Apr. 22nd, 2008 03:23 pm
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I got my exteeeeeeeension! This means the 10-pg DEATH PAPER about a play that makes NO FUCKING SENSE will be due on Wednesday, instead of Friday, which means I have time to do my Final Portfolio of LESSER DEATH that's due Friday and then get another 10-pg SORTA-DEATH PAPER (except it's sort of two 5-page MINOR DEATH PAPERS) and then take one more test and be DONE NEXT WEEK FRIDAY YES!

Phew. No idea what a weight off my mind that extension is, srsly, this play. ARGH. NO SENSE. But now I have 4 extra days to BS it \o/

In other news. Um. I have no other news? It's warm, I'm wearing my green and white striped socks, I'm feeling pretty happy. I'm considering grabbing my knitting and putting some choice Youtube on, just to unwind until dinner, after which I will totes work on my portfolio (I haaaaaet revising my works D: but it must be done)

I got a text from my super special favorite, which always makes my day...btwwww. We have written ACTUALLY DECENT (WE THINK) VAMPIRE WAYCEST. We'd be much obliged if you'd read it, since we're still figuring out whether or not we can post to bandslashmania, since it's the start of a series (which will eventually become Gerard/Mikey/Frank and FUCKING EPIC). (Warning: this includes blood (duh), moderate (but will eventually be more intense) D/s, and underage)

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I HURT SO BAD. I sunburned myself TO DEATH SERIOUSLY OW. My shoulders and my entire back are CHARRRRRRED. In other news, no MCR for me. GIANT SUCK. D:

Um. Haitlin said I should blog about something RL so she can comment so uh...I'm so bloody glad that the year is almost over, though I'm really not looking forward to having to work this summer. Being a temp is not going to be too shiny, but at least it isn't food service, right? I have a giant final paper and a revised portfolio due on Friday, so I'll probably lock myself up this weekend and work (lolll, yarite, I'll probably spend the entire weekend online and then do it the night before)

She also said she didn't mind pretty pictures, so here's the picture I was telling you about...this is my desktop:
GIANT HI-RES PICTURE OF GERARD'S DORKY FACE ) celebrate my role as manager in [ profile] secrethitmen's epic dream, have the Brian macro, which makes me lol to this very day.
My favorite flash macro EVAR )

In writing news, I'm kinda/sorta working on my historicalesque agefucked UST fic, which is best described as a Regency-ish Annie AU where Annie is surly and ends up fucking Daddy Warbucks. Also, I don't think I remembered to pimp it, but [ profile] thelemic and I wrote a Frank/Gerard/Mikey fic which is a genderswapped genderswap, in which Frank and Gerard have always been girls, then wake up as boys and have Mikey help learn them some about sexx0rz. Here
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It's just nice. The sun is out, there's a cool breeze, I don't have class tomorrow and. I don't know. I'm content.

Which makes it a good time to meet and greet!

I want to get to know all my new friends, and find out more about my old friends!
That means it's MEME TIME~!

Comment with your....
Interesting Fact:
Favorite kink in fic:
Total squicks:
Something you'd like to talk to me about:

My answers! )


Apr. 13th, 2008 03:10 pm
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So I spent about as long away from my laptop as I ever have on a weekend yesterday, because I was wandering around the art museum with my face painted blue. Why would I be doing this, you may ask? Why, it was Roman Holiday, and I was a Pict.

Have a picture! )

But other than that...yeah. Thinking about what would be a good next post for [ profile] kinkninjas...I'm sort of leaning towards the always-a-girl!verse genderswap threesome because then we'd round out the main categories of [ profile] thelemic's and my fic--Frank/Gerard, Gerard/Mikey, and Frank/Gerard/Mikey. (Yes, we've been working on the incestuous threesome tentacle mpreg, and it's pretty dang loveable, to my eyes at least. Of course, I'm more than a little biased)

Still having issues with my own writing, so I'm hoping that once school is over I can dedicate more time to that (of course, I'll be working, joy of joys, so who knows). On the other hand--I totally forgot to make a b-day post for Brendon (who used to be my second favorite band boy, but I think is kind of slipping into third with the Brothers Way dominating the top) but...I hope he had a great birthday and got lots of shiny things. I would write porn about him, but I'm tired. Maybe later.
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GNRRRGH, Cobra Starship is coming next week and I want to go SO BADLY because no band I like EVER comes anywhere near me at anytime I could conceivable go see them, but I have NO ONE TO GO WITH and NO WAY TO GET TO MILWAUKEE ARGH. I even looked at the Greyhound schedules and WTF, a 5 hour bus ride to Milwaukee? The shit is that? Do you people not realize I have classes to be in? So in summation: I need some magical way to get to Milwaukee between 3 and 6 next Wednesday and back to B'loit before noon on Thursday. Also someone to go with me. Quickly enough that all the tickets won't be sold out (it keeps fluctuating from sold out and not, so I really need to BUY TICKETS if I want to have them). So if any of you have super seekrit magical powers, NOW IS THE TIME TO USE THEM. I need to see Gabe's rapist eyes in person! And Vicky-T, because I have a massive girlcrush on her! And Ryland, because I die laughing every time he does Guy Ripley on TAI TV! And Alex and Nate for NO SPECIFIC REASON BESIDES THEIR AWESOME! *weep*

Project Runway tonight, yayyyyy! And Christian has immunity, so it's ALL GOOD. My Tiniest Bitch Queen will continue to snark another day! Please let them get rid of Ricky...and make the challenge really awesome and fun and give Tim more screentime! Thanks.

I started thinking about a "school for the arts" AU squee to post on [ profile] wolfshirts and...yeah, it kinda started turning into actual (if cracky) fic, so...that may be appearing soon. Since I'm not getting the creative writing I wanted to in my actual Creative Writing class, I will get through boysex! Take that, establishment! Sticking it to the MAN with the power bandom! I have also decided to cannibalize the numerous picspams I have saved on my to make a "My Favorite Sexy Pictures"spam, just, you know, for science.


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