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I currently have XXX imprinted on the veryvery upper inside of my thigh. Woohoo?

Context: Last night was the Fetish Ball at the Alliance and fuckyeahhhh, you know that's where I'm at. I slapped on the corset and the combat boots, borrowed a slutty(ish) skirt, collared Elise and took her over on a leash (made of her belt), along with Big Red (wearing my top as a sexy secretary), and Elise's roomie who wore lingerie and a silver flasher coat. There weren't too many people there when we showed up (little before midnight), but we got our groove on, and I held Elise's leash while we danced...and her boyfriend's...and also this guy who had wrist-ties. I danced with him later too, but generally just rocked around with my girlz. We danced and danced and danced, and there was lightning which was cool, and Hilary came to pick us up because it was pouring and she knew there wasn't really room for umbrellas in our fetish gear. So she danced danced for a while too, and then we headed back to the dorm, and sat in my room until 4am having girl talk XD SOMETIMES COLLEGE IS ESPECIALLY AWESOME

Really have to get back into the groove with BBB if I want to get 'er done, gotta do a group paper later (joy ._.), and I really need to eat something XD We'll see what happens~
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Today is SPRING DAY, which means no class and a bunch of awesome free activities going on. I'm pretty much heading up face-painting for SPIEL, and then I'll be going to watch ClaireBear get her hair cut :O! and then probably dicking around for a while, hopefully tie-dying, and then working on my Bio paper.

Happy Birthday to the fabulous [ profile] crystic! If you want a ficlet or something bb, let me know, I'll hopefully get to it in like...three weeks when school is out and I've either pulled 14k of a BBB out of my ass or failed and have written a zillion final papers ;___;

SPEAKING OF WRITING *picks up cane* another fantabulous person, [ profile] aceles, has started a fabulous new prompt comm which I am a co-mod of! It's [ profile] bandomtropes, and the prompts will be drawn from the ever time-sucky TV Tropes (srsly, go there and click around for a while, you'll nevarrrr get away). There will be a trope posted every week, and both writers AND artists are welcome to give their interpretation! Any and all flavors of bandom are welcome, and it's not a competition or whatever. Just for fun, playing around, and you can participate every week or just once in a while. If this sounds cool, it would be great if you could pimp it out and come play with us :)

on that note...FUCK YEAH NO CLASS \o/

and since I confused people last time (cuz I'm D-U-M, DUM), drusillathemad
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I wish I could say "the Motts" would make describing things so much easier. The play I am reading right now, for example, is giving me major motts :( and when I say "it made me uncomfortable" in class tomorrow, I won't really be expressing my meaning

...meta tomorrow, I think. Stay on your toes.
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I'm doing a research project, and circulating this survey with my friends, but I figured that a wider variety of people would give me the best results :D Please copypaste into a comment and fill out the survey quickly, don't take time to think about anything and don't go back and change what you've written, I want your first reaction. Comments are screened and you can comment anonymously if you'd feel more comfortable with that (no names or anything will be shared during my presentation)

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First of my [ profile] sosodirty fics has been posted~

The Whole of Nature
Pete/Patrick, ~2k, Adult
Prompt: being fed

The whole of nature, as has been said, is a conjugation of the verb to eat, in the active and in the passive. ~William Ralph Inge

In other news, it's raining like all hell and I'm a grump about it :( I long to be curled up inside, peering out the window and snuggling in with a blanket...not going to class :\ But I've just got one more, and it's close, and it's only an, it's presentation day and I presented last time \o/

so...finish my muffin (nomnomnom), maybe do some BBB, maybe some...random serialmurder stuff >_> *innocent*
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just got back from a party, wooooo

i'm not drunk or anything, i can just still here the ringing of the fire alarm in my ears and it's too distracting for me to type in caps. and yes, fire alarm, if not for that, i would probably still be there now, dancing my heart out

the tale of my attendance at the alliance house's gender-bender party:

1. dude from the alliance mentions it in queer europe!
2. i tell ellen
3. ellen says she wants to go with me (she's always bitching about how we never go out or do anything and how she really wants to party more often [note: in my friend group party = not stay in and watch a movie])
4. today, ellen decides she doesn't really want to go
5. my shaming is unsuccessful
6. i coerce hilary into going with me
7. i take a shower and decide i don't want to go either
8. hilary comes upstairs to draw on a mustache
9. hilary's shaming is entirely successful
10. i dress up like a dude
11. hilary and i slip a lot on the ice walking over towards the library
12. we realize the alliance house is not at all near the library
13. i nearly fall into a giant puddle of mud slushy because of ice
14. i can't get up the other side either
15. i have to run on the ice to get up on the sidewalk
16. hilary looks at the map
17. we walk towards the parking lot
18. we hear the dulcet tones of madonna blasting
19. we show our ids and get hearts drawn on our hands
21. wtf is that beeping
22. is that part of the song?
23. i think it's the fire alarm
24. yeah, that's totally the fire alarm
25. let's skedaddle
26. we did

i will say this for beloit: our dudes are a lot more attractive a) wearing dresses and b) in the dark. i also saw a dude who reminded me of a really super ugly version of mikeyway, but he was wearing a tiny skirt and cami and doing total slutbox grinding up on this short girl, so it made me happy anyway.

i will try to sleep and regain my hearing for the morning
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Intro to Gender Studies is pretty much definitely going to be my top class of the semester. I love it, and I'm always really excited to go which happens to me like...never. We just get to talk about all the kind of stuff I want to talk about but don't really have anyone to talk about them with, and read really interesting pieces and RRGH LOVE ♥ ♥

Soooo BBBwise (damn, I need to make up a tag for this)...I was originally going to have Ray be kind of a presence in the house to kind of...drop in and explain shit to Frank that the audience needs to know about how Gerard's life is XD but I've since fallen in love with Ray as Lyn-Z's greased-up engineer/first mate (she's an airship captain~) and his starcrossed/long-distance love affair with Bob the surly mechanic cook (he's the only one willing to brave the kitchen machines Gerard loves to "improve") SO he doesn't really fit anymore. I was thinking about who I could replace him with and went OOH Matt Cortez! Except...the only thing I actually know about Cortez is that he likes porn. Any recommendations on Cortez characterizing/other people who are MCR-related and would fill the role well? (FYI, in case you hadn't heard, Gerard is the Eccentric Gentleman Inventor, Mikey is His Brother, Frank is his New Assistant, and Brian is the Butler]
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Wheeee, my parents are at their refinancing closing, so I put my FAD CD (YES! I bought a CD! For the first time in...god, I have no idea!) on really loud and am singing along even though I hardly know the words (and because no one is home I can just make random warbley sounds and it works!) FUN TIMES

Haitlin-san and I have planned a MF-Racine EPIC EXCHANGE for next week...she's coming to spend the night (I'm taking her to Uno's!) and then we're spending the next night at her house (she's taking me to her Mall of Lame!) It'll be legen--wait for it---DARY.

Also, Haitlin and Clairebear and I had an awesome chat last night (room name: pimpglitter) and...I really love just having big doofy chats, and I love talking to all you, but being able to reference shit we've all seen/done is kind of amazing.

I have a thread in the fanficcer's love meme, and any love would be greatly appreciated <3

I'm gonna work on my [ profile] sosodirty fic and then some origfic. Yay!
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Not on, California :( I was really hoping that my PARTY DEVIANCE would get a thumbs up, since the party itself got trounced.

This November is making me so crazy. STOP BEING SO WARM, Wiconsin, you're freaking me out! I mean, I'm not in any huge rush for the winter to come, but I had to change out of jeans and a t-shirt yesterday morning because it was too hot. I ended up wearing a skirt and looking adorable, but hey, there's an upside to everything \o/

I'm handing in my schedule card for next semester after Pompeii class today--I managed to stalk Renato and get both the registration card AND my major declaration card signed yesterday! Creative Writing major, here I come :D I have two division requirements that I have to meet in order to gain junior standing, so that took care of half of my schedule, but that's kind of a good thing. The class selection was really sparse for me this time around, very little I was actually OMG MUST TAKE about :\

Prospective Schedule:
10:15-12:05 Human Bio
1:30-2:35 Psychological Disorders
10:00-11:50 Magazine Writing
12:00-1:50 Creative Nonfiction


Oct. 10th, 2008 12:49 pm
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I am officially DONE with the first half of the semester \o/ Papers are sent in, classes are attended, now all that remains is to pack (ahahahahahahaa i mean, what) and have a KICKASS Nano brainstorming party with my pretty ladies, Disdainbrook and Clairebear ♥

I've been applying pins to my purse and tote, which is more difficult than it might seem, because my purse is made of freaky tough material and the pins have teeeeeeeeny pin parts. Still, my shit will be Ludopimp'd, and that's what matters :D

Wishing I could see Cobras next Friday but I haven't got any ride prospects :\ Boo.

Been working on the nunfic, bringin' sexy back, and playing Snood. In general, life is good and it's gonna be nice to be home :)

midterm v2

Oct. 7th, 2008 06:04 pm
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One paper down \o/ One to go /o\ and a 10 minute short play to write over break /o? I'm actually sort of excited about the play because, seriously, yeah. WRITING A PLAY :D It's the stuff I actually think I am good at (dialogue!) without all the junk that makes me sadface at the confusion of what's good/what's too much/what to doooo (actual prose!)! I'm thinking about doing a sitcom romance type thing with the character I did in my character sketch, although I'm actually focusing more on her sounds fun, and not too bad to write over my break, but I don't know if I could carry it for a full 30 minute one-act so the 10 it is!

So I plan to veg this evening, do some RPing, do some writing, read some hot porn (bandom, plz kick some shit up, okay? Right now I'm happily rolling around in a big pile of McKay/Sheppard, but I don't even watch this show and I miss my boys)

I let myself have a 30minute nap this morning, and I put Broken Bride on and got shivers all over ;___; I really hate listening to Morning in May but it's SO GOOD OMG SO HURTY
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I'm writing Priest!Gerard/Nun!Pete/Nun!Patrick. Should I be concerned? ...yeahhh no, I love me some religious kink.

D&D is tomorrow night and I'm so exciiiiited--I'm playing a half-elf cleric named Quill Patrin who's super tight with the Dragonborn. I've never played before, but the group is all good friends, so I won't feel stupid if I don't know something.

Nano...oh, Nano. Half of me is unbelievably excited, while the other half is going YOU'LL HAVE JUST FINISHED WRITING A PLAY AND HAVE TO WRITE ANOTHER PLAY YOU ARE OFF YOUR GOURD GIRL ;__; My plan is to try to juggle my procrastination--procrastinate on the play by writing my Nano and procrastinate on Nano by writing my play.

Watched last night's ANTM with the gang--god, I hate Clark, and I'm loving Analeigh more and more ♥ That show is so ridiculous, I don't even know.

I'm pretty sure one of the girl's in my BritLit class thinks Haitlin and I are dating, since we snuggled a bit while I was defending her from bees. It's pretty hilarious (BOOBPLEX!) and I wonder if anyone will end up asking.

so yeah

Sep. 22nd, 2008 09:46 pm
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I think everybody around here is already in on [ profile] ysosrsbandom but if not, go SIGN UP and put me in the "anything else" box :P Church of Hot Addiction all the way, mofos!

The fire alarms went off today which was...special. I manually shut down my laptop, grabbed my purse, and booked it. Now you all know my priorities :P They turned off after like, five minutes, so I'm guessing it was just your usual drill.

Class is classy and not v. exciting. I'm going to be playing D&D with some friends...I've always wanted to learn how to play, but was totally too intimidated to join a game at BSFFA (the campus nerd organization, in a nutshell) cuz they KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING BAWW THIS INVOLVES DICE RITE? I'm gonna be cleric, but I haven't decided on a race or any kind of characterness yet *ponderrrr*

ETA: I'm also going to see Ludo next Thursday with Ellen! FUCK YEAH! Of course, it's a great intersection of cash in my life: concert tickets, merch, and renewing my eljay account :\ boooospending

Because this looks super fun:

The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in (or think I should), and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Ancient Rome, etc). I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of AU.
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I love music that makes you sing along without even knowing it. :) Usually I'm really good about it, but this album is getting me going even though the door is open &Ludo;

This isn't a very interesting thing for my new friends to all see is kinda...monotonous? It's class, and other class, and fun stuff, and class. I wore my favorite dress today with knee socks just to be peppy and got several compliments. That always makes me happy--I don't try to look nice very often, and it makes me glad that people notice when I do.

There's a fine line between being friendly and encouraging people.

This is SOLEMNER than I have been but. idk, I'm not in a spazzy mood tonight, I probably should have waited until after watching yesterday's ANTM to post but I had time now. The Ice Fortress is...icy. I guess I should make a tag about my room. And maybe pictures? IDK.

Gonna work on [ profile] periodbandom first and foremost and then some other stuff. I'm gonna steal this from Chris and say If you had me under your command and could make me write anything, regardless of whether or not I know the fandom or if anybody even writes fic in that fandom and no matter how crack-addled it might be, what would you love to see me write?

carry on

Sep. 8th, 2008 03:17 pm
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Apparently my conference was...randomly changed on me, and is now Wednesdays at 3:30 not Monday at 3:15. Oh well, all the same to me. Today was a nice day--in Botany we did some replanting and are planning for plant germination experiments and it's really a much more interesting class that I expected. I'm sure the hard stuff is going to rain down on my head later, but for now, I'm happy with David Attenborough videos and eating fruit. My second class for the day (Pompeii) was cancelled because of the professor's cold so \o/

I gotta start working on my own [ profile] periodbandom (Chris and I made a good dent in Vikinz...a, um, stay up until 5am writing dent >_>) even though I was hoping to either finish up the threesome or get a good chunk done on my current pet project before that. I have to finish up some of this shit before Nano ;___;

It was a really great weekend--my friend Claire turned twenty on Saturday, and we all waited around on Friday and then went to Ihop at midnight...the Ihop is like, half an hour away and IN ILLINOIS so we had to pay a toll for our delicious late night breakfast! I ordered a half-order of chocolate chip pancakes with hashbrowns, and they gave me a full order by mistake \o/ Like I could eat that much though, srsly (I used to be able to...I think school food has trained me to eat less, which is...a good thing, I suppose, but not when I'm home and have GOOD FOOD and I can't even finish a burger) Saturday a bunch of people went to Folk & Blues (outdoor music festivalish thing on campus) and I stayed in writing fic to the aforementioned 5am. Slept some, dicked around online while my Botany textbook glared shamingly up at me, and then got some VMA play-by-play from Anncake. I like lazy weekends like that, when there's something BIG AND FUN we went to/did and then the rest of the time I can lay low (and we can talk about having two vaginas while Ellen stealthdoodles a hairy vag with "Roll out" written underneath on my leg)

I am also on a huge PMFStump binge. Sometimes I get so distracted by the shiny dorky earnestness that is Geeway that I forget how much I WHOLEHEARTEDLY ADORE Patrick ♥


Sep. 1st, 2008 07:45 pm
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Things are good in the Ice Fortress. I have peanut M&Ms, leftover Papa Johns, Mt Dew, and an assortment of other munchables. Not too much homework, although I have to figure out a character for my Script Writing character sketch.

I'm getting really excited for Nano this year...most of my floor is doing it, and we're going to put word thermometers up in the lounge just to foster some competition :D I totally think the bandomfolks who are planning to do it should have some kind of discussion/support group. I'll start something if I have to but, srsly, every time I start something it just diiiies so maybe it's not the best plan~ I'm still picking between my much beloved Indestructible Girl + Serial Killer story, and a fairly new vaguely steampunkesque one about a supernatural traveling freakshow that longs to be a theatre troupe :P

Watching the Sweeney Todd concert for NPH (♥) and trying to actually fic. Lately, all I do is random stuff and I'm thinking about just doing rambling half-fics for the sake of getting something out *sigh*

who knows

Jul. 2nd, 2008 02:08 pm
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I've been in...I don't know what I'd call it. It's not precisely a bad mood but...a Not Good mood for a while and I don't know what to do with it :\ My mcr4u is...outlined, I guess you'd say? I have each of the major scenes started/50% done, and now I just have to go and fill in some. Maybe moving onto a different writing project will help invigorate me, I just feel so slumpy. Part of it is my work schedule,'s just so hard to really *do* anything, because my jobs aren't close enough together in time that I can stay in the same "Work Work Work" mood the whole time but they aren't separated from each other enough that I can actually accomplish something between them. Plus, they're so so different, it's just a whole different feel. I actually really like TAing, but ACS drains me so bad. I know I'm no fun to be with afterwards--I'm either completely fried and spazzed out or in a foul mood. At least, I'm hoping that that's my issue, and that the lyrics are wrong.

A friend just posted pics from the year on Facebook and it's neat to look back and go "Oh, ballroom dancing! Oh, Roman Day! Oh, wandering around with people!" ...I miss school. I love being at home, and I of course love not having class, but I really miss having people just, always around. I get so lonely sometimes.


Mar. 19th, 2008 07:55 pm
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Cut for Pretty. Odd. spoilers and totally useless squee )

Happy Birthday to the fantabulous [ profile] eyes__so_deep, love ya honey.

In other music news, I've been listening to the MSI sampler that was up on bandomrecs (I think?) and...I kind of really dig it. I should have known Geeface would have a wife both smokin' hot AND in a kickin' band (he's cool like that. Have I mentioned how their gorgeous, romantic and dweebfaced love makes me so gleeful? It does.) I'm kind of mystified though, because it will only let me put two of the song on my iPod. Why is this?

Signed up to write a King Lear AU for [ profile] shakespeareetc...I'd been thinking about it anyway, and I really liked the last challenge piece I wrote, maybe the deadline is good for me *shrug* So, if anybody is familiar with the play, I'm still working some casting issues out, and would love someone to chat with about it :D

AWESOME HOUSING NEWS. I was just ambushed by my gal Hil and it turns out that we not only got the Sub-Free housing we've (well, she and Matt, I've just been cheerleading) have been working for, it's pretty much in the spot we wanted, really awesome rooms and I probably get a ~singleomg.
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This was a nice afternoon. I didn't have anything to do homework-wise, so I watched the first episode of Pushing Daisies (OMG CUTE. I can't wait to watch more of it, it's really sweet), some Lost (TORTURETORTURETORTUREYAYYY), and do some coloring. Now the walls of the dorm are far prettier, thanks to me and my girls \o/

Otherwise. Um. Have been spectacularly useless on the writing front...I don't know. I just haven't felt like it? I feel weird writing with roomie around too. I dunno. I still really really want to get The Shame AU to the world, because I love it so desperately. At least if anyone accuses me of being a slacker, I can point to my epic commentfic(s) (Look! I totally wrote half of that! I'm not a loser!)

My short story is getting critiqued in class tomorrow, so expect either ~glee or WRATH tomorrow afternoon .____.

I. Really don't have much to say. I'm just. Contented, I guess. The nice weather is really perking me up.
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O hai there, good morning, no, I wasn't up until 2:30 writing 1700s gay underage vampire incest. Why would you think that? ([ profile] thelemic, you are my favorite forever, srsly. PS: I'll be on early afternoon ~2 and then probably not until late so...see you then <3)

I am SOOO HAPPY because I finished Doom Paper II yesterday before dinner (I just came home from class, unplugged my internet cable and hammered it out. I hope it's what the prof is looking for, since it's kind of different from other papers, but *shrug* Nothing I can do now) and thus got to enjoy an entire evening of LOOOOOST (OMGOMGOMG) and gay underage vampire incest err, knitting socks for orphans with NO GUILT WHEE. I have to go and print my paper (Doom Paper I) before American Lit...which I'm reeeeeally hoping he's going to cancel, because I don't know how many people are going to show up. Then I'll swing back to the library and print Doom Paper II on the way back to the dorm where I will hang around before going to Script Analysis and handing in Doom Paper II. I plan to doodle two certain chiiildren (kisses, sweethearts, you'll see the light of day soon) and pretend to pay attention to Chekov before PACKING BECAUSE I'M GOING HOME TONIGHT FOLKS. Yayy!

Slight shifts in my writing queue...I'm planning to get the (Shameful) Bunny That Ate My Brain and my CW short story (which I could probably repurpose as a bandom story if I have time) done over break. Well, definitely CW cuz it's due when I get back, but hopefully Shame Bunny will get a chance too. Then the HS Waycest, then the weddingfic, and probably arts school after that? With the other ones floating around in the ether somewhere, waiting to strike.

ALSO: Layouts. I want a pretty one and I phail epically at coding and don't even know how to install one I've downloaded (and I can't seem to find one I want anyway). Halp?

AND: I kind of really want to do a pornomeme because...they're kinda super amazing. Would you folks be hip to that (aka be willing to participate so I don't feel like an utter failure .___.)??


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