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If you were in my house right now you would be having the THRILLING experience of hearing me wail along with TBP at the TOP OF MY LUNGS, YES. Having a house all to yourself (well, and the dog) is so much more awesome than dorm rooms \o/

I was trying to think of something vaguely interesting to post about while I don't have any new fic to share, and I figured most of you don't know my Sweet Bandom Connections Yo, so I could tell you about those.

Andy Hurley Andy is my closest link to bandom...we have the same hometown and he still lives here. Of course, I am also bound to despise him because he went to the rival high school argggh (I live on literally the last lot in the town, so I went to high school at HHS and he went to FHS, curses!) Also, PWentz has visited him and was seen at my movie theater of choice (not by me, more's the pity)

Chicago Area Okay, so I live in the hometown of Mr. Hurley, but I was born and lived the first 8 years of my life in the Chicago suburbs, right near where pretty much the entire Chicago scene is from. I used to drive through Bill Beckett's hometown on my way to ballet lessons, and I lived about fifteen minutes away from where most of those boys are from.

HOW SWEET IS THAT SHIT \o/ Haha, lamesauce, I know, but I have to share somewhere, because every time RL people start the "Famous People" storytime, I'm always just like "um, the drummer from FOB is in my town" and everyone goes "...FOB sux" and I make this face: T___T

But...writing queue is as follows:
1. AU of SHAME ([ profile] thelemic was supposed to talk me out of it! Blame her!)
2. HS Waycest for [ profile] thelemic
3. Frank/Gerard weddingfic for [ profile] unphoenix
4. Frank/Gerard arts AU <3

I wanted to close this entry with a sexy Gerardface, but I CANNOT CHOOSE BECAUSE GUHHHHH WHY SO HOTTT RECENTLY (AND ALSO ALWAYSSS)???

Cute SexyGeeface?



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I finally had another bandom dream! (Which made marginally more sense than the last one, in which I was Ryan Ross and Pete was trying to convince me to freebase red Pixie Styx with him in a dorm room) (For the record, I was like " thanks, Pete, I should go find Brendon." MY SUBCONSCIOUS IS SHIPPY) But this one was....okay. So the basic premise was I was seeing a stage version of Enchanted and was just kind of admiring these really cool sets (they were platforms that rotated and had different parts of houses so it was interiors and exteriors, very complex and nice work) and then I finally realized that the part of Giselle was being played by none other than Gerard. He was wearing like, kind of an edited BP jacket that was all black and really form-fitted black pants (I distinctly remembered my dream self thinking that his ass looked really cute) and like, I was sitting in the balcony but he was like, somehow a foot in front of me? And then we hooked up. Mikey and Frank watched. Haha, yeah, it was a fun enough that I woke up to my alarm and then turned it off and went back to sleep without even thinking about it. Luckily, it only takes me 10 minutes to get ready for class, because I overslept like a mother.

In other news...I really don't want to even think about the papers I need for midterms next week X_X I want to think about fic! And crack! And stuff! Although I now have a bag of Hershey kisses squirreled away in my desk drawer, so that's nice. And PROJECT RUNWAY TONIGHT!! I missed last weeks so I'm double-dipping \o/

And Commons tonight! Had meat! Real actual bloody fresh-off-the-grill meat! I know a bunch of you folks are not on Team Meat (PALINDROMES FTW) but I am pretty much a carnivore and it was AWESOME.

Still no way to get to MCR in Chicago. The tears they run HOT AND BITTER down my face :( I know I'm still going to Panic (!!!) but...not the same. And it's the end of TBP, and I heart it SO MUCH (seriously, I would never have gotten into MCR if not for TBP, it's one of my favorite albums ever). I just...WANT. Oh well...if it'll happen, it'll happen. PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN.

Before you go:
Cut for your Flist. SEXY PICTURE. )
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Livejournal is being wonky, so I hope my image and text heavy post works right.

So I says to myself, "Self," I says, "You just got done with class for the day. You could read the first act of Merchant of Venice or actually read any of the Scarlet Letter (which you have a test on next Monday) or critique an essay or actually start your own essay...or you could POST MOAR BOYSPAM."

I don't think you need to guess which option won out.

Return of the Revenge of the Son of Bandspam: FINALE )
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Last night was the most INTENSE Monopoly game of my ENTIRE LIFE. FIVE HOURS. SHOUTING, SUICIDE, STRIPPERS AND TROPHY BOYS WIVES. It was awesome. A++, would play again.

Unfortunately, I was sitting half on a matress on the floor, so my lower back and tailbone are KILLING ME NOW, plus I had ballroom dance this morning, with rumba and HIP ACTION OW. But now I'm back in my room, and it's time for...more picspam! (Very Gerard-heavy)

Bandspam AGAIN )
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Hil conned me into going to a "grad school meeting thing" with her because there would be free pizza. She neglected to mention that it was for an environmental science grad school thing, which pretty much killed my brain. Science, bzuh? the part where I was all "haha, I'll do a quick picspam of my faves!" And then I actually went through all the picspams I had saved and...I have pictures. *facepalm* It turns out my "fave pics" is actually codespeak for "EVERY PICTURE OF GERARD EVAR!11!!1" But I want to share my joy (my so so so very biased joy) so...

Bandspam: Part the First ) I'm going to bed now. Much, much more tomorrow. Hope this was enjoyable \o/


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