Mar. 17th, 2009 09:55 pm
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No, my stupid face does not get a cut, because my stupid face is on top of a SQUID SHIRT :DDD It is officially my favoritest thing ever, and super comfy and stylish...I just kept looking down at myself and going :3
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Waiting the arrival of familia. In this downtime that I should be writing my character sketch for Writing for Actors, have a comparison of my hair.

My stupid face )

Also, my hands smell like green apple dish soap
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My head hurts. This is half because I had a Back To School sleepover with my beffie and we stayed up watching Sailor Moon (yes, the dub, and OH THE NINETIES SLANG AND WONKY ANIMATION) and half because while at said-sleepover her giant dog headbutted me. Which hurt. Ow. Also got my hair cut yesterday.

Have some pics!

New hair and battlescar )
And some stuff for the photo meme )

I should know better by now than to click on things that I know will make me sad, but I don't. I was in a good mood before, but now I'm not so sure. I plan to bury myself in pornfiction and see what happens. *burrow*


Aug. 7th, 2008 11:09 pm
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Take that people who screamed FUCK YOU before I got to say anything, who almost made me cry with condescending rants about I obviously "just didn't care" since I, as a single call-center TEMP in Wisconsin, can't change ACS mailing policies, and berated me for CALLING DURING DINNER at times ranging from 5:30 to 8:30...I'm through with you, and you can all SUCK IT.

WHEE. That means I have two weeks of "summer vacation" again before school! For writing! Or...being aimless on the internet /o\ BUT MAYBE WRITING DURING THAT ;___; I'm actually itching to produce something lately, so hopefully I will get some good stuff hammered out and up to share with all you beautiful people.

Today brought to you by

(I promise I don't always looks this weird >_> )
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I HURT SO BAD. I sunburned myself TO DEATH SERIOUSLY OW. My shoulders and my entire back are CHARRRRRRED. In other news, no MCR for me. GIANT SUCK. D:

Um. Haitlin said I should blog about something RL so she can comment so uh...I'm so bloody glad that the year is almost over, though I'm really not looking forward to having to work this summer. Being a temp is not going to be too shiny, but at least it isn't food service, right? I have a giant final paper and a revised portfolio due on Friday, so I'll probably lock myself up this weekend and work (lolll, yarite, I'll probably spend the entire weekend online and then do it the night before)

She also said she didn't mind pretty pictures, so here's the picture I was telling you about...this is my desktop:

And...to celebrate my role as manager in [livejournal.com profile] secrethitmen's epic dream, have the Brian macro, which makes me lol to this very day.
My favorite flash macro EVAR )

In writing news, I'm kinda/sorta working on my historicalesque agefucked UST fic, which is best described as a Regency-ish Annie AU where Annie is surly and ends up fucking Daddy Warbucks. Also, I don't think I remembered to pimp it, but [livejournal.com profile] thelemic and I wrote a Frank/Gerard/Mikey fic which is a genderswapped genderswap, in which Frank and Gerard have always been girls, then wake up as boys and have Mikey help learn them some about sexx0rz. Here
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My mummy brought me purple Peeps :D

I mentioned illustrations for my Kissingbooth!fic, so. Here they are. (Please to be remembering: I am not an artist, I doodled these while I should have been taking classnotes in my freetime. Also, I don't have a scanner or digital camera, these were taken with my webcam which is not super quality.)

It's Mikey! And Pete! )

Also, I got my new glasses, and I was wearing my stripey shirt (which I have always thought of as my Mikeyway shirt) and went "lol, I'm going to take a Mikeyway picture." Sooo I did.

Warning: Me! )


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