Oct. 10th, 2008 12:49 pm
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I am officially DONE with the first half of the semester \o/ Papers are sent in, classes are attended, now all that remains is to pack (ahahahahahahaa i mean, what) and have a KICKASS Nano brainstorming party with my pretty ladies, Disdainbrook and Clairebear ♥

I've been applying pins to my purse and tote, which is more difficult than it might seem, because my purse is made of freaky tough material and the pins have teeeeeeeeny pin parts. Still, my shit will be Ludopimp'd, and that's what matters :D

Wishing I could see Cobras next Friday but I haven't got any ride prospects :\ Boo.

Been working on the nunfic, bringin' sexy back, and playing Snood. In general, life is good and it's gonna be nice to be home :)


Oct. 3rd, 2008 12:42 pm
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House of Heroes, This Providence, LUDO and Relient K
Recap and a fuckload of pictures )

Fuck, I want to go to the Milwaukee show on Sunday ;____;
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I just. I can't. STICKY CAPS, FRANK? FUCKING STICKY CAPS? WHYYY? *HANDS* Oh BadStudent!Frank *shakes head*

I wrote almost two whole paragraphs of the Catholic fic \o/ It's going to be kinda weird, I have to say...I'll probably have to warn for religious!kink as well as genuine religious feeling. This is what happens when I try to write more than just porn with religion involved ;___; I AM SUCH A DOOFY CATHOLICFACE SRY

Ludo tomorrow! Fuck yeah! I haven't decided what to wear yet...I have so much fucking laundry and no quarters, boo. Plus, it has to be an outfit that's a) not going to give me heatstroke at the show, b) not going to get me frostbitten before the show, c) not going to get me laughed at (I AM V SELF CONSCIOUS ABOUT THIS), and d) will provide space to hide my camera in my bra but won't be too difficult for me to extract said camera from inside the venue (preferably without flashing the entire audience)


Sep. 18th, 2008 03:42 pm
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Baaaaaw, eljay just warned me that my paid time is almost up ;_______; Imma have to pony up some cash, yo, sadfaces! And just when I'm planning to go see Ludo (HOPEFULLY. It's the same night as when my Writing for Actors class is supposed to go see Midsummer Night's Dream at Spring Green but thing is, I love love love live Shakespeare but...the place is at least 2 hours away. I'd be going with my class, which I don't have a single even vague friend in. And it would be sitting outside in the possible rain and buggyness to get home at like, 1 on a Sunday. Versus going to see Ludo [and, yeah, Relient K, headliners whatevvv] with my main Minnesotan and being crazy wild awesome) and am drooooooling over merch.

I wish this election would be over already...except I'll have to deal with the exact same shit afterwards, no matter which way it goes. D: Dear politics: I haet u and the way you make my friends act, DIAF. No love, Me

I'm actually purchasing Ludo's other album because DAYUM SON, these boys make my heart ~twang
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Do you ever log on to find that none of your friends are online and you haven't got any new comments and just feel miserably lonely?

I was going to post a Waycest snipfic (in honor of my new icon, w00t!) but I want to actually work on it a little and maybe shine it up as a present for my sexbot (ilubb), so...have this teeny snippet that drifted into my head as I was doodling.

Halloween fic what? )

So yeah. Commentficcing was kind of ridiculously fun, and I'm thinking that might turn into a biweekly type of thing, just to get things flowing. MSI is coming to Milwaukee this summer, so I'm thinking about stealth-exposing it to a friend and seeing if maybe I can go \o/
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Just when I thought I could switch out my snow icon for the year...WHEEE SNOWDUMP! Very exciting...I really do love the snow, although I do not approve of when it hides deep muddy puddles from view so UNSUSPECTING GIRLS step into them with their NEW VANS ARGH. Seriously, it went all the way into my shoe and my sock was all gritty D:

Not getting much ficcing done because of the queue: Frank/Gerard weddingfic, Waycest high schoolfic, Frank/Gerard arts school AU, Ryan/Brendonbot future AU. Sigh. So much to write, so much stuff that's not fic that I should be spending time on. I'm rilly rilly excited though, because I came up with a plot (well, concept, really) for my short story that I'm writing for my gal and (to a lesser extent...) my CW class.

I was thinking about a King Lear AU in Shakespeare today...I might post a little something for it later in the week, after I finish Doom Paper II.

Finally sucked it up and got a bandom moodtheme :D Also, am going to have to edit eating habits because I'm SO HUNGRY, seriously, by the time I go to bed, I physically ache because of how hungry I am, but I really want to cut down on eating between meals for "avoiding the Freshman Fifteen/not being a fatass" purposes. But....HUNGGGGRRRYYYbwaaah. I can't wait until next week, when I'll get actual good HOME FOOD YAYYY.

!!!! RIGHT! So, remember the rockfest I went to on Saturday? MUCCA PAZZA. IS THE SHIT. Seriously, if you ever get a chance to see them (they're Chicago-based, but they did Lollapalooza last year, so it's possible for a pretty wide audience) DO IT. They're a "circus punk marching band" and it's amazing--just a demented marching band. You can listen to some stuff on their Myspace, but seeing them live is amazing--they go through the crowd and I got my ears blown out by a sousaphone and nearly got my head taken off by a rogue trombone and just...AWESOME. SO AWESOME.
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Thinking about dying my hair...I never have before, but what's a good time to experiment with color than college? I've been looking through the Manic Panic Dyehard line, since I don't want anything permanent...but I don't know what to do! I don't think I want to dye my whole head and I'm not a big fan of streaks--tips? Underlayer? Plus I don't know what color to use! Any suggestions? (I have wavy/curly hair to just above the shoulder, kind of honey blonde)

Also: how long do concerts usually last? Still trying to figure out a way to get to My Chem, and the bus schedules (and prices, yikes) are kicking my ass. Anybody going to the Chicago show happen to be willing to give transport/shelter to a well-behaved college student, preferably with rape/pillage/plunder not included?

I have a giant log of [ profile] thelemic and I spazzing about the cross-dressing!tourverse, and I'm deciding whether to just post that in all it's capslocked glory or try to clean it up into something a little neater.

Going to the campus rockfest, Vortex, tonight...should be exciting! I'm not familiar with any of the bands (The Dirtbombs, Jay Reatard, Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra, and Mucca Pazza) but getting out and about is nice anyway. And I do love to rawk \o/
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I finally had another bandom dream! (Which made marginally more sense than the last one, in which I was Ryan Ross and Pete was trying to convince me to freebase red Pixie Styx with him in a dorm room) (For the record, I was like " thanks, Pete, I should go find Brendon." MY SUBCONSCIOUS IS SHIPPY) But this one was....okay. So the basic premise was I was seeing a stage version of Enchanted and was just kind of admiring these really cool sets (they were platforms that rotated and had different parts of houses so it was interiors and exteriors, very complex and nice work) and then I finally realized that the part of Giselle was being played by none other than Gerard. He was wearing like, kind of an edited BP jacket that was all black and really form-fitted black pants (I distinctly remembered my dream self thinking that his ass looked really cute) and like, I was sitting in the balcony but he was like, somehow a foot in front of me? And then we hooked up. Mikey and Frank watched. Haha, yeah, it was a fun enough that I woke up to my alarm and then turned it off and went back to sleep without even thinking about it. Luckily, it only takes me 10 minutes to get ready for class, because I overslept like a mother.

In other news...I really don't want to even think about the papers I need for midterms next week X_X I want to think about fic! And crack! And stuff! Although I now have a bag of Hershey kisses squirreled away in my desk drawer, so that's nice. And PROJECT RUNWAY TONIGHT!! I missed last weeks so I'm double-dipping \o/

And Commons tonight! Had meat! Real actual bloody fresh-off-the-grill meat! I know a bunch of you folks are not on Team Meat (PALINDROMES FTW) but I am pretty much a carnivore and it was AWESOME.

Still no way to get to MCR in Chicago. The tears they run HOT AND BITTER down my face :( I know I'm still going to Panic (!!!) but...not the same. And it's the end of TBP, and I heart it SO MUCH (seriously, I would never have gotten into MCR if not for TBP, it's one of my favorite albums ever). I just...WANT. Oh well...if it'll happen, it'll happen. PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN.

Before you go:
Cut for your Flist. SEXY PICTURE. )
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My floor is doing a mix CD exchange, and I'm listening to the one my beffie Hil's pretty righteous. Of course, I feel horrible pressured to make an awesome mix, so OF COURSE I just keep going "Cobra song! Cobra song! MCR! MOAR COBRA!!!" And...yeah. I have to kind of rein in the bandomy urges and make something sensible.

Otherwise...I'm cautiously thinking that I might be able to get to the Chicago MCR show...even though it's on a Thursday, and I don't get out of class until 3 and it takes 2 hrs to get there and...still don't have a ride, as such. WE SHALL SEE. Also haven't told the 'rentals about my Panic ticket (!!!!!) so we'll see how that goes over.

College is still in a liberalgasm...Obama and Chelsea Clinton were both here talking yesterday. I barricaded myself in my room with Les Mis and chocolate because no. No thanks.
Speaking of college (kinda), I keep adding more RL friends and being very "Oh shit, where can I hide the porn??" except, well...there isn't anywhere to hide it. So...sorry RL people (*WAVE*), ignore it as best you can.

Saw the moon today, and though my first thought was (of course) Werewolf AU, it was quickly replaced with GERARD IS A MOON PRINCESS AU. Yeah. I don't know what that means. BUT I KNOW I WANT IT! Frank & Gee work together! Gee always takes the full moon off, and Frank doesn't notice until he suddenly does and is like "OMGWEREWOLF" but Gerard's like "Uh, no, actually...I'm a moon princess." And Frank's all "Whut?" "Yeah, it's not a big deal. I just have to, you know, commune with the full moon." "What does that mean?" "...I take all my clothes off and stand in the moonlight?" And Frank goes "*blinkblink* Can I watch?" Ahaha, yeah, I don't know. ♥


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