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At home! Huzzah!

Watchmen yesterday. AWESOOOOME. Possibly more coherent review to come.

Playing FOB Trail again because I'm bored and lonely and blocked. Suck :(
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Changed my layout, check it!

Saw Coraline in 3D today, and it was was really subtly done, and there were only like, two or three WHOA THREE DIMENSIONS moments in the movie, it really was about immersion in the world--it was the first 3D movie I've seen and I was totally into it.

Just watched Hush and Smile Time with some downstairsers, and I'm going to see Were the World Mine again tomorrow with two new friends. Seems like I define my life by what I've been watching a lot lately. Idk, I've felt...kind of off? Just not really interested in being around a lot of people, but also really lonely. It's sort of that disconnect, where I sit here at my computer and realize that I could go to the next room, but I want to talk to people here. But there's no one to talk to. Maybe I'm just having weird brain times's one of those things? The thing that I've always always wanted more than anything else is for people to like me. And if they do like me, I want them to like me best. And I feel pretty unloveable.
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Remember when I posted that awesome trailer for Were the World Mine, the awesomely gay Shakespeare movie of musical gayness? So, I was going to try to see it in Chicago, but it turns out it's ON THE BILL for our very own Beloit International Festival, and I got to see it tonight like, five minutes (by car) away from campus :DDDDD

It was AWESOME. The beginning was a little bit shaky, but it definitely picked up. The characters were fun, it was great to hear Shakespeare set to music and everyone had a gorgeous voice ;___* I had a great time, and I lovedddd it, and if any of you get an opportunity to go check it out, I definitely recommend it 1000000x SO GOOD. SO GAY. TOTALLY FAB.
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How insane would it be for me to attempt a second BBB in which Gerard is the heir to a noble family, and has social struggle shenanigans with his sex slave, Frank, who is rebellious and bratty, and with Bob, who is a field slave that Gerard decided to claim for his own? Dynamics! Politics! Intrigue! SEX SLAVES!!! (Keeping in mind that I only have ~3k of my steampunk BBB done :\) It would be insane, right? Totally mad and impossible?

Back in B-town, eating a baked tater (Samwise would be so proud of me!) and considering working on my bio 9___9 I saw Coraline on Thursday and my thoughts on it are thus: SEE IT The film is perfectly gorgeous, the soundtrack is amazing, and it's just the sweetest thing while still being entirely creepy. I had moments of "awwwww" and moments of "AGHHHH" and I was a little worried about the addition of a new character but he's darling. Definitely definitely definitely see it, if just for the OMG factor of the fact that EVERYTHING IS MADE BY HAND. EVERY SINGLE TINY THING. The theater in town doesn't have 3D, so I had to see the 2D version :( but everything I've heard says the 3D is really well done...there were only like, two or three moments when I went "Oh, this is supposed to be 3D" so it must be really subtle.

PS, something with my webmail add-on is fuxx0red, it won't notify me of new mail in my hotmail account, any suggestions?
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Anyone who hasn't checked out [ profile] bandomficathon definitely should. It's fic for charity, how awesome is that? I'm going to be writing a steampunk AU which is Frank/Gerard, but probably mostly EEHEE BOYS style gen :D

Thanks for the love last night <3 I had worked up a big emo post, but I don't like dumping that kind of stuff on you guys...I prefer to just go to bed and feel better in the morning. So I'll just say, I saw Benjamin Button, which was very sad, and talked with beffie, and ended up wallowing in emo things that I should have stayed faaar away from. I'm better now, in daylight.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! Amazing. I highly recommend it...the movie is very deliberately paced, and I really enjoyed it. I cried a lot, but on the drive home, beffie and I kept on saying "...that was so good." And it really is. So check it out!

I'm working on a cover letter/resume update right now...I'm applying to be an education intern at the Zoo this summer. Basically, I would work at the summer classes they run, and do the same teaching assistanty things I've done at my high school's summer program the last two years, except this lasts 3 months, not 3 weeks, and I'd be working full time :O Fingers crossed!


Jan. 5th, 2009 02:05 pm
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I am going to see Benjamin Button tonight with my beffie! We were supposed to go this morning, but lil sis has the flu :( so I stayed home with her while the parentals are at work. Happily though, we both had time to reschedule for tonight! Whee!

AND I don't know how many of you guys know about Coraline, but I'm going to tell you about it. It's a phenomenally interesting and creepy kids book by my very own favorite, Neil Gaiman. It's one of those books that is truly scary at times, and just because kids will like it doesn't meant it's just for kids. You should all read it! But! The more pressing part is that it's being made into a movie by the guy who did Nightmare Before Christmas (no, not Tim Burton, the director) and it looks REALLY COOL. I really recommend surfing through the Coraline youtube account, which has tons of really neat little featurettes (some of them are kinda spoilery, but not really anything you couldn't guess). But what is it about, you say?

Also, at the website, you can do this:

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I feel like I've been studying forever, even though I barely managed to actually study today. Blergh. I've just lost all motivation 9___9

I found, however, THE DARK MOTHERFUCKIN KNIGHT on dvd at Walmart and damn straight I bought that shit. We're going to watch it when Clairebear gets back from her exam.

"You're Bronx Wentz," Collie says. It's not a question at all, so he doesn't say anything. That seems right, because after a moment of silence she says, "My dad and your dad fucked. How weird is that?"

Bronx doesn't like to think about his dad fucking anyone, not his mom and definitely not Mellon Collie Way's dad. He winces. "Um, fucking weird."

"But then, seems like my dad was kind of a slut." Collie fumbles in her bag--it has little cartoon dinosaurs and little cartoon robots holding hands and stomping on buildings together on it--for a bookmark, and tucks her book away.
--as of yet untitled/unfinished nextgen fic I have sitting in a private entry right now. Mellon Collie was named by [ profile] perpexsea and [ profile] nokomis305, used with permission :)

I have also now listening to FAD approx. 20 times all the way through and I LOVE IT TO PIECES <333333 I wish it was out, because I would have bought it at Walmart :(
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I love blustery days ♥ Especially when I'm inside, listening to the wind whip around and watching leaves blow, but it's kinda nice to be out in it too. I'm a Wisconsin girl through and through, and while all my wimpy friends are busting out the coats and mittens, I'm still styling around in my hoodies :P Speaking of, I have to order that Ludo hoodie if I want to wear it before it gets too cold to just have it by itself (*memo to self*)

Really nice weekend, actually. I didn't have any giant homework, so I got to hang out. Watched Kiki's Delivery Service (which oh god, I missed...I used to watch that movie pretty much every night when I was a wee lass, and I still love it to absolute death <33), had a Talk (five hours worth of sex, politics, religion, humankind, school, gossip, and menstruation, right onnn Disdainbrook-san), watched Marat/Sade with my class (really cool, actually, I was surprised), RP'd happytimes (BobnGerard's Titanic moment = so precious, dear lord~), and actually did a bit on the nunfic (I really really want to have it done before Nano starts, but I don't think that's gonna happen :\). Still have to come up with a plot for my 30-min play, and with the astonishing crash and burn of the plotless 10min...SRSLY, THINK UP A PLOT.
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I've been completely taken over. Repo! The Genetic Opera has been fascinating me. I'd heard rumbles about it, but never really looked into it, but Matt showed me the trailer two nights ago and since then...yeah, pretty much all I've done is watch clips and listen to Zydrate Anatomy on repeat. I really want to buy a T-shirt which...yeah. I need to renew my eljay account and icon space, and I'm going to want to buy some merch at the Ludo concert which, oh, btw, I just bought tickets for ;___; Y SO SPENDY, ME?

But. I'm pretty much all about the Repo right now (IT HAS GILES! I LOVE ASH'S VOICE AND NOW HE'S ALL BAMF!), and I'm really hoping I can get someone with a car into it, since Chicago is one of the cities listed on the tour and even though they don't have dates up yet...yes plz.(FUCK YOU, limited release)

itchy eyes

Aug. 18th, 2008 01:58 pm
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Still madly, deeply, desperately in love with my cute new hair. EEHEE I'M ADORABLE (at least my hair is!) It will probably look nice an unnatural color but such things must be timed carefully, since my schedule is FULL OF GRANDPARENTS WTH. I've never dyed my hair before, but I'm thinking of doing it after my break in October, because I won't be seeing anyone old before Christmas (theoretically)

Working on some ficness, always fun. Hopefully I'll have a fairly sloppy one ready soon (as I've said, it's my "Hey writer's block, fuck this noise, I'm gonna write shit!" fic)

Juj and I are planning to watch Brady Brides this afternoon (you wouldn't understand, if you haven't seen it's cheesetastic HORRIBLE perfection) and I'm just going to chill and try not to think about things that aren't in my hands any longer.
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Work is worky. I called a Mr. Manlove today, which brought much glee. I mostly try to pretend I'm not really there and doodle Revenge-era Frank and pregnant fem!Ways in my notebook.

Watched Pride & Prejudice with Mum and Juj today, sweet as always (the Keira Knightley version) and tomorrow will be Karaoke (Revolution) Day!

I feel really boring, and I'm sorry the commentfics are taking me so long to crank out /o\ I wish I had some fun stuff to show you, but the one story I'm really working on I don't want to ~spoil before it's debut.

In other news: Bandom Dressing Room! I know I linked it before but seriously guys, if you roleplay it's a great way to blow off some steam and mess around without any commitments and if you don't, it's an awesome way to get started and try things out without expectations. Plus, I need your loooove~
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If you haven't watched the glory that is Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog DO IT NOW. This is the last day it will be up for free (though I totally bought it \o/)

Saw TDK again this afternoon, still face-meltingly awesome :D

Also: I don't know how many of you RP but...I set up a little something. For anyone not familiar with dressing rooms, it's a super super super informal form of roleplay. There's no application, anyone can play any character, AU versions, crack, and whatever is welcome. It's kind of like a playground :P I'm offering it up for perusal/play here before I pimp it for real, so. Go try it out, make me smile~
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I didn't get this up because I was tired and cranky last night, but...


I want your flail and your angst and your UNGH (...unless it was just me, in that case CARRY ON). Comments are obviously spoilerific.
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All of my plays perform tomorrow, so...sink or swim, yo. I'm actually in the second play, which kind of sucks, because I'm sure all the littles are going to expect me to feed them their lines :| On the other hand: BEN ASKED ME IF HE COULD WEAR A DRESS. HE DOES CHEERLEADER KICKS (KICKED HIMSELF IN THE *HEAD* HE KICKS SO HIGH) AND CAN ALMOST DO THE SPLITS. GOT REALLY UPSET AT THE OTHER KIDS FOR BEING SPAZZY BECAUSE HE WANTED TO REHEARSE. OMG WHY IS HE NOT MIIIINE ;_____;

I'm desperately grasping for Batman because PLEASE. I NEED IT. I really want to go this weekend, but the fam is like, obsessed with going to movies as late as possible /o\

Hay, commentfics! I don't feel like working on the stuff I should be doing, so, gimme a pairing and a prompt and I'll write a little somethin' somethin' for you. Schmoop is always welcome, porn will be provided, preferably not angst this go around.

ETA: I require pics of bandboys putting on make-up! Shareplz???


Jul. 6th, 2008 04:33 pm
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Awesome day. I saw Wall-E (I'm bad at movie reviews, I'll just say it's GORGEOUS and ADORABLE and I SOBBED) and now am in a particularly ~schmoopy mood.

And you could have an awesome day too, dear friends! Know why?



Jul. 5th, 2008 11:30 am
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This is a happy post. I will say right now that yeah, I cried a little bit this morning. I'm sure you know what caused it, and I don't know why we keep talking about how shitty it makes me feel if you're just going to ignore my feelings. Not cool.

SO. INDEPENDENCE. I...kind of sat around with my laptop all day, as I do. But! I posted my mcr4u, which is a supremely creepy hospital-themed fic. It would have been posted here but...yeah, lockdown atm. I'm planning to reopen everything again in like, a week. But I'm so glad to have that done, I feel so ~free! I'm going to finish [ profile] burgaw's fic (WHO BOUGHT ME MORE TIME AT THE MERE MENTION OF IT, OMG THIS STORY HAS TO BE REALLY GOOD) and then do another project that I thought up yesterday and fell in absolute love with.

Daddy made burgers and we watched The Major and the Minor, an old Ginger Rogers flick which needs a band AU SO BADLY. I mean, c'mon: woman who ran off to NYC decides to go home, doesn't have enough for the fare, PRETENDS TO BE A TWELVE YEAR OLD GIRL TO BUY A HALF FARE. Ends up hiding from conductors in a military guy's cabin and HE TAKES HER IN AND THEY END UP TOGETHER AND WTF HE THOUGHT SHE WAS TWELVE THE ENTIRE MOVIE AND NOW HE'S LIKE "LOL, UR NOT? LESS GET MARRIAGED! \O/" Old movies, so weird.

Free IQ Tests - Free IQ Tests


May. 28th, 2008 12:43 pm
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I don't know why LJ thinks I want FREE NARUTO CURSORS! but. Whatever, silly ads.

Still living jobless...I'm interviewing at another temp agency on Friday, and I got a call last night from my original agency about a receptionist job--but they never called me back to give me a time :\ I just need to work, and I don't want to work retail and there's NO WAY IN HELL I'm going to work food service, so it would be really really nice for them to just give me a nice office job. C'mon, I'm great with computers, I'm blonde and perky, I could totally me the efficient yet comically endearing young temp on the sitcom of my life!

I watched the new episode of The Bachlorette with my mom and sister (DON'T JUDGE, HATER)'s a much different dynamic than The Bachelor. I think I like it better...there's less behind-the-back cattiness and more straight-up conversation. Plus, the eyecandy is better \o/ (Although seriously, isn't TV supposed to be the land of pretty people? A lot of these guys are unacceptably fug) Supersuper excited for the Lost finale tomorrow. I can't decide whether to watch the "Special Encore" or not--they're teasing new footage, and I'm such a slut for Lost I need to SEE IT ALL but it's probably going to be like, an extra Significant Glance between Jack and Kate (*GAG*). Ah well. We shall see what we shall see...of course, once that's done, my Srs Television is all over. I'll be reduced to The Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance (haaalp)...maybe with Supernatural reruns thrown in, since I missed pretty much the entirety of this season /o\

Things I Need To See: Iron Man (again >_> ), Prince Caspian, Indiana Jones (eh, I'll wait for the DVD), Mama Mia, Get Smart, Wall-E, and BATMANOMFGIT'STHEMOTHERFUCKINGBATMAN. I'm seriously painfully excited for The Dark Knight...Christian Bale + Heath Ledger + Aaron Eckhart + Gary Oldman + Cillian Murphy (for like, two seconds probably but whateverrr) + Michael Caine (he's a FOXY OLD DUDE OKAY) = YES. I've been following the viral for this movie since it began and ohgodit'salmosthereeeeee *squee*

ETA: How scary is it to see people you sorta know in a random context on the internet? SO SCARY OMG
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I don't know if I mentioned this, but Iron Man was FANTABULOUS and everyone should see it. Now. Go on, go. (Well, you can wait until the end of the entry)

Well. I don't really have anything actual to say is [ profile] thelemic and my two week anniversary. TWO WEEKS. EEEHEE. ♥
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I have been to two movies in the last three days which is certainly saying something, since I've only seen one since I left for school.

Thursday -- National Treasure 2. Very enjoyable...more Riley than the first which made me happy because he is cute and funny and technologically savvy and I might like to marry him. Including thrilling car chases, some questionably advanced yet awesome stone moving stuff, and the FBI agent guy from A Beautiful Mind (love that movie btw) as a Southern dude. Also noteworthy: I don't know what Nic Cage's face did to his hairline, but it's making a definite retreat, Helen Mirren is so cool, did I mention I might like to marry Riley? He has a life size cardboard cut-out of himself in Indiana Jones clothes. Awesome!

Today -- Enchanted. Been wanting to see this since I first saw the trailer, did not disappoint. Super duper adorable and snuggly and funny and just sweet. I think it's a real tribute to James Marsden & Amy Adams as actors, since Edward & Giselle could easily have been really gooey and just seemed dumb and annoying instead of huggable like they do here. I'd never actually seen Patrick Dempsey in anything (besides one half-watching episode of Grey's Anatomy which mainly consisted of me going "Hey! Why are there chicks fighting over that one? Isn't he gay? (That's the actor, honey) No! Go with the boylove not-ridiculously-gorgeous doctor!) and he was cool. Happy to see Idina for however briefly because she is the awesome, and I want so very badly to be in a giant musical number.

Still need to see Sweeney Todd like burning (Johnny Depp! Tim Burton! Alan Rickman! MUSICAL MURDER MUST HAVE!!) Yay <3


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