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I'm considering doing Sweet Charity...I've always felt a little toolish asking for people to pay for me to write them fic when lol yarite like anyone would do that, but. It's for a good cause, and if no one bids on me then whatever, I have less to do :)

Yet another day goes by that I forget about meta D: IT WILL BE TOMORROW. PROMISE. I didn't actually forget so much as not have time...I tried out for the student directed one acts last night and (against all odds) I actually got called back for two of them, so I did that tonight and then went to watch LOST )

PS, you guys remember the VERY FIRST bandom fic I posted, about the arts schools? well [ profile] aceles, who's doing the Staring Through the Demons podfic, did a podfic of it :D You can DL it here on her journal. It makes me really dorkishly happy to listen to ;___*

Rock \m/

May. 3rd, 2007 04:09 pm
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So ja...Parent's Night went pretty well, with the exception of the crew completely skipping two scenes, which led to:
1. One of our actors almost being squished by a rapidly moving backdrop
2. Our Marian having to book it down the hall, bowling people down while trying to zip her dress, since they skipped the time for her costume change
3. The pit being completely confused and starting the music wrong, which led half of the cast to start singing at the wrong time

But other than that...just peachy. But seriously, it went good for a Parent's Night, which always sux, so hopefully everything will be ironed out tonight. I still haven't watched House (from this or last week), Bones, Lost, and I'm not going to be home for Supernatural tonight. I have a crapload of stuff to catch up on, AND I have a burning desire to watch Rent. Oh well, the show's over on Sunday, and I'll have all the time in the world. Which is a sad thing, really. I don't what I'll do with myself.

Finished The Talented Mr. Ripley (, put a hold on the next Dexter book before realizing that it doesn't come out until September and I won't be here (DAMN), new LKH coming soon...and very excited for summer movie season. I think that there are more movies that I actually plan on seeing than any other year: Pirates (MAY 25!!!), Spiderman (TOMORROW!), HP, and a bunch of others that aren't sequels, so I don't remember them right now.
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I haven't posted in forever, it seems, but I'm getting over that assnasty cold, so hopefully I'll be back on track.  Probably not, though, since we finally are in the theater in drama so I'll be there all night every night, and next week I'll be in FL (SQEE! FL!) and won't have access to a computer.

Quick updates, because I want to get back to my Entertainment Weekly (It has HP stuff! I must read!)

1) Senior Ball was supahfun.  I grooved.  There was no shrimp, which sucked.  I grooved some more, was trailed by mopey non-friend, danced with the sexiest little azn in the world (mah jello is mah love <3), and there was a quick set where they actually played *GOOD* music.  And there was a chocolate fountain, which winz, but I wasn't really hungry, so that was bogus.  And the afterparty went well.  Not as many peeps as I had hoped, but I think a good time was had.  And the b-day girl was surprised ^_^

2) Dude, my sister and I just watched all the episodes of Abridged YGO in one go (teh rhyming!), and geeked like no others. HEE.

3) I've kinda sorta almost started to write some poetry...wrote one for class, and now the taste is in my hands.  But I did write a fantasy story in basically one sitting for a scholarship, and while it probably won't win, it feels really really good to have DONE something and actually WROTE a story and FINISHED IT.  Which is something I generally can't do.

4) I listened to A Sitch in Time (the first (?) Kim Possible movie) on Thursday, and I watched it yesterday, and I'm going to watch it again after dinner. Funneh movie.

I guess that's it.  Drama will eat my soul, because people are stupid asshats and don't seem to realize we have a show in ONE MONTH and haven't done *anything* on the actual stage, and no one but me seems to know the dances or be able to sing and do something resembling the dances at the same time. And these are not difficult dances.  These are "Wave your hands." "Point." "Walk four steps, clap, and walk in the other direction." "Point." "Stand in a semi-circle" type of dances. Not. That. Tough. Argh.


Mar. 23rd, 2007 05:29 pm
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I'm really really hungry, and my eyes are sore.  On the plus side, it's Friday. Yay Friday.  On the minus side, I have a forensics meet tomorrow, and the bus leaves at 6:30.  Boo.

Drama today, the quartet sang (3 of our guys plus an old dude) and were actually quite good. Yay them.  My foot's all tingly, bleh.

I have to write a poem still, for APE, and who knows, maybe I'll become a crazy poemifier. Otherwise known as a poet. Maybe.  Maybe not.  My brain isn't really on now, so I think I'm going to eat my Yakisoba (yum) and watch telly.  Mebbe the PotC2 commentary.


Mar. 21st, 2007 08:43 pm
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Lost's on in fifteen minutes SQUEE!

I haven't posted in a very long time, because of several time-consuming activities.  One of them is drama (which is, at the moment, filled with drama and asshats. Expect a rant on that in the near future), and when I get home from drama, I have my shows (I never miss my shows. If I'm not home, I tape them.), and, the past two nights...STAGE COMBAT!  We finally did something COOL with Drama Club...a guy from a local professional company came and did a brief workshop in stage combat.  We learned front and back falls, slaps, hair-pulling, punches, elbow was totally sweet.  We're trying to see if we could do another, longer course, and that would make me crazy with glee.  My one regret is that we didn't get to play with swords, but apparently you have to train for weeks before they let you actually use a sword. T.T

Tonight was the Academic Awards banquet, which is boring and sucks.  If the school *really* valued my academic achievement, they would give me candy and then let me leave.  And since I'm in NHS, I had to set up AND serve fruit.  Dude.  Aren't I supposed to be smart?  Don't we have stupid people to do the menial labor?  .......Mostly kidding.

Oh well, oh well, oh well.  I want to write, and don't have time.  I finished American Gods (AWESOME) and started The Time-Traveler's Wife on a lovely person's recommendation.  It's good so far.  Senior Ball is coming up, and if I want to ask someone, I have to mobilize.  I have an idea on who I can ask, but I'm not sure if I will.  We shall see what we shall see.

Rrgh.  The drama thing is really pissing me off, so it will get it's own entry later.  Happy Lostnesday to all!


Mar. 14th, 2007 05:10 pm
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I now officially know my home is a proper American household, controlled by the commands of the idiot box.  My dad is at the Sports Show with a friend right now, and what does he say before he leaves?

"I'll be home at Lost time."  Hee. ^_^

Didn't post yesterday, because I bought Casino Royale, and I needed me some James Bond.  No time for LJ when there are sexy secret agents to be ogled! Huzzah!

Night of Drama is coming up crazy fast, and I'm kind of really really worried about it.  I mean, it's all just kind of a vague "oh, and then we should do this...and then maybe this" and it hasn't seemed to set in with anyone else that this thing is ONE WEEK AWAY and we haven't actually rehearsed anything. Ever. At all. >.<

I found a ficbuddy who I'm ranting to about my epic which will never actually get written I'm hoping to start soon.  I've also decided to skip the chapter that's giving me trouble, go on to the next one I had planned, and shove this one in later if I really need it (which I probably don't.)  Also, I had an awesome brainstorm for a short piece I'm doing for a's an idea I'd had before but discarded because I didn't think I'd be able to get a full story out of it.  So I was sitting in Focus zoning focusing, when lightning bolt!  If it's not enough for me to do a full length piece on...why not make it into a short piece? Huzzah!!

Really glad Bones is coming back (Angel! I missed you!) and I'm always excited for Lost.  On the book-front: I finished Devil in the White City today.  I really enjoyed it...everyone told me that the architecture bits get really boring but...I kept waiting for a really long, boring architecture part and I finished the book, so either it was so boring I've blocked it from my mind, or...I just didn't find it dull.  But I'm a huge history nerd, and the whole thing kind of thrilled me, since it was in Chicago, my hometown (represent, y'all!).  I started reading Fragile Things, which is a collection of short stories by Neil Gaiman, who I love to absolute death.  I'm about halfway through it, and I've enjoyed most of the stories immensely, and all of the stories a lot.

Subs for dinner w00t!

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I haven't posted in forever.  Things have been crazy busy in a way that's...not.  That makes no sense, I know,'s like, I haven't been *doing* much of anything, but I never seem to have a spare moment to get on here.  It's odd.  I've actually been online a decent amount of time (not in the last week, but in the past month, definitely) but I've just been reading porn doing other stuff.  But I keep thinking "oh, I'll post that on LJ" and then don't.  So, in the interest of time and space, I present: INFODUMP 2007!

1. I got my wisdom teeth out. Stitches in mouth = not cool.  My mother withheld my painkillers from me because the surgeon said they were habit forming.  Quick quiz, Mom: What are painkillers for? People who are IN PAIN.  I'm not going to develop a crippling narcotics addiction over the span of TWO DAYS so givememyfuckingvicodin! Urgh.

2. The play went well (yay), everyone loved it (yay), it's been said that it's the best play my school has EVER put on (yay) AND that it was like a show at the Rep (the city's major professional theatre group) (YAY)

3. Musical rehearsals have started.  It's The Music Man (I'm a townsperson. w00t), and it seems like it's going to be pretty sweet, IF everyone can get off their collective slacking buttocks and FOCUS

4. My eyes kind of hurt.

5. I'm struggling to get back into writing with my HP slashbaby (not involving actual mpreg cuz...that creeps me out), my prospective RE fic, and, of course, my ever lurking original work. Zoinks.

6. I'm *really* liking this tv season, even though my shows are ALWAYS on hiatus.  And they all go at once.  It's not like one will be off for a couple of weeks, and then another, no. They're all gone at the same time.  Which has led me to fill the void in my life with Wicked, Wicked Games, the trashiest of soap operas which is (horrors) on every single weeknight BUT is ending next weekzomg.  But, seriously.  House has been pretty cool. (Maybe that's why my mom doesn't want me to have my Vicodin.  Being like House wouldn't be so bad.  I could be clever and scruffy and have the two hottest doctors in the hospital in love with me.)  Bones has been fun, and it's hard to believe that the very first episode was so. bad.  It was just dull and blah.  But now it's cool...although I am broken up inside that they killed my serial killer.  I love serial killers.  And I had a real soft spot for this one, because his first episode was the one that got me into the show. *tear* RIP, honey.  Supernatural has been *AMAZING* and funny and Wincestous.  Lost is, always, fabutastic (SO. GLAD. it's back).

I think that's it.  I should go write.  Or read more wincest... I think I'm going to get a new moodtheme.

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Strangely enough, drama is pretty drama-free.  Most of the cast gets along, and everybody has a good time.  But when things blow  They Blow. UP.

I wasn't at rehearsal on Fri, but, as I found out today, major shit went down.  There was shouting, all-around bitching, AND crying director.  I got the low-down today, and then, before rehearsal started, we all had to sit in a circle and you know, *share.*  Now, I know this is probably a sign of severe psychological immaturity, but the "share and care" thing is SO not my deal.  Not only do I not like talking about my ~feelings~, it makes me queasy to hear other people go on.  It's just...uncomfortable.  A lot of the issues are stemming from ongoing problems between the director and a castmember (who announced that, although he will do this show, he is dropping out of the musical and resigning his post on the drama club exec board o.O).  And it's true, the director *does* have some issues not bringing a bad mood to rehearsal, which *does* affect the actor's morale.

But I think the real problem here is the relationship the director has with the cast as a whole.  We're students, and I think she also wants to be friends, but that doesn't *work*.  She can be a buddy outside of rehearsal, but during rehearsal she has to be the director, and the cast has to respect her.  I mean, I don't know what experiences these other cast members are having...but, I've worked with other directors, and there is one major rule of theater that everyone seems to have forgotten: Your director is god. You do NOT fuck with your director.

Come on, folks.  Grow a sense of professionalism.  I don't CARE that this is a high school play.  It is still a drama production, and you should be giving your damnedest.  Argh.
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I keep meaning to write in here more, and then I don't. My new resolution is to just post whatever random shtuffs I feel like, so I can get into the habit of posting. Just let it aaaaaallllll out.

*deep breath*

So, as much as I adore being at rehearsal, it's pretty frelling sweet that I don't have to be there tomorrow. I mean, it's Friday. All I want to do is go home, chug some Dew, and put my brain firmly in the off position.

Also: I just finished the most AMAZING book in the world for English nerds like me: "The Mother Tongue: English and How it Got That Way." It is totally made of awesome. It's got stuff about how the language started, and where a bunch of words come from, and how pronunciation has changed, and foreign people speaking really bad English, and ALSO ALSO ALSO a chapter on swearing, which includes the bestest curse in the history of ever: zooterkins. Yes. Zooterkins. I'm not sure the context in which it was meant to be used, but gol'darnit, I'm using it as much as possible. So, in addition to heights of nerdlove, it's actually a really funny book, even if your just a zooterkins nerd like me. So read it, by zooterkins! (Hee.)

And...I'm thinking about finally writing some Red Eye, since I've been lurking around the fandom foreverz (AND AND AND started the Most. Popular. forum for it. Behold my success, zooterkins!) and may have at last worked up the courage to actually *WRITE* something. I'm also considering doing the whole "post to an LJ completely in character" thing, because the immersion intrigues me. So ja.

Wow. Rambling really does get me a good sized post. YAY!
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But school and drama are distracting, and teh dial-up = slow. BUT, teh dial-up is no more (fin!) and teh DSL is rockin' the hiz-ouse (oh yes. i *am* ghettofab.)


I really like serial killers.

Not in real life, y'know, but...reading about them. It's fascinating. Yes, I know, I probably need help for being a morbid freak, but I really do. Right now I'm reading "My Life Among the Serial Killers" and I DEFINITELY recommend it to anyone who's into that kind of thing, because it's really great. It's written by a psychiatrist who interviewed serial killers like Ed Gein (WI Pride, w00t w00t!), Gacy (Chicagooooooo pride!), Macek (Chicago pride again, y'alls!), and all sorts of exciting (by which I mean, of course, twisted and horrible) folks. It's neat.



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