering when a new character came on, lots of laughs, just really excited :) I bought a t-shirt and a poster, which I was ROBBED for, theatre merch is so expensive :(( but they're awesome, so whatever. Dozed listening to the Hushies and some FOB with the Dr. on the way back, and had chicken mcnuggets when we stopped at the Oasis, since we missed food service.

Was that the end of my fabulous day? It was not! Because what was on campus that evening? DRAG SHOW! I can't believe I was considering not going because I was tired from the day of travel. It was fucking amazingggg. There were...six queens, I think? They did a Q&A beforehand, where one of the queens answered the question "Where do you put it?" with "I put mine in a little box...he's waiting for me when I'm done with the show" and in the downtime while they were getting the speaker system set up they just fucked around, including "How many of you have been a drag show before? How many of you have had a fantasy about being with a transsexual queen? ...Myspace meeee" And the actual show was awesome...we sat right next to the speaker so it was crazy loud. Each of the queens performed two(?) songs and they were just so cool. Everyone was encouraged to give them singles, and you'd usually get a lapdance out of it if you did (and if you didn't), and they'd take them from your mouth or your top if you tried it and...idk, it just made me want to be a man so I could be a drag queen too :( Also, made me want a lot of music. There was a lot of Lady GaGa inspired outfits, and they performed Pokerface and Love Game. Womanizer, Single Ladies, a lot of songs that I didn't know but were fun XD

So, all in all...awesome day of awesomeness :)


Jan. 5th, 2009 02:05 pm
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I am going to see Benjamin Button tonight with my beffie! We were supposed to go this morning, but lil sis has the flu :( so I stayed home with her while the parentals are at work. Happily though, we both had time to reschedule for tonight! Whee!

AND I don't know how many of you guys know about Coraline, but I'm going to tell you about it. It's a phenomenally interesting and creepy kids book by my very own favorite, Neil Gaiman. It's one of those books that is truly scary at times, and just because kids will like it doesn't meant it's just for kids. You should all read it! But! The more pressing part is that it's being made into a movie by the guy who did Nightmare Before Christmas (no, not Tim Burton, the director) and it looks REALLY COOL. I really recommend surfing through the Coraline youtube account, which has tons of really neat little featurettes (some of them are kinda spoilery, but not really anything you couldn't guess). But what is it about, you say?

Also, at the website, you can do this:

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Bandom fangirling is going surprisingly well...after all I had heard of it being a pit of sin and horror, it's actually not that bad (then again, I'm too afraid to wade into comms at large, so I've been working mainly off of reclists which tend to be pretty safe) I have expanded my bandgirly joy to include all of the FBRverse as well as MCR and I hardly ever get confused about who is who anymore! YAY!

I saw The Golden Compass on Wednesday, which was good...the beginning was really awkward and choppy and full to bursting with "As you know, Lyra" but once they got into a linear storyline it was pretty sweet. And the bears. God, they were SO COOL. However, the excitement of the movie did not compare with the excitement of getting to movie.

So Matt had bought discount tickets from student activities on opening night, but we didn't manage to go. He still had them, so we were all "Yes, tonight, let's do it!" So we're going to leave at 7, and Hil is supposed to call Emma and let her know when it is. Hil and I are chilling, and 7 rolls around, and up comes Matt.

M: Where's Emma meeting us?
Entire World: OMG!!!!! EMMA!

So Emma's not answering her phone, and Matt is pacing around like a chicken with his head cut off because he wants to see The Golden Compass goddamit!. Once outside, Hil and Matt take off in the direction of Emma's dorm, and Brandon (Matt's roommate who has a car) and I head for the parking lot. We get there and discover (a) his windshield, sunroof and rearwindow are covered in ice, and, even more thrillingly, (b) his doors are FROZEN SHUT.

Matt, Hil and Emma come tearing into the lot (there was a whole to-do, cuz Emma's dorm is old, so you can't get in with a keycard, you need an actual key that only residents had so M & H apparently spent a lot of time hammering on the door and throwing things at Emma's window) And Matt sees us standing by the car, scraping ice off and is all "Compass time now?" and we're like "" It was a serious movie moment. His eyes bugged and were the ground not frozen and other people walking by, he totally would have dropped to his knees all "AAAAAAGH!"

But we, being plucky college students, did NOT surrender! We whipped out our ID cards and started scraping ice out from the cracks of the doors! Passenger side, success! Backseat right, success! Unfortunately, the driver's side took the longest time to open, but it eventually did! Time: 7:20 Showtime: 7:25

Off we go, pull into the cinema parking lot (which is seriously dead) at 7:35, almost kill ourselves on the ice, and...the doors are locked. Matt looked like he was about to cry. However! We knocked! And sullen high school student opened the doors! And when we rushed into the theatre, we discovered there were only, like, 8 other people there and we had arrived just at the end of the National Guard commercial and had not even missed the TRAILERS. GREAT SUCCESS!

But now, I must depart, for I have my history final 7-10 tonight, and I must study from Renaissance to Englightenment, and be prepared to write "a few" paragraphs for identifications (probably 5-8 of those), two 3-4 paragraph primary source analyses and a full 6 paragraph essay. My hand is going to fall off, my brain will probably melt out of my ears, but ah, I persevere.

And ballroom dance exam tomorrow...luckily, Matt and I went to study hours yesterday, and the instructor told us we didn't have to take the Foxtrot exam, since we had just scored an A+ on it (despite being fiendishly attacked by the meaty lummox behind us!) Huzzah!


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