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the icon love you meme!

Hooray for memes! And hooray for drag queens! (I watched all of RuPaul's Drag Race yesterday ♥__♥, if any of you haven't seen it...WHY?! it's amazingggggg. Nina Flowers is my favorite (and pretty fine in boymode too) and I adore Shannel's ridiculously snippy bitchtitude. DRAG QUEENS!) And hooray for Sweet Charity! Don't forget to go get your bid on, it's for RAINN this year. (Mini-Pimp-Reminder: I'm selling fic under takeapenny, 5k+ of whatever your little heart desires) I have to decide what I want *__* (and what I have any chance of being able to win, lolstudent)

PS: I have been refreshing and flailing over our boys but...

It's also $mad chedda$ and my pockets don't run that deep- I got a baby on the way.

GERARD WAY. WHAT. I. &himmmmmmm;
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Went to a 90s themed party last wasn't as loud or as fun as genderbender...the music was pretty good (except all the rap, I don't listen to rap now and didn't in the 90s so I felt all left out ;__;) but there were some NASTY couples in there just. Full on dry-humping, legs around the waist, pulling pants down and. URGH NO THNX!!

LOST was so good! And I just watched last night's Dollhouse and UNF SOOOOO GOOD :D (and it had PATTON! ilupatton i am listenin to you right now)

in other news, the meta post was soooo much fun! So fun! I think my next metapalooza is going to be about personal canon, so get your thinky thoughts percolating on that :)

I've been full of AUs lately :\ I want to write about Giselle Way the wannabe opera singer being the ~kept woman/mistress~ of Mr. Robert Bryar, and he doesn't really feel comfortable with it, but in order to be respected in Society, he's got to have a pretty lady at his side before he settles down, to blow on his cards and for him to keep in a nice little apartment. But he doesn't like it :( and he goes around to the apartment he pays for and Gee offers him sex everytime, but they end up playing cards and chess and reading books sitting next to each other on the couch. ...but I can't write that because I need to write my BBB :(
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Still having a slight BBB attack of indecision :\ Should I switch to the pregnancy fic? Should I switch to the slavefic? Should I keep powering through steampunk even though it doesn't want to be written and a zillion other people have popped out of the woodwork with steampunk fics? IDK ;___;

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murder etc

Jun. 2nd, 2008 10:07 pm
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Spent today mainlining marathoning Dexter--8 episodes in one sitting \o/ God, I love that show...and most of it I've only seen in super grainy, super choppy streams with bright yellow subtitles in some Asian language.'s nice to have shiiiny DVD quality--of course, the title menus are the fuggest things I've ever seen. Seriously, did they ask fifth graders to design them? UGGO. D:

I just had a minor breakthrough about the fic I'm going to write for [ profile] burgaw so, yay! (I wish I could ask you if it's what you want, but I don't want to ruin the surprise T_T) And when this week is out, chatporning is go again! *smish* (In case you didn't notice, TENTACLES! I promise, it is full of porn and cracky joy)

[ profile] thelemic made me profile and stickypost banners as part of his brainbreak from studying, so you should check them out :D

Mostly I'm hanging out...planning to finish Dexter tomorrow, hopefully get some writing done, just kind of live and avoid the emobug that bit me on Sunday (it seems to be going around).
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Got back from my interview with the new temp agency, and I have a much better feeling about this one. They might actually have a position for me doing fundraiser calls for the American Heart Association starting would just be evenings, but I really need to start working soon (I discovered today that I need to have at least $4000 disposable cashymoney for school) and if I work evenings I could conceivably be placed somewhere else during the day, so *fingerscrossed*.

Without further ado, HOSHIT LOST )


May. 28th, 2008 12:43 pm
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I don't know why LJ thinks I want FREE NARUTO CURSORS! but. Whatever, silly ads.

Still living jobless...I'm interviewing at another temp agency on Friday, and I got a call last night from my original agency about a receptionist job--but they never called me back to give me a time :\ I just need to work, and I don't want to work retail and there's NO WAY IN HELL I'm going to work food service, so it would be really really nice for them to just give me a nice office job. C'mon, I'm great with computers, I'm blonde and perky, I could totally me the efficient yet comically endearing young temp on the sitcom of my life!

I watched the new episode of The Bachlorette with my mom and sister (DON'T JUDGE, HATER)'s a much different dynamic than The Bachelor. I think I like it better...there's less behind-the-back cattiness and more straight-up conversation. Plus, the eyecandy is better \o/ (Although seriously, isn't TV supposed to be the land of pretty people? A lot of these guys are unacceptably fug) Supersuper excited for the Lost finale tomorrow. I can't decide whether to watch the "Special Encore" or not--they're teasing new footage, and I'm such a slut for Lost I need to SEE IT ALL but it's probably going to be like, an extra Significant Glance between Jack and Kate (*GAG*). Ah well. We shall see what we shall see...of course, once that's done, my Srs Television is all over. I'll be reduced to The Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance (haaalp)...maybe with Supernatural reruns thrown in, since I missed pretty much the entirety of this season /o\

Things I Need To See: Iron Man (again >_> ), Prince Caspian, Indiana Jones (eh, I'll wait for the DVD), Mama Mia, Get Smart, Wall-E, and BATMANOMFGIT'STHEMOTHERFUCKINGBATMAN. I'm seriously painfully excited for The Dark Knight...Christian Bale + Heath Ledger + Aaron Eckhart + Gary Oldman + Cillian Murphy (for like, two seconds probably but whateverrr) + Michael Caine (he's a FOXY OLD DUDE OKAY) = YES. I've been following the viral for this movie since it began and ohgodit'salmosthereeeeee *squee*

ETA: How scary is it to see people you sorta know in a random context on the internet? SO SCARY OMG
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Heading out to the cottage this afternoon, where there is no internet *woe* I'll be back tomorrow evening so hopefully nothing too OUTSTANDINGLY THRILLING happens while I'm gone. I've got an idea for my [ profile] mcr4u fic but I still need to roll it around in my brain a while.

Thoughts on the boys on SURS: Mikeyway = fail at television. The acting/public speaking side of me kind of died (GUM. NO. WHYMIKEYWAYWHY. And could you *look* less interested?), though the fannish side of me was going "Awwwmikeywayyyy" because. *sigh* He is such a little brother, amirite? *Everytime* he tries to say something, Gerard just keeps prattling on (prattling here being code for "OHGERARDYOURFAAACE"). I was struck by: how plain-old ~attractive Frank is, how pretty Gerard is, and MIKEY'S JAWLINE WTFSRSLY, it's gorgeous. Obviously, I am a slut for these boys. And Steven ACTUALLY ASKED Gerard about being married...I literally went "NOOO DON'T DOOOOO IT STEVEN!" But...god, such a dork. And Lyn came out to seeeee them omg, how are they all so cute????

I have no more to say cuz I have to eat lunch before we head for the lake but...*SMISH*


May. 16th, 2008 11:11 am
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Yeah, still hanging around the home comp, watching trashy daytime tv (Oh Maury, how I love thee) and waiting for a call from Geek Squad or the temp agency. Trying to write some pr0nz, not doing super well? But I'll succeed eventually! \o/

Re: Lost and Supernatural: OMFG. OMFGGGGGGG. O_O


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