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I feel like I've been studying forever, even though I barely managed to actually study today. Blergh. I've just lost all motivation 9___9

I found, however, THE DARK MOTHERFUCKIN KNIGHT on dvd at Walmart and damn straight I bought that shit. We're going to watch it when Clairebear gets back from her exam.

"You're Bronx Wentz," Collie says. It's not a question at all, so he doesn't say anything. That seems right, because after a moment of silence she says, "My dad and your dad fucked. How weird is that?"

Bronx doesn't like to think about his dad fucking anyone, not his mom and definitely not Mellon Collie Way's dad. He winces. "Um, fucking weird."

"But then, seems like my dad was kind of a slut." Collie fumbles in her bag--it has little cartoon dinosaurs and little cartoon robots holding hands and stomping on buildings together on it--for a bookmark, and tucks her book away.
--as of yet untitled/unfinished nextgen fic I have sitting in a private entry right now. Mellon Collie was named by [ profile] perpexsea and [ profile] nokomis305, used with permission :)

I have also now listening to FAD approx. 20 times all the way through and I LOVE IT TO PIECES <333333 I wish it was out, because I would have bought it at Walmart :(
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My driver's license is all ~renewed~ and ~shiny~ yayyy! This is an exciting week for many reasons and I will tell you them!

1. Tomorrow I'm going to see Mama Mia with Mum, Juj, and Lulu (Juj's godmother) and we'll probs go to Noodles & Company or something else. YUM.
2. Thursday, I will be turning ~*NINETEEN*~
3. I may be going out to lunch with my beffie on Thurs
4. My aunt is (hopefully) coming up from Texas on Friday which means...
5. State Fair on Saturday!

HOW THRILLING. Also, I only have to work two more weeks *dancedance*

I'm a bit spazzy, if you haven't noticed. Look what I made! (I wouldn't call it spoilerish, cuz it was in the trailer, and I'm pretty sure all of you who care have seen it)

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If you haven't watched the glory that is Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog DO IT NOW. This is the last day it will be up for free (though I totally bought it \o/)

Saw TDK again this afternoon, still face-meltingly awesome :D

Also: I don't know how many of you RP but...I set up a little something. For anyone not familiar with dressing rooms, it's a super super super informal form of roleplay. There's no application, anyone can play any character, AU versions, crack, and whatever is welcome. It's kind of like a playground :P I'm offering it up for perusal/play here before I pimp it for real, so. Go try it out, make me smile~
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I didn't get this up because I was tired and cranky last night, but...


I want your flail and your angst and your UNGH (...unless it was just me, in that case CARRY ON). Comments are obviously spoilerific.


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