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Intro to Gender Studies is pretty much definitely going to be my top class of the semester. I love it, and I'm always really excited to go which happens to me like...never. We just get to talk about all the kind of stuff I want to talk about but don't really have anyone to talk about them with, and read really interesting pieces and RRGH LOVE ♥ ♥

Soooo BBBwise (damn, I need to make up a tag for this)...I was originally going to have Ray be kind of a presence in the house to kind of...drop in and explain shit to Frank that the audience needs to know about how Gerard's life is XD but I've since fallen in love with Ray as Lyn-Z's greased-up engineer/first mate (she's an airship captain~) and his starcrossed/long-distance love affair with Bob the surly mechanic cook (he's the only one willing to brave the kitchen machines Gerard loves to "improve") SO he doesn't really fit anymore. I was thinking about who I could replace him with and went OOH Matt Cortez! Except...the only thing I actually know about Cortez is that he likes porn. Any recommendations on Cortez characterizing/other people who are MCR-related and would fill the role well? (FYI, in case you hadn't heard, Gerard is the Eccentric Gentleman Inventor, Mikey is His Brother, Frank is his New Assistant, and Brian is the Butler]
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3/4 done with my LAST EXAM WOOOO

Why does Frank feel the need to point out his dog's "little vagina" to us? Frank?

omg I am so soul tired

I been drinking Mt Dew directly out of 2 liter bottles

I'm gonna finish my exam, be with people, maybe work on my haremfic

I also posted the full version of the nextgen snippet I showed you folks if you didn't see, it's an entry back :)
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I looked so friggin cute today :3 I wore my new shirt from Etsy (&victorianbicycleromance;) and jewelry and put my hair back and damn. And then it was so cold that I didn't take off my coat in any of my classes /o\ (it was my peacoat though, with the fingerless gloves Emma made me, and the black+blue/purple funyarn scarf I just finished, so that was pretty cute too :P)

Officially claimed 3 prompts for [ profile] sosodirty *facepalm* My New Semester Without OH GOD WORK CRUNCH writing plan is such:
+Finish the Catholic kink threesome
+Wishlist fic
+[ profile] sosodirty Prompts (Pete/Gerard, harems; Pete/Patrick, being fed; Bob/Gerard + Brian/Gerard, being given to another dom)
+Finish (at long long last) the hetcest+Brian pregnancy fic

There are also a bunch of random brainthoughts I'd like to snipfic about, including but not limited to Wild West, Roman, space, and soooo much more

Now I gotta finish my rewrite, which is actually going along pretty well. I'm going to hand it in tomorrow, and then spend the weekend finishing my play (12 down, ~18 to go!) so I can get my other essay done Monday/Tuesday. Hopefully I'll be able to duck out of class early on Wed so I can get home for Thanksgiving <3

Happy Birthday [ profile] peridium!
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Happy Birthday [ profile] secrethitmen, [ profile] aileane47, and a BELATED (I suck) birthday to [ profile] iamsupernova!

Seriously folks, I am in such a crunch. I have my 30 page play (which I'm actually making decent headway's fun to write, which is something I can't say for any of my other assignments), the rewrite on my Pompeii paper, a NEW Pompeii paper, and I am so painfully behind on my Nano, since I've been working on all that shit and watching Manor House and ARGH D:< I just need to find time to get on Write or Die in between all my other writing, because I can probably write 1k in about 20 minutes (thanks Disdainbrook-san!) if I'm on there. Just. Plaaaay. and I actually figured out who the dude in my Pompeii painting IS so I can quote The Iliad and hopefully Professor fucking Douche will give me a grade I fucking deserve (DOUCHE)

On the plus side, finished a scarf, and got told I was "cute. Like, "I can't believe she's interested" cute." :3
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Not on, California :( I was really hoping that my PARTY DEVIANCE would get a thumbs up, since the party itself got trounced.

This November is making me so crazy. STOP BEING SO WARM, Wiconsin, you're freaking me out! I mean, I'm not in any huge rush for the winter to come, but I had to change out of jeans and a t-shirt yesterday morning because it was too hot. I ended up wearing a skirt and looking adorable, but hey, there's an upside to everything \o/

I'm handing in my schedule card for next semester after Pompeii class today--I managed to stalk Renato and get both the registration card AND my major declaration card signed yesterday! Creative Writing major, here I come :D I have two division requirements that I have to meet in order to gain junior standing, so that took care of half of my schedule, but that's kind of a good thing. The class selection was really sparse for me this time around, very little I was actually OMG MUST TAKE about :\

Prospective Schedule:
10:15-12:05 Human Bio
1:30-2:35 Psychological Disorders
10:00-11:50 Magazine Writing
12:00-1:50 Creative Nonfiction

midterm v2

Oct. 7th, 2008 06:04 pm
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One paper down \o/ One to go /o\ and a 10 minute short play to write over break /o? I'm actually sort of excited about the play because, seriously, yeah. WRITING A PLAY :D It's the stuff I actually think I am good at (dialogue!) without all the junk that makes me sadface at the confusion of what's good/what's too much/what to doooo (actual prose!)! I'm thinking about doing a sitcom romance type thing with the character I did in my character sketch, although I'm actually focusing more on her sounds fun, and not too bad to write over my break, but I don't know if I could carry it for a full 30 minute one-act so the 10 it is!

So I plan to veg this evening, do some RPing, do some writing, read some hot porn (bandom, plz kick some shit up, okay? Right now I'm happily rolling around in a big pile of McKay/Sheppard, but I don't even watch this show and I miss my boys)

I let myself have a 30minute nap this morning, and I put Broken Bride on and got shivers all over ;___; I really hate listening to Morning in May but it's SO GOOD OMG SO HURTY
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Midteeeeeerms ;___; I have it easy compared to a lot of people, I know, but I also have a complete lack of work ethic. Doesn't that qualify me for any sympathy? No? *sigh*

So apparently the doofy bandboys doing stupid things on Youtube phenom that I never got when everyone was squealing over TAI TV? Turns out it just has to be a band that you're appropriately bananas for...The Ludo Video Thing? I watched them all in a row. And. Am downloading it as podcasts, and omg DORKS. ADORKABLE. BANGABLY ADORKABLE ♥ They're probably playing right now in Milwaukee ;______; I'm going to try to convince Ellen that we should go to the closing show of the tour, at House of Blues in Chitown. IT'S CYCLICAL. AND I NEED MOAR LUDO. Also: Ludo icons? are like, non-existant. Sadfaces.

ETA: I almost forgot, I have two brief videos that I took at the show, but...they're sideways. >_> Anyone interested in seeing a guitar solo (with bonus guitar-mouthing/licking) or the speech from Good Will Hunting By Myself?
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I'm writing Priest!Gerard/Nun!Pete/Nun!Patrick. Should I be concerned? ...yeahhh no, I love me some religious kink.

D&D is tomorrow night and I'm so exciiiiited--I'm playing a half-elf cleric named Quill Patrin who's super tight with the Dragonborn. I've never played before, but the group is all good friends, so I won't feel stupid if I don't know something.

Nano...oh, Nano. Half of me is unbelievably excited, while the other half is going YOU'LL HAVE JUST FINISHED WRITING A PLAY AND HAVE TO WRITE ANOTHER PLAY YOU ARE OFF YOUR GOURD GIRL ;__; My plan is to try to juggle my procrastination--procrastinate on the play by writing my Nano and procrastinate on Nano by writing my play.

Watched last night's ANTM with the gang--god, I hate Clark, and I'm loving Analeigh more and more ♥ That show is so ridiculous, I don't even know.

I'm pretty sure one of the girl's in my BritLit class thinks Haitlin and I are dating, since we snuggled a bit while I was defending her from bees. It's pretty hilarious (BOOBPLEX!) and I wonder if anyone will end up asking.

so yeah

Sep. 22nd, 2008 09:46 pm
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I think everybody around here is already in on [ profile] ysosrsbandom but if not, go SIGN UP and put me in the "anything else" box :P Church of Hot Addiction all the way, mofos!

The fire alarms went off today which was...special. I manually shut down my laptop, grabbed my purse, and booked it. Now you all know my priorities :P They turned off after like, five minutes, so I'm guessing it was just your usual drill.

Class is classy and not v. exciting. I'm going to be playing D&D with some friends...I've always wanted to learn how to play, but was totally too intimidated to join a game at BSFFA (the campus nerd organization, in a nutshell) cuz they KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING BAWW THIS INVOLVES DICE RITE? I'm gonna be cleric, but I haven't decided on a race or any kind of characterness yet *ponderrrr*

ETA: I'm also going to see Ludo next Thursday with Ellen! FUCK YEAH! Of course, it's a great intersection of cash in my life: concert tickets, merch, and renewing my eljay account :\ boooospending

Because this looks super fun:

The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in (or think I should), and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Ancient Rome, etc). I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of AU.
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Plan was to come back from Botany, nuke my Cheezy Breadz leftover and then take a nap before my next class at 1:30. BUT THE CHEEZY BREADZ IS RUBBERY AND NOW THAT I'M NOT IN CLASS, I DON'T WANT TO WASTE TIME NAPPING :\\\\\\\ My brain, so strange.

So I had an awesome time telling [ profile] runthegamut a delicious story of UST and ~MAGIC~ (the glittery Vegas kind) that still has to be ~resolved so. YAY. FUN. But right now I'm hungry and trying to think about my Nano/my speshul fic/the threesome fic, which I really want to finish before I start Nano and HOLYSHIT I still have to write my [ profile] periodbandom fic IN ADDITION TO seducing the less than honorable [ profile] thelemic into writing about vikings with me (you'd think that boy would be more into language barrier UST hottimes but nooooo~)

Meanwhile, I'm probably going to end up eating peanut m&ms for lunch and become a zitty blimp, except it won't be hot like Fat Frank is ;___; I make no sense, I should probably nap but I DON'T WANT TO so I think I'll go futz with the bandom nano comm (I MADE IT. IT WILL BE PIMPED THIS WEEKEND) and make it presentable.
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College is...
...a friend from downstairs popping his head in your room at 9:30 and asking if you want to come along to a 9:50 showing of the Dark Knight in your pajamas in a town at least 10 minutes away that none of you know how to get to
...settling in for a night of internet, end up having a heart to heart about social structure and broken-heartedness which ends up in a few hours googling "penis" and talking about folding boobs and reading sex questions aloud from Cosmo
..."editing" an Obama poster to read "I Support Big Racks" and giving the man in question rather tasteful blue lipstick and an eyebrow piercing
...being wacky enough to experience the kind of weirdness only drugged people get while sober (but silly)
...leaving love notes like "You smell like ham" on people's doors
...waiting in the bookstore while your friend calls home so her mom can pay for the textbooks she doesn't have enough money for (REAL SMOOTH GURL)
...your carrots freezing
...a box of 140 pizza rolls
...keeping more soda than you should consume in your lifetime under your desk
...pinning curtains with paper clamps
...a constant state of debris

I'm happy.

ETA: The  )
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Under strict orders from Haitlin Disdainbrook to post an entry.

I'm at school :D Posters are hung, fridge has the biggest box of pizza rolls I've ever see, people are all about, listening to the CFOB mix ♥ and eating grape tomatoes. I'm wearing a dress and this morning I was wearing my kickin pumps but they killed my poor feet and I couldn't really walk that well so I ditched them for my vans.

Hoping to finish up the sloppyfic, talk to the right people about LARPing this year, and be ready for classes tomorrow. (I have seen the elusive [ profile] smashfantastic about, but she has yet to come visit me in my Ice Fortress, for shame)
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SIX DAYS LEFT OF WORK \o/ And then two weeks until back to B'loit, ~thrillivating.

My birthday is tomorrow eeeehee, I am full of snot, I have nothing interesting to say. Have a meme!

Chris ~tagged me )
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The Girls' Backdoor Pornomeme (Bandom Girls Can Has Anal)"

IDEK, you guys, but I'm pimping it anyway to represent (YO YO YO) my peeps.

Soooo many kisses to anybody who loved on me, seriously I was all shmoopy all last night and still now (it kept me from getting anything done on the ANGST D: portion of the EpicFic but that's fiiine, I'd rather have your lurve) I really wasn't expecting to get that much of a response, and I've been kind of down about my friendfolk (if I'm keeping up enough, being witty enough, producing enough flail, not bringing everyone down) so it really made me feel so much better and I've commented on every Flister, I think so

It's my LAST MONDAY as a college freshman which is pretty ~bitchin, and all I have to do is do a coverpageish thing and make some photocopies and Death Paper will be done, and for my Shax, I've got two 5 pagers, but Thursday there aren't any classes (STUDY DAY), so I'll knock those out then, turn them in on Friday and be hoooooooooome Saturday afternoon \o/ Homestay will bring less interwebby time for me, but (hopefully) thrilling tales of being a Photocopy Not!Boy.


Apr. 25th, 2008 04:42 pm
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Happy Birthday [ profile] folkballad! I hope you don't choke to death on your own hate ♥

Everyone is doing Day of Silence posts and I just...I don't feel like it's my place to say anything. I was born and identify as female, and I've never even briefly crushed on a girl (of course, I haven't crushed on boys either, but this isn't maybe-possibly-practicing-asexual day). But I do want to say that I'm constantly amazed by my Flist and all your experiences. I'm definitely an ally, and even if I often feel woefully uninformed in what I could say to support someone when I have no frame of reference for what they're going through (and I suck at putting support/comfort into words anyway, in any sense), I love you all and want to give you my strongest support ♥

On a less serious note, shitshitdeathpaperFUCK. I'm not going to work on it today, give my brain a chance to unwind, but this weekend, nose, meet grindstone. Don't expect to see too much of me...and if you do see me, ignore me, because I shouldn't be online >_>

Lovely time sidewalk chalking with mah grrls, even though it started raining immediately and washed all our beautiful art away T_T

Had a few thoughts about The Theoretical Epic, so braintwinning must has needs occur in the neeeear future (I can't functioooooon without you, bb, fr srs...I hope Old Greg didn't get you T_T)


Apr. 22nd, 2008 03:23 pm
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I got my exteeeeeeeension! This means the 10-pg DEATH PAPER about a play that makes NO FUCKING SENSE will be due on Wednesday, instead of Friday, which means I have time to do my Final Portfolio of LESSER DEATH that's due Friday and then get another 10-pg SORTA-DEATH PAPER (except it's sort of two 5-page MINOR DEATH PAPERS) and then take one more test and be DONE NEXT WEEK FRIDAY YES!

Phew. No idea what a weight off my mind that extension is, srsly, this play. ARGH. NO SENSE. But now I have 4 extra days to BS it \o/

In other news. Um. I have no other news? It's warm, I'm wearing my green and white striped socks, I'm feeling pretty happy. I'm considering grabbing my knitting and putting some choice Youtube on, just to unwind until dinner, after which I will totes work on my portfolio (I haaaaaet revising my works D: but it must be done)

I got a text from my super special favorite, which always makes my day...btwwww. We have written ACTUALLY DECENT (WE THINK) VAMPIRE WAYCEST. We'd be much obliged if you'd read it, since we're still figuring out whether or not we can post to bandslashmania, since it's the start of a series (which will eventually become Gerard/Mikey/Frank and FUCKING EPIC). (Warning: this includes blood (duh), moderate (but will eventually be more intense) D/s, and underage)



Apr. 9th, 2008 02:10 pm
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Happy Birthday to our most beloved (and my personal favorite) bandboy, the Eminently Fabulous Geeface &hearts


*ahem* Everyone else and their mom (MAMA WAY AGH) is doing picspams of birthday love, so I'll have to think of something cool...dang. It might end up being just a post-bday Geelove post, since I don't have class tomorrow! (It's Symposium Day! Which I plan to celebrate with sleep, Geeface, and...not actually going to symposiums!) Maybe I'll do an A-Z of Gerard Way Love.

Um. In other news, I feel so much better, part of which has to do with the fact that my brain is now consumed with t3h sexbot and my new project (I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU...I WAS NERDING AGAIN, BB, IM SRY) Oh! And also a possible new project about actual sexbots. WHO KNOWS? (See, cracky parentheses and random caps, you can tell I've perked up, yeah?)

Tonight is my flash fiction reading, which I'm sort of worried about? Not worried. Or even really nervous, just kind of, anticipating? I don't think my piece sucks (it is most certainly not a Waycesty commentfic I wrote for [ profile] thelemic with names changed and some of the more blatant incest cut out. Certainly not. Why would you think that?) but I get kind of irrationally nervous about reading my own stuff. OH WELL, THERE WILL BE WINE AND PUPPY CHOW. ...except I won't have wine, because I don't drink and I don't like wine anyway >_> (I don't like grape juice, so why would I like it after it rots?) THERE WILL BE PUPPY CHOW THAT I HELPED MAKE \o/

So. Yeah. Check out that incest funtiem and I hope Gerard has a birthday as fabulous as he is.
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Last night = not last night chilling with my family was just a wee bit dampened by when I settled into bed with my laptop for some end-of-the-night porning chatting wouldn't turn on. Like, the lights would all come on? But the hard drive wouldn't engage. Yeahhhhh, there were tears. I know it sounds really lame, that I was seriously crying over my laptop but I really wouldn't be exaggerating when I say my laptop is my life. It's got all my writing, all my music, it's my entertainment, my schoolwork, my connections. Pretty much 2-12 every day (with like, two hours out for food and a tv show) I'm on here doing something. So not having it would kind of be my entire life crashing down around my ears. But this morning, popped out the battery and put it back in, and it seems to be fine (well, the display is still phucked, but whatev) so *fingers crossed*


In summary:
-B-side = ♥xafrillion, I'm a hundred million times more excited to see them, I didn't even think that was possible!
-V.v. proud of Travie and wishing him the best of luck
-Finished my CW story, will post later
-Back to work on fannishbzns \o/
-Back at school /o/ (half-/o\ and half-\o/)
-saw Penelope -- SUPER sweet and highly recommended, it really just warmed my heart
-so glad to back in the world with all y'all internetty folk <3
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Job-dealio yesterday went well (I was getting set up at a temp agency so I can be pimped out as an office worker over the summer), and mostly without lulz save for this: I had to watch two videos as you know, company policy type stuff, and one was about sexual harassment/discrimination. Which, yeah, really cheesy but still understandable. The second video? Was entitled "Lifting." And yes. It was a video. About lifting things. And keeping the natural curve of your spine and doing a "tilt test" to make sure an object isn't too heavy for you to lift (Me: I'm going to work in data entry/reception, no one every told me I had to lift crap.) If that wasn't silly/mind-numbing enough...the opening? Was footage of a man lifting a box spliced with footage of a ROCKET TAKING OFF. With COPIOUS REFERENCES to using your legs as BOOSTER ROCKETS (my legs are going to burn out and then fall into the sea after I lift something?) Yeah. It was hard not to lol.

I should never speak to [ profile] thelemic again, because everytime I try to have a normal conversation with her, the saucy minx tricks me into mentioning some half-formed idea I have and then coerces me into writing it with her shameless smileyfaces. Which means instead of working on my CW piece, my brain is focused on writing my Fireflyverse fic, when I already have SO MUCH in my writing queue. CURSE YOU. I kid, you are my favorite kinkninja always and forever.

But yes. I will try to finish my CW piece (I may post it here, if I'm happy with it when I'm it a bad sign that I have higher standards for the stuff I write for you folks than the stuff I write for a class that I actually get graded on and will be mercilessly judged by my peers?)

*shrug* So, keep an eye out for some shortfic later this afternoon, if I'm lucky and don't get distracted by Alfie & Elbelle again (ALL WILL BECOME CLEAR IN TIME, EXCEPT TO [ profile] thelemic BECAUSE SHE ALREADY KNOWS ALL ABOUT IT.) And back to school on Sunday X__X
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My feet hurt so so so bad from dancing tonight. Why did I think I could dance in heeled boots? Why? I am so dumb. Plus, I now have a headache and feel a little queasy from eating a chocolate-covered strawberry directly before a spirited polka. Hmph. Also feeling kind of irked with people as a whole (high-strung, needy, generally uninteresting) and I really want to work on my AU, but my brain hurts. I might just go to bed :(

Also, I have become totally and completely obsessed with all the stuff at [ profile] two_way_street because, dear god it's kinked out like whoa, but it's so awesome. Anthro! Trans! TENTACLESWHAT!

About halfway through Doom Paper--having some trouble finding a balance, since I wrote like 3 pages about Shylock and then a paragraph on Falstaff >.< I think I will go to bed, actually, since I was up until 4:30 this morning chitchatting with awesome people *wavewave* about bandish things (Lamesauce says you? AWESOMESAUCE SAYS I)


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