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Yesterday was my best day in recent memory, hands down ♥

I don't know if I ever mentioned it here, but my friends and I were planning to go see Rent in Chicago (with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal!!!), but through distressing cash circumstances ($70+ tickets) and general mishap, we ended up deciding not to. BUT THEN, the college announced a Rent trip! $15! And yesterday was that trip! It was me, Haitlin-san, Big Red, and Dr. Goose (plus a busload of other students, but who cares about them!) and the trip down, Dr. G and I discussed pretty much everything because we hardly see each other anymore :( But we got there, hungry, and I remembered that there was a Potbelly's around the block from the theatre, so we headed over there and had a deliciousss lunch (so good!). Big Red wanted to wander a bit more, but the rest of the company cried BORDERS! and thus it was. The Dr. and I wandered together through the glorious three-story Borders of Chicago, drooling over Watchmen books, and heading upstairs to poke at writing books. We ended up snagging a prime sunny window sill to read on, and what better way to spend two hours than in a bookstore?

Headed back to the theatre, where we climbed lots and lots of stairs to wait for the doors to open, and then more stairs to get to our seats. Fourth row from the top, fuck yeah XD But seriously, the show was phenomenal. The staging was really inventive--very minimal (as is Rent-like), and on a lot of different levels. Lots of jumping around, some dancing, cool lights, and OH YEAH original Mark&Roger (my extra special favorites<333). It was just...really surreal. I've never seen a production with people who I know from the CD/movie/etc in it and it was so so cool. I was just sitting there like...they're here. I've heard them on the album and I saw them in the movie, and now they're here and I'm hearing them live. They did fantastic jobs (as is expected) as did the rest of the cast. There were a lot of cute moments...I'm particularly remembering Mimi's sly crotch rub with her knee during Light My Candle and Mark doing a brief (and adorkable) bootydance during Tango Maureen. I couldn't really see anybody's face because, lol, fourth row from the top, but whatever, you don't really have to see things clearly in a musical (though it would have been nice XD). The audience was also really good...there's was cheering when a new character came on, lots of laughs, just really excited :) I bought a t-shirt and a poster, which I was ROBBED for, theatre merch is so expensive :(( but they're awesome, so whatever. Dozed listening to the Hushies and some FOB with the Dr. on the way back, and had chicken mcnuggets when we stopped at the Oasis, since we missed food service.

Was that the end of my fabulous day? It was not! Because what was on campus that evening? DRAG SHOW! I can't believe I was considering not going because I was tired from the day of travel. It was fucking amazingggg. There were...six queens, I think? They did a Q&A beforehand, where one of the queens answered the question "Where do you put it?" with "I put mine in a little box...he's waiting for me when I'm done with the show" and in the downtime while they were getting the speaker system set up they just fucked around, including "How many of you have been a drag show before? How many of you have had a fantasy about being with a transsexual queen? ...Myspace meeee" And the actual show was awesome...we sat right next to the speaker so it was crazy loud. Each of the queens performed two(?) songs and they were just so cool. Everyone was encouraged to give them singles, and you'd usually get a lapdance out of it if you did (and if you didn't), and they'd take them from your mouth or your top if you tried it and...idk, it just made me want to be a man so I could be a drag queen too :( Also, made me want a lot of music. There was a lot of Lady GaGa inspired outfits, and they performed Pokerface and Love Game. Womanizer, Single Ladies, a lot of songs that I didn't know but were fun XD

So, all in all...awesome day of awesomeness :)
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also, I got a loverly Xmas card from [ profile] sofiaviolet (thanks bb!) and a package full of nifty and delicious things from [ profile] thelemic (I may have already eaten half of the cherries >_> And I put the poster up right away! It's chilling next to the Hot Fuzz dudes) THANK YOU! ♥

I also got a late Xmas present from my boy Dr. Goose and omg omg omg, srsly, I am SO HAPPY. It's a book about Sandmaaaaaaan with all sorts of sketches and shit so I'm all \o/ Gonna curl up with that for a while this weekend

My Anthro class is really making me want to do REALLY REALLY COMPLEX AUs with like, cultural anxiety and shit. Also, I've been doing some sketches for my BBB and I might post some laterrrr.

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I love my friends so much. So so much. It's not really something you just bust out in conversation with, so even though only like, two of you follow this journal... You're the awesomest and I don't know what I'll do next year when you're all frolicking around abroad *clings*

In less schmoopy news...KINK. So, I claimed Pete/Gerard, harems for [ profile] sosodirty (which you should all join, because omg, I am soooo excited. Kink is like my bread and butter, yo, it makes my liiife) and I want to claim like, umpteen hundred more, but I'm trying to narrow it down to just one. Right now I'm vacillating between Pete/Patrick, being fed because I'm a huge creeper and the challenge would give me an excuse to write pervy fatsex and Brian/Gerard+Gerard/Bob, being given to another dom because. Um. So so hot and probably not something I would write without prompting by a kinkslist. But there's SO MUCH to wriiiite ;___; Sooooo...

[Poll #1300285]
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I love blustery days ♥ Especially when I'm inside, listening to the wind whip around and watching leaves blow, but it's kinda nice to be out in it too. I'm a Wisconsin girl through and through, and while all my wimpy friends are busting out the coats and mittens, I'm still styling around in my hoodies :P Speaking of, I have to order that Ludo hoodie if I want to wear it before it gets too cold to just have it by itself (*memo to self*)

Really nice weekend, actually. I didn't have any giant homework, so I got to hang out. Watched Kiki's Delivery Service (which oh god, I missed...I used to watch that movie pretty much every night when I was a wee lass, and I still love it to absolute death <33), had a Talk (five hours worth of sex, politics, religion, humankind, school, gossip, and menstruation, right onnn Disdainbrook-san), watched Marat/Sade with my class (really cool, actually, I was surprised), RP'd happytimes (BobnGerard's Titanic moment = so precious, dear lord~), and actually did a bit on the nunfic (I really really want to have it done before Nano starts, but I don't think that's gonna happen :\). Still have to come up with a plot for my 30-min play, and with the astonishing crash and burn of the plotless 10min...SRSLY, THINK UP A PLOT.


Oct. 3rd, 2008 12:42 pm
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House of Heroes, This Providence, LUDO and Relient K
Recap and a fuckload of pictures )

Fuck, I want to go to the Milwaukee show on Sunday ;____;
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I'm writing Priest!Gerard/Nun!Pete/Nun!Patrick. Should I be concerned? ...yeahhh no, I love me some religious kink.

D&D is tomorrow night and I'm so exciiiiited--I'm playing a half-elf cleric named Quill Patrin who's super tight with the Dragonborn. I've never played before, but the group is all good friends, so I won't feel stupid if I don't know something.

Nano...oh, Nano. Half of me is unbelievably excited, while the other half is going YOU'LL HAVE JUST FINISHED WRITING A PLAY AND HAVE TO WRITE ANOTHER PLAY YOU ARE OFF YOUR GOURD GIRL ;__; My plan is to try to juggle my procrastination--procrastinate on the play by writing my Nano and procrastinate on Nano by writing my play.

Watched last night's ANTM with the gang--god, I hate Clark, and I'm loving Analeigh more and more ♥ That show is so ridiculous, I don't even know.

I'm pretty sure one of the girl's in my BritLit class thinks Haitlin and I are dating, since we snuggled a bit while I was defending her from bees. It's pretty hilarious (BOOBPLEX!) and I wonder if anyone will end up asking.

so yeah

Sep. 22nd, 2008 09:46 pm
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I think everybody around here is already in on [ profile] ysosrsbandom but if not, go SIGN UP and put me in the "anything else" box :P Church of Hot Addiction all the way, mofos!

The fire alarms went off today which was...special. I manually shut down my laptop, grabbed my purse, and booked it. Now you all know my priorities :P They turned off after like, five minutes, so I'm guessing it was just your usual drill.

Class is classy and not v. exciting. I'm going to be playing D&D with some friends...I've always wanted to learn how to play, but was totally too intimidated to join a game at BSFFA (the campus nerd organization, in a nutshell) cuz they KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING BAWW THIS INVOLVES DICE RITE? I'm gonna be cleric, but I haven't decided on a race or any kind of characterness yet *ponderrrr*

ETA: I'm also going to see Ludo next Thursday with Ellen! FUCK YEAH! Of course, it's a great intersection of cash in my life: concert tickets, merch, and renewing my eljay account :\ boooospending

Because this looks super fun:

The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in (or think I should), and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Ancient Rome, etc). I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of AU.


Sep. 1st, 2008 07:45 pm
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Things are good in the Ice Fortress. I have peanut M&Ms, leftover Papa Johns, Mt Dew, and an assortment of other munchables. Not too much homework, although I have to figure out a character for my Script Writing character sketch.

I'm getting really excited for Nano this year...most of my floor is doing it, and we're going to put word thermometers up in the lounge just to foster some competition :D I totally think the bandomfolks who are planning to do it should have some kind of discussion/support group. I'll start something if I have to but, srsly, every time I start something it just diiiies so maybe it's not the best plan~ I'm still picking between my much beloved Indestructible Girl + Serial Killer story, and a fairly new vaguely steampunkesque one about a supernatural traveling freakshow that longs to be a theatre troupe :P

Watching the Sweeney Todd concert for NPH (♥) and trying to actually fic. Lately, all I do is random stuff and I'm thinking about just doing rambling half-fics for the sake of getting something out *sigh*
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College is...
...a friend from downstairs popping his head in your room at 9:30 and asking if you want to come along to a 9:50 showing of the Dark Knight in your pajamas in a town at least 10 minutes away that none of you know how to get to
...settling in for a night of internet, end up having a heart to heart about social structure and broken-heartedness which ends up in a few hours googling "penis" and talking about folding boobs and reading sex questions aloud from Cosmo
..."editing" an Obama poster to read "I Support Big Racks" and giving the man in question rather tasteful blue lipstick and an eyebrow piercing
...being wacky enough to experience the kind of weirdness only drugged people get while sober (but silly)
...leaving love notes like "You smell like ham" on people's doors
...waiting in the bookstore while your friend calls home so her mom can pay for the textbooks she doesn't have enough money for (REAL SMOOTH GURL)
...your carrots freezing
...a box of 140 pizza rolls
...keeping more soda than you should consume in your lifetime under your desk
...pinning curtains with paper clamps
...a constant state of debris

I'm happy.

ETA: The  )
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I HURT SO BAD. I sunburned myself TO DEATH SERIOUSLY OW. My shoulders and my entire back are CHARRRRRRED. In other news, no MCR for me. GIANT SUCK. D:

Um. Haitlin said I should blog about something RL so she can comment so uh...I'm so bloody glad that the year is almost over, though I'm really not looking forward to having to work this summer. Being a temp is not going to be too shiny, but at least it isn't food service, right? I have a giant final paper and a revised portfolio due on Friday, so I'll probably lock myself up this weekend and work (lolll, yarite, I'll probably spend the entire weekend online and then do it the night before)

She also said she didn't mind pretty pictures, so here's the picture I was telling you about...this is my desktop:
GIANT HI-RES PICTURE OF GERARD'S DORKY FACE ) celebrate my role as manager in [ profile] secrethitmen's epic dream, have the Brian macro, which makes me lol to this very day.
My favorite flash macro EVAR )

In writing news, I'm kinda/sorta working on my historicalesque agefucked UST fic, which is best described as a Regency-ish Annie AU where Annie is surly and ends up fucking Daddy Warbucks. Also, I don't think I remembered to pimp it, but [ profile] thelemic and I wrote a Frank/Gerard/Mikey fic which is a genderswapped genderswap, in which Frank and Gerard have always been girls, then wake up as boys and have Mikey help learn them some about sexx0rz. Here
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So, added some new peoples to my FList I just did an intro like, two months ago the last time I did a friending meme, so that's here if you want to check it out. Update since then...ah, less than a month to go until I finish my first year of college, [ profile] thelemic is still my sexbot beffie and we post our collabfic at [ profile] kinkninjas (there's not a lot now because we're cleaning up stuff that is mostly IN CAPS, which is a bitch to retype let me tell you), and. Yes. HAI.

Considering not going to class because it's seriously been pouring on-and-off. Of course, this is a damn dirty lie, because it's me. Of course I'm going to class. *facepalm*

Kind of obscenely excited about the new AU the sexbot and I have been working on (THREESOME TENTACLE MPREG \o/) (Dear New People: This is not an unexpected occurence around here, plz do not panic --The Management) I have made doodles that will probably never see the light of day, but it was fun to do them anyway :D

Feeling kinda nasty about writing...I've just been really blocked lately. I have tons of ideas, but when I sit down to work on them, they just...stall. It's sucky, and I'm hoping it's just the IT'S THE END OF THE YEAR AGH stifling my sweet creative nectars and once I'm done (MAY 7!) I'll reemerge as the... I don't even know where this disturbing metaphor is going, so I'm just going to stop.

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Oh haiiiii friending meme.

Making bandom friends is SUPERSPECIALAWESOME, so YAY I WILL DO THIS AGAIN AND FIND MORE PEOPLE TO CAPSLOCK WITH ABOUT DIRTY DIRTY GAY SEXXXX. or. um. have very deep and insightful discussions about...stuff.



Feb. 18th, 2008 07:04 pm
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So my (SHINY AND NEW) Flist is filled with introductions, so I figured I'd do one too.

Hi. I'm Jen. I'm in my first year at college, so a lot of the time I'll be bitching about papers and people in my classes. I try to temper that with some kind of bandlike glee though.

Fandomwise, I read a pretty obscene amount of fic (and I will read the baddest badfic you can find for the lulz...not bad grammatically though, my delicate eyes must has needs good English) As for me, I write stuff, mostly. I do some drawing too, but it's all pretty lame and animesque and I don't have a scanner anyway.

Umm...Geeway is my absolute favoritest thing in pretty much the world right now, though I adore the Panic boys (especially Brendon)...uh, Frank/Gerard = OTP FOREVER and Pete/Patrick is my 2TP and Brendon/Ryan hanging in there too. Those are the only three that make me feel off if they're broken (though the Panic boys are pretty much a mix and match of adorable and I'll read any of them together)

Uh, personally? I love English, theater (watching and performing), ballroom dancing (tango especially, though I really love jitterbug), anything Jossverse (as you may have guessed from the journal name), serial killers, comics (though I'm mainly into the classics: Watchmen, Dark Knight Returns, SANDMANomfg)

I squee and capslock like an insane person, and am totally up for any cracked out thing that might enter your head...IM me or comment and I'll probably flail at you about if for 50+ comments ([ profile] thelemic chanced to mention an AU she was we have almost 900 comments worth O.O YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

So. Hi! And to old you know! Any questions?
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Last night I went to see a magician (It's a schorlaship interview weekend here at B'loit, so there are high schoolers running around all over the place with their confused looking parents. It's SO MUCH FUN.) He was really good--very cool tricks and he was super funny too (and kinda hot \o/)

Spent the entire day in bed with Matt without noticing (the entire day part, not the with Matt part). We played chess (I dominated. He's worse than Juju was last time I played her. When she was twelve), and we played Speed for a couple hours while performing Sweeney Todd, followed by a high-tension game of Tiny Scrabble (He spelled 'dino' and I spelled 'brainz' and at the end, in a fit of giggles, we used our remaining letters to form 'Uclords Cnag')

This was followed with actual venturing into the actual public for the SECOND TIME IN TWO DAYS OH for Chelonia, the big dance show. I was impressed--I'm not really a fan of modern dance, but everyone was really talented. A lot of the dances ran a little long for my taste, but they did an interpretation of the Rite of Spring that was really cool, there was an adorable tap number, a HILARIOUS dance a bunch of guys did to The Final Countdown, and the final piece was a kind of hobo-vaudeville routine to a song from The Triplets of Belleville (I saw that movie. Weird. Visually fascinating, but I didn't like it much.)

Spent most of today trying to sketch the love story of Frankie & Gee: Arts School Edition (since they seem to be getting the most love), and I've got the basic down, just have to scrounge around for some specifics.

Wore my Black Parade shirt again today--it's the third(?) time I've worn it, and I'm considering never washing it, y'know, in homage to Gerard XD In other news, the tailbone has pretty much stopped hurting ♥ Yay!
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Last night was the most INTENSE Monopoly game of my ENTIRE LIFE. FIVE HOURS. SHOUTING, SUICIDE, STRIPPERS AND TROPHY BOYS WIVES. It was awesome. A++, would play again.

Unfortunately, I was sitting half on a matress on the floor, so my lower back and tailbone are KILLING ME NOW, plus I had ballroom dance this morning, with rumba and HIP ACTION OW. But now I'm back in my room, and it's time for...more picspam! (Very Gerard-heavy)

Bandspam AGAIN )
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Hil conned me into going to a "grad school meeting thing" with her because there would be free pizza. She neglected to mention that it was for an environmental science grad school thing, which pretty much killed my brain. Science, bzuh? the part where I was all "haha, I'll do a quick picspam of my faves!" And then I actually went through all the picspams I had saved and...I have pictures. *facepalm* It turns out my "fave pics" is actually codespeak for "EVERY PICTURE OF GERARD EVAR!11!!1" But I want to share my joy (my so so so very biased joy) so...

Bandspam: Part the First ) I'm going to bed now. Much, much more tomorrow. Hope this was enjoyable \o/
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I know I'm totally spamming but I just keep feeling the need to journal, and far be it from me to deny the wide beautiful world of the internet a single snippet of the random junk in my brain.

I have bandom icons now! Sexy! (Hi [ profile] thelemic!!! HEARTS!) This one is made from the picture that was totally my desktop background until I had to take my laptop into tech services and didn't want to feel the judgemental gaze of the mean nerds. Why is it always the mean ones who are in positions that require them to deal with people, something that they have trouble with even when not mean? Bah. (Do not misunderstand, I love the nerds, I am of the nerds...just in the "I used to be able to name every Buffy episode in order" not the "have you checked the BIOS?" I was all...o.O ???)

Worked on my crack!au instead of my 6-10 page creative nonfiction piece for class \o/

And my foot's asleep. Boo. Am about to start compiling my picspam (expect a lot of boysex, dorktitude, and Gabe Saporta touching himself. And also Gerard (touching himself, not Gabe touching Gerard though...yesplz) Nom.) Plus, my internet resolution as to comment more. So, write stuff, f-list and I will comment on it! I can't promise anything clever or particularly coherent but build it and they will come (never actually saw that movie, although Frankie and Gee watch it in one of my favorite fics evar ^_^)


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